Dark Dreams


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Fara, Caia, Tansy, Ocean and I were in the coffee shop. It was busy today but that came as no surprise, it was Saturday. We’d had exams all week and we’d agreed that once they were over and we’d finally finished school(!), we’d go to the café and have a sleep over, staying up all night, watching films. We had sleepovers often so we took it in turns to host them. It was Tansy’s turn this time.  Fara and Caia were at the counter, ordering our drinks and Tansy and Ocean were deep in conversation. I was reading until Fara and Caia returned with the drinks. I didn’t have anything to add to my friends’ conversation so I had pulled out my book. It was difficult to concentrate on reading it because I kept looking around, distracted by people. I found it interesting to watch them all, their different mannerisms, techniques. No one stood out in particular, at least, not for the first ten minutes.
 A boy, well, teenage boy around my age, entered the coffee shop with who I assumed was his dad. Both of them looked alert, like they were looking for something. I wondered if they were meeting someone here and were searching for them in the busy café but I thought they would have found them by then. The boy’s dad turned around, looking on the opposite side of the coffee shop. The boy, however, looked straight at me. I put my head down, I didn’t want him to think I had been staring, I mean, I had, but he didn’t need to know that. Despite the noisy café, I heard the boy say “Dad, dad it’s her. She’s the one from the dream.” Surely he didn’t mean me? And what about a dream? He sounded crazy. I glanced briefly back up at him. He had olive skin and dark, messy hair. He looked like trouble to me. My heart was pounding. Please don’t come over, please don’t come over, I thought. Fara and Caia returned, setting the drinks down.
“You okay?”, Caia asked. I nodded. It was a lie of course, I was terrified but I could hardly explain, I mean, he probably didn’t mean me, right? Wrong. He had already started towards me, walking swiftly through the coffee shop. He kept his eyes trained on me, I felt like a rabbit in the headlights. I put my head back down, trying to ignore him but it was no use. I felt a hand on my shoulder, making me jump. I looked up and he stood there, looking down on me with his strange hazel eyes. “Excuse me, miss, but could I talk to you for a second?”, he said, flashing a smile. I looked at Ocean. She whispered “Do you want me to come with you?” but before I could reply, Fara cut in.
“Oh come on, Ocean, he’s probably going to ask her out, she needs all the help she can get.” Slightly hurtful but true. I have never been that bothered about boys. I decided that my partner would find me or I’d live without him. I stood up and followed the boy. He didn’t look like he would hurt me but I couldn’t be sure. As I walked out, my phone buzzed from inside my pocket. I had a text. If you’re not back in ten minutes, I am coming to look for you –Ocean. That was reassuring. We stood outside the shop, thankfully still in view of everyone but out of earshot.
“Okay, so, my name’s Ace”, he said quickly. Ace? Hmm, suited him I suppose, he seemed pretty over-confident. He continued, “this isn’t generally something you tell someone you just met but I had a premonition about you, you’re in danger.” I started panicking. This guy was crazy.
“Uhm, I apologise, I need to get back to my friends”, I said, trying to find a way out. I walked past him as quickly as I could but he jogged to catch up and stopped me. “I’m sorry, I sound mental but you need to listen. You can go inside and ask my dad if that’d make you believe me but you need to listen. I know it was you in the dream.” My heart was thumping, terror filled my body. ‘Don’t cry’ was all I could think. I knew I had to listen now.
“H-how can you be sure it was me?”, I asked nervously.
“How many sixteen year-old girls look like you do around here?” He was right. My skin was near transparent it was so pale, my eyes such a light green they almost looked white, the rims and iris a dark green that neared black and my hair to contrast, could only be compared to the fur of a fox.
“How did you know I was sixteen, I-I mean, why would you think I was sixteen?” Crap.
“Someone said it in the dream. They said your name as well. What was it again? A colour I think. Red?” How did he know my name was a colour. I shook my head automatically. He wasn’t even close although, I realised after that I should’ve lied. “What is it then? I was close though, I know it.” I would not tell him my name, I would not. He looked into my eyes, his gaze shredding me apart.
“Grey”, I said. Wait, what? Had he made me do that? He looked at me strangely.
“Grey? Seriously?”
“Please don’t laugh”, I said.
“Oh, sorry, no it’s just, you’re are the most… striking looking person I have ever met and you’re called Grey?” I nodded.
“Anyway, are you serious about this dream thing? I mean, it was just a dream. Surely?” He shook his head.
“No, I have them every so often, but this is the first time it was about someone I didn’t know. I’ve been looking for you for a fortnight. Someone needs to look after you. You’re in danger”
“You’ve told me that”, I said sourly. I didn’t want to bother with him anymore. “And looked after? I’m not six”
“It doesn’t matter how old you are, you need protecting, Grey.”
“Ace, you’re crazy. Leave me alone, please”, I said, walking away again.
“Grey, Grey, listen to me!”, Ace shouted. “You’re going to die!”

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