Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


19. You've never been more wrong

.      . July 11th .  . .

.  . Monday . .8:43 PM

"It's the circle, circle of the life!" The  entire audience--minus Loki--sang with the ending to The Lion King.

Loki had somehow found himself going with some co-workers to watch a Disney cartoon movie that had recently returned to theaters for a limited time. About half of the movie-goers were dressed up in big coats that match their earmuffs and huge gloves. Loki was not effected by whatever cold front had entered Winsconsin's biggest city Milwaukee. Considerably the month of July is usually hot for this city not cold.

The credits finally rolled during the presentation of Simba and Nala's newborn cub by a baboon.

"Remind me why I bothered to lose hear my hearing, Hank." Loki said.

"Hakuna Matata." Hank said, getting up.

"It means no worries!" Conner adds in a singing type of voice. We can see the rows of people heading to the lighted up pathway to the exit.  "For the rest of your days!"

The path became frozen that it somehow could be determined as 'slippery'. People were sent sliding down, tripping, and falling over one another because of the ice. Loki shook his head as he takes out a flat thin metal device. He  clicks on a button located on the side of this square device that must be small enough to fit his pocket. The screen becomes incredibly bright  that it showed Loki's blue face.

 We notice the blue frozen giant color fade away and be replaced by his pale skin. Loki holds up the device right at the  pathway with lights trailing down and people all over the lower half of the theater room on the floorwere groaning in the mist of their complaints about this mess.Loki's face became troubling but a genunine 'what?' look in his eyes.

"Is that. . .ice?" Hank asks, from behind Loki.

"It is." Loki said, lowering the device down towards the floor.

We see the beautiful white sheet of ice  spreading from  Loki's feet down towards the pathway and up towards the end.

"I don't know about you, but this is awesome!" Conner declares as he climbs over the empty seats. 

"The god who claims to not be capable of magic declines to tell he can make ice?" Hank asks.

"I didn't expect it." Loki said in a way that is comparable to someone accusing of him lying about something he is not lying about. To simply put; Loki looks rather insulted. "Father had stripped me of my powers and banished me from Asgard until I--"

"Learn what love is." Hank finishes for Loki in a  low voice. "You know there's more to life than not saying 'I can make frosty the snowman and freeze a beehive with it'." We can see Conner's figure at the top row of seats. "Just tell everyone you'll doing this."

"I do not see good in it." Loki said.

"Of course there will be!" Hank said. "Imagine how many people will regard you as the 'Jack Frost' man, and then, movies be made about you!" Hank turns off his ringing phone. "It's how life on Earth works around here, sort of."

"I do not intend to tell." Loki said turning off the device.

"Woohoo!" Conner hollers, sliding down the ice.

"On the bright side our goosebumps nerd is enjoying it." Hank said, pointing over his shoulder.

Loki puts the device away and went down the rows of seats like everyone else. Everyone else was acting careful so they wouldn't slide on the ice.We watch Loki walk over the people who were on the floor obviously knocked out. Hank groaned rubbing his forehead while shaking his head at once.

"I used to think gods were reasonable." Hank mumbled to himself.

Loki exited the theater room leaving a trail of ice growing behind him. Our goody two shoes takes a step to the side  and watches a herd of people sliding in a form of flight out then land on the floor in a cluster. He looks down to his boots that were still in fine shape not frozen at all. Out of the corner of Loki's eye he saw a familiar woman figure sticking out from the desk with the movie munchies in front of the theater employee. Loki looks up then his eyes gaze is focused on this figure with racing thoughts as he recognized the figure's pose and type of dark veil covering the figure's face.

It was her; the one who Loki made the mistake to attempt helping.

"Margret?"  Loki calls out with a certain ounce of surprise in his voice.

Margret raises her head up from the table leaving her creepy-clawed lizard hands on the table.Her eyes became evident to the employee and to Loki.We can see the employee is white as a ghost from a cartoon movie made in the 1990's.Margret is different from the last time they had met under different circumstances and different consequences that ended a 'could-should-would have been' relationship.Margret's lizard eyes were displaying hate not a clear reflective and intelligently smart individual who shared a heart that couldn't be sold. It had been two hundred twenty five years since Loki last saw those eyes not the lizard eyes redirecting hate at him.

"Lizard!" The employee shrieks in a girly voice.

In a snap the lights went out and glass breaking sounds suddenly became present.What remained of the other lights that were still hanging on were blinking on and off repeatedly. People screamed as cracking sounds came from the ceiling which ended up with collapsing material that perpelled more hestieria from everyone else.Instead of heading for the doors, Loki ran straight towards the direction he had seen Margret.The next second  lights were back on but Margret is not standing in front of the desk as he had last seen her. So Loki came to a stop before he could stumble over a trash can.

"Mischief man, duck!" Hank yells.

"There is not a duck in a theater!"  Loki said, argumentively as he turns to the side.

Loki caught a glimpse of an Asgardian dagger zip past him.

"A god should know I wasn't talking about a real duck." Hank said.  "Quick, let's get outta here before--" Loki goes the direction that the dagger came from.  "Dude, you're going the wrong way!" He gets a finger from Loki. "Fine be that way!"

Loki caught sight of her as the lights turn back on and off. Eventually he came to the roof. There he saw her standing by the ledge holding what is no doubt a small leaf-like blade with a cloth wrapped around the handle.

"Margret?" Loki said, walking away from the door.  "Why are you destroying this theater?"

The door shuts behind Loki.

"I never had much fun destroying buildings." Margret said, turning her head to the left.  "Unless you were in it; it made my fantasy more entertaining."

"Margret, stop it." Loki said as  he could hear a part of the wall break apart.

"I am surprised you're falling for someone." Margret said.  "Your powers are deceiving."

"I have not fallen for anyone." Loki said, stepping forward. His face did not reflect any pain and hurt from her comment.  "Take your veil off; and speak with me  face to face."

"Last time we did  that ..." Margret looks down to the leaf blade item  in her hand. "You gave me this curse."

"It was a life saver for you." Loki said.

"I never asked for it." Margret said.

"Yes, yes you did." Loki argues back.

"Loki, I can kill everyone you know and leave your sorry ass stuck in this realm."  Margret said. "I was there when you cast that spell on me!" She takes off the black veil.  "My face is not beautiful, it is ugly and disgusting and horrid!" Margret adds a hiss.  "I am a freakshow, not an Asgardian would accept marrying a lizard mutant."

"Your skin was peeling off." Loki said, rubbing his two fingers together. "My brother could not bare to watch you suffer in agony and die painfully." Loki stops rubbing his two fingers together then lowers his hand down. "Thor kept pestering me to use any spell, any that would prevent your ailment from leading up to death."

Margret approaches Loki.

"And you didn't think for one second that death would be a better option?" Margret asks. She didn't get a reply from Loki. "You're a natural born liar,Loki." She turns away from the pale man as the ground beneath her feet shook. "And you are on a self-imposed exile from Asgard."

Loki frowns.

"You've never been more wrong about me." Loki said as his hands balled up into fists.

"Which part?" Margret asks, turning to her left side.

"The last part." Loki said, and then kicks her down and grabs the blade Margret was holding. He pins the lizard mutant to the ground holding the blade. "First; I will kill you, next I will leave your body in this rubble, next I will continue on with my dull life and forget this ever happened."

Margret narrows her eyes at him.

"You wouldn't dare." Margret said.

"There is a agency for people like you." Loki said. "It's called SHIELD. And if they find your body and find out I've been here; they get will 'I don't know you' reply from me." Margret's eyes begin to grow wide as though getting what Loki is alluding to. "They will likely take samples from your body and attempt to bend magic."

"No!" Marget yelps.

"Then stop your hissy fit." Loki said.

"Under the dead body of Odin." Margret said.

"Odin is dead." Loki said.  "Thor is the king. So you're swearing under Thor's body, I never pictured you saying it."

Margret is surprised.

"What?"  Margret said.

"You  heard it right." Loki said.  "Thor is the king."

"I can't be a ass kisser to your BROTHER!" Margret said, startling Loki by grabbing the Asgardian dagger and stabbing it into his chest. "You are a liar about Thor being king!" Loki stumbles back taking out the electrifying stinging blade from his chest. "I should have known you would do this to throw me off."

Loki drops the blade.

"I am not lying." Loki said, as his hand remained open and then it closed.

Hank came out a door with a big  shot gun.

"Hey Lizard lady!" Hank calls out catching Margret's attention. "Get a load of this!"

Hank pressed the trigger to the shotgun. The bullet sent Margret crashing into another building that stopped the theater from collapsing. Loki bends over grasping at his bleeding chest that would have been easy to fix with a temporary spell or a Asgardian healer. Hank came over to Loki holding the large shot gun pretty much concerned for Loki.

"You okay dude?" Hank asks.

"I was just stabbed at the chest." Loki remarks.  "I wouldn't be okay."

Hank picks up the dagger by the handle.

"Star Wars sword." Hank said, putting the blade into a bag. He turns his attention back to Loki.  "Come on; you need medical attention, and--" Hank looks down to see there isn't ice trailing. "Let's go before your ice kicks in."

__                                                                                  ____

 ...8:48 PM... 

 ..Alabama... July 13th .  . .

"Lucy, what if I shaved my head?" Oratio asks.

Lucci is sitting on the couch with a glass of wine in her left hand.

"What?" Lucci said, puzzled by the unexpected question.

"What if I shaved my head?" Oratio repeats, sitting down next to Lucci holding a glass.  "Would you still find me attractive?"

Lucci laughs a little.

"Of course!" Lucci said, putting down the glass on the counter.  "I get to have the opportunity to rub your head for luck before I do some bowling."

"You don't need luck, you always get aces when we bowl."  Oratio said. 

"Not all the time." Lucci said, as the ground rumbled which made the lights flicker. She rolls an eye pretty much irritated because this has happened numerous times before. "Concert again." Lucci takes out a glow in the light dark item from under the couch. "How can you manage to live near a area that can make the power go out?"

Oratio shrugs.

"It is music to my ears." Oratio said, as the pitter patter of rain came pouring down outside.

Oratio uses his finger to pull down a row from the white blinds. It was completely dark outside in a way that seemed odd. The news station is wrong; again, Oratio thought with a frown as he takes his finger off the flat blind. A loud crackling thunder sound made the blackness be replaced by a white atmosphere that showed all the houses, mailboxes, garages, and the front lawns. Lucci shrieks probably startled by the loud noises. In a second the light was gone but the house lights went off.

"You scream louder than most people." Oratio said.

We see a figure of a man in the distance hovering in the sky while holding what appears to be a hammer.

"Says the man who shrieked like a girl when we were going down a roller coaster." Lucci said, and then we hear a snap. We can see a green light showing the two individuals.  "Much better."

Our perspective goes outside then we see a  big, huge thunder bolt strike the house.

That pretty much made the house explode for some unexplainable reason.

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