Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


18. Without a title

"Heimdall, send me to Midgard." Kettie, a warrior Healer, said in a  soft voice.

Kettie  is a young Asgardian woman who is a healer. She stood across from the gigantic circular blueish green portal that seems to resemble water magically made to remain up in a bowl that is leaning against the wall on it's side. Heimdall hadn't seen this young Asgardian in what can be guessed as days.

"Why?" Heimdall asks.

"I have orders from the king." Kettie said, her left eye twitching.

"I've never seen a Asgardian's eye twitch like yours." Heimdall notes.

"You are suggesting that I am lying." Kettie said, covering her left eye. A healer should be able to heal her problems, Kettie reminded herself.

"No." Heimdall said. "I am pointing out your eye twitched."

"The King's mother is sending me." Kettie said. "I have an address for a young Midgardian."

"And who might that be?" Heimdall asks.

"Someone you may have met."  Kettie said.

"I have met many Midgardians." Heimdall said. "And those who did come to Asgard were sent back to their realm."

"This one is different." Kettie said.

"How different?" Heimdall asks, raising one of his dark eyebrows.

"Frigga did not specify."  Kettie said.

Heimdall sends Kettie to Midgard.It is nighttime in Midgard as depicted by the night sky dotted in stars and a huge light gray moon.Kettie arrives into Joy's house through the backdoor that was left unlocked which was puzzling to say for the least. The hallway had purple floor rugs, counters with bowls that had junk items, nice portraits dotting the walls, and some fancy lights attached to the ceiling.

Kettie can feel a joyful vibe from down the hall. It seemed way too easy to enter a Midgardian's house.

The vibe guides Kettie into a unlocked room. Kettie makes the door disappear. She walks into the room with the unusual painting on the ceiling above the bed that has a sleeping Joy, a table full of glasses,a mirror with pictures and slips of paper that had writing, and some technology devices on the counter. What was more interesting is that there's a pair of glasses on a nightstand beside the bed.

"Frigga must be wise to chose you." Ketti said, looking down to the woman.

Kettie puts her hand on Joy's elbow. This light tap summons a red transparent projection of Joy levitating above the sleeping body.Kettie  narrows her eyes at a troubling sight that didn't seem to be considered normal for a Midgardian. Why is this present?,Kettie wonders, this kind of inflammation only occurs in Psychic's childhood.

"Oh right."  Kettie said, snapping her fingers. "Midgardians are not specialized in magic."

Kettie heals a part of Joy's eyes that somehow were enlarged. The healed part of the eye leaves Joy with a large clear tunnel view but the surrounding perspective around it is still blurry. The red transparent mirror image of Joy dissipates from perspective and Kettie draws back her hand away from the elbow. She had full knowledge this gift would not inflict pain on Joy. She walks towards the mirror that had all the photo's sticking to the brown wooden frame.

Kettie raises her eyebrow at one of these pictures.

"Loki?" Kettie said, squinting her eyes at one of the photo's.  Joy groans from the bed turning over while muttering  'stupid dog'. He somehow looked different but maybe it was because of the Midgardian garment and the lighting. "That is Loki."

Surprisingly she could see that in one of these photo's that Loki was slipping a rat into some-one's pocket. What she could also tell that the main focus of the picture was on a young man with bizaar hair and a african american man holding a glass of wine in one hand. The men looked to be happy yet there was a odd twinkle in the eye of this man who held the wine;that twinkle was unique. It reminded her of someone she knew way back when many years ago on Asgard.

Someone who had left Asgard.

"Mommy, I don't have school today." Joy said in a whining tone as she fell out of bed. "Middle School is for kids, not adults."

Joy lands on the floor with a thud. Kettie made the door instantly real then made herself appear invisible.

"Back to sleepy land." Joy said climbing back into the queen sized bed as Kettie slowly walks her way to the door. Kettie trips over a teddy bear and made it fly into the wall. "Ah come on, I can't be that disturbed from waking up."

The teddy flies over to Joy and then she falls asleep cuddling with it.Kettie gets up then gets out of the house exactly how she came into the building in the first place. We see the backdoor quietly shut behind Kettie moments after departing through an unlocked door.We go back to the mirror that clearly indicates it has been a while since Loki had been banished to Midgard around a month. Another can say that tonight was, and is techniclly, July 10th.  

____             ____

 .  . .July 11th . .  .

.  . . 4:56 PM.   .  .

 We find our scene outside a house in a nice wooden porch. Ginger is sitting on a porch chair in front of a small table that has a laptop. Ginger had a nagging frustration about Joy not admitting about her developing crush on Loki. What did  not help was Conner was obsessing over the possibility that a camera from the goosebumps books existed.

"Title  . . ." Ginger said, tapping her fingers on the desk.Ginger taps on her chin thinking. A title crashes into her mind; The Perfect Parody.Ginger's fingers flew across the keyboard giving the movie file a neww title. Then she edited the credits and the opening theme with the title coming in after the cold opener. "Back to perfection."

We hear a theme tone from Ginger's pocket so she takes out the phone and answers it.

"Hello!" Ginger greets. "This is Ginger--"

"Ginger,inside the house!" Joy yells over the phone.

"Joanna?" Ginger asks, pressing the phone into her ear.  "What are you calling for this time?"

"Go inside." Joy said. 

"Why?" Ginger asks.

"Just do it!" Joy said. "You'll thank me."

Ginger picks up the laptop, then walks through the open doorway into her house. She heard speeding wheels headed close to the yard. A car zipped through the wooden fence then crashed into the porch.Ginger steps back  nearly dropping the laptop at the same time.Her face is twisted up in horror. 

"How did you know that was going to happen?" Ginger halfway yells into the phone.  "Joanna!"

"You won't believe me." Joy said.

"Try me." Ginger said.

"I can see." Joy breaks the news. "No glasses!"

"Um what?" Ginger asks, curious. "Since when did the heavenly forces decide to end your blindnerss?"

"I'm technically still blind." Joy said. "I took off my glasses, and then BAM! Realized I had tunnel vision!" Ginger can pace Joy walking back and forth waving her right hand into the air. "But the sides surrounding it is blurry."

"Joanna.  .. " Ginger begins to say.

"I saw this motion picture with voices and movement; then BAM!" Joy continues, with a slight pause in her speech.  "You were hit by a car and left for dead." We see Ginger glance down to her computer screen that read 'Movie sent' in big black bold letters. "I prevented your death."

"Joanna." Ginger said, with a hint of a serious tone.

"I'm not lying." Joy said.

"Ever since Mr Laufeysun has arrived; you've been talking about things like this!" Ginger reminds Joy.Frustrations with Joy acting like there were werewolves, vampires, and fairies existing in Winconscin made Ginger lose sanity straws. "You  need to take a vacation."

"Crashing into a Norse God with my jeep isn't normal." Joy said.  "It's not like I intended to hit Loki with my jeep!" Ginger could hear in the background a lot of music. "And no, I am perfectly confident. In fact this is one of my best moments in life!"

Ginger  sighs while shaking her head. 

"Don't tell me you've been divulging into Norse Culture." Ginger said. 

"I need all the information about Asgard and Norse Gods my hands can get on." Joy said. "It's not a pretty life to be facing an enemy who's a god and all."

"Lunatic." Ginger said.

"So not." Joy argues back. "If you want proof, try stabbing Loki with a knife."

"Joanna, that's murder!" Ginger exclaims.

"No, that's proving a point Loki has steel skin." Joy said, as Ginger heard a slap. "Don't you dare touch my butt."

 "I have to report a car crash, bye." Ginger said, hanging up.

What little did Ginger knew; she sent the edited movie play to a film festival.

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