Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


9. To Prank a Loki

Joy received a fine for stealing the coffee cups and had been strictly told that she must replace the missing eleven coffee cups. She didn’t notice there was a vase missing from her bedroom; apparently. Wisconsin may be an odd state but it does make the silly consequences for stealing objects such as coffee cups sound serious. It was 9:22 PM when Joy got out of her house with a small bucket that had contents.

“Nothing will go right with his computer.” Joy talks to herself, driving into a parking lot by the building.

The bucket was in the passenger seat.

Joy sneaks into the building, gets on Loki’s computer—his password was four letters--, and then made Loki an account on a dating website. The computer’s screen blue screen light up Joy’s face in the dark. Her hands speeded across the keyboard while typing in some bad-boy characteristics to Loki. She used a picture that Loki had accidently taken on his first day on the job; boy ,did he look surprised.

“Hm  .  . .” Joy taps her fingers together. “What next should I mess with?” She saw a file for Loki’s work. A devious smile spreads across Joy’s lightened face. “He’s getting it.” Joy said, cracking her fingers.

Joy then messes with Loki’s files.

___                             ____     

.  .  . 8:45 AM ..  .  .

 .  .  . Basically the next day  .  .  .Thursday .  .  the 19th .  .  .

 “Hank, why are you here so early?” Ginger said, pausing by the welcome desk.

Hank lowers his coffee cup, and looks to Ginger.

“I have a bet going on.” Hank said. His hair  is not combed, you can tell he slept on the couch, and he looked well despite the ‘waking up on a couch’ illuminating from him. “And my partner David forced me to sleep on the couch.” Hank rolls an eye. “He doesn’t understand I was trying to make a point.”

Ginger looks intrigued.

“About what?” Ginger asks.

“Better that you don’t know.” Hank said.

“Carlson  believed I wasn’t capable of learning he was married.” Ginger provides an example with a cheekily smile.  “He was wrong.” Hank takes a sip from the coffee cup. “I wrote the worst name on his brand new car.”

Hank swallowed what he had sipped, then lowered he cup away from his lips.

“I bet  Carl Smith from the Basketball League wouldn’t get into Good Morning America’s cast call.” Hank lied.

“Oh,” Ginger said, with a gasp. She makes this disgusted reaction “The ugly bald guy with little to no hair?”

Hank nods.

“That’s the man.” Hank said.

Loki’s figure is seen in the distance walking out an elevator holding a small item in his hand. But he did not have a trace of burns present. There is a lady behind the counter minding her own business; she’s likely in her mid-forties because her appearance almost mimicking a perfect ‘book-worm’ appeal. This book worm lady is Tara Bikers.

“Morning Mr.Laufeysun!” Ginger calls out.

“It’s Laufeyson.” Loki corrects her.

The hair on the back of Hank’s neck went up.

“I told you so.” Loki said; in a low voice that only Hank could pick up when he went past him. Then he did what most people would find surprising coming from the god of mischief himself. “Sorry for breaking the coffee cup. I bought a new one for you.”

But really, that was a stolen coffee cup which had been repainted so the brand name wouldn’t be exposed.

“You bought a coffee cup for me?” Ginger said, with a gasp. “How sweet!”

Before Loki could hand it to her; Ginger grabs him into a bear hug—which truthfully was tighter than Thor’s hugs—and almost squeezed his kidneys. We can hear him squeak ‘You are not gods’ or something to the effect of ‘I’m being squeezed’. Ginger lets go then she shyly backs away from Loki.

“Mortals  . . .can’t do that.” Loki denied, gasping for air.

“Sorry.” Ginger apologizes.

Loki puts the coffee cup on the counter. We can see Tara’s eyes daggered at Hank who was drinking from his coffee cup and acting like he had no part in their business. Loki walks away rubbing the right side of his waist that did feel a little bruised.

Ginger sighed, dreamily as Loki walked away.  

“Hell.” Hank mumbles, lowering the cup down.  “He’s actually a god.”

Ginger looks away from Loki’s attractive figure towards Hank.

“The god of handsomeness?” Ginger guessed.

“Just generally a god.” Hank said. “Gods cannot be killed.” Hank made the comment like it was on a higher level. “No seriously, you can’t kill them.”

“I thought you could kill Greek gods.”

Tara takes off her glasses.

“They die when you forget about them.”  Tara said, her piecing crystal eyes could have gone through Ginger like she was nothing. “That’s how Greek gods die. Norse Gods die from the Ragnarok; the earth is renewed, the gods are reborn in a sense, and the sun’s daughter takes her place.”

Tara puts on the old fashioned glasses.

“I studied for my Mythology exam.” Tara explains.

“.  .  . When?” Ginger and Hank ask.

“During High school.” Tara replied.

Ginger and Hank share  puzzled looks with each other. First; why would high school have mythology exams? Second; was it to make up for some snow days? Third; you can’t conveniently just know about Norse God Mythology in the middle of an argument. But last it would make sense for her to know this because of this bookworm vibe radiating off Tara.

“Water jug?” Ginger offers.

“Sure.” Hank quickly nods, wanting to be out this awkward moment.

The two co-workers walk away quickly from Tara.

 Our scene transfers to Loki’s cubicle. The Mischevious god sat down on the chair; however, it broke a second after he sat on it. Basically Loki was sitting in the middle of his cubicle on a broken in pieces chair. Donna Temple, a worker from across Ginger’s cubicle, bursted out laughing hystically.Loki gets up and then gets another chair in replacement for the one he had broken by accident. He sat down with a gut feeling some-thing is not right but it wasn’t very close to touch.

“It shouldn’t be the keyboard.” Loki said, putting on the small gray metal device that had a long stick standing out just for him to speak through. For short; ear-phone that had a mic attached to it. Well that went without a messy problem; check. Loki puts his hands on the keyboard then he feels slime on his fingers. Loki horrifically looks down towards his hands that had slime at the finger tips.

It dawned on Loki what has been done to his keyboard.

 “This is a prank.” Loki acknowledges.

“Hah.” Donna said with a small laugh. “Joy’s pranked you, hot stuff.”

Loki gets up.

“What makes you assume that?” Loki asks.

“She’s done it to Ginger.” Donna said, with a nod. “Except yours is slightly worse,” She has her thumb and index finger a bit apart.  “Slightly.”

Loki goes to the men’s room then cleans his hands using soap and water. He walks out the men’s room putting on these big black gloves. He had put  the earphone with a mic in his pocket that visibly stood out.

“Hah!” A Co-worker laughs.  “She pulled the  yuck prank on him!”

Great, just what he had needed after surviving a car tumbling over a cliff without a scratch. Others were chuckling at Loki’s predicament.

“Take it to the cleaning center!” Hank said, in-between laughs. “Across from the lunch room.”

 Loki goes to his cubicle; he unhooks the slimy disgusting keyboard from the computer with a look of disgust on his face. He walks by  the lunch room then goes  through an open doorway and came into a not-so-clean room. This ‘cleaning center’ had cleaning supplies on the table  that is at the right hand side and machinery that needed to be cleaned in a pile on the left hand side of the room.

Piling their filth?, Loki thought with disgust, is this how they organize what to clean?

Loki puts down the slimy keyboard in the pile,and then gets a clean keyboard from the ‘new’ section at the corner of the room. The keyboard is green; one of his favorite colors. He walks out the room with the new keyboard that had its cord wrapped around at the middle. Workers were back at their Customer-Service jobs—instead of laughing at Loki—with remarkable patient attitudes.

Amazing what work can do.

Loki goes to his cubicle where Donna—her cubicle is across from Gingers—is still looking there curious. He plugs the sleek, new keyboard into the small relatively new computer. At least the old bugy-one that seemed way ancient had been replaced.Ginger is currently helping a customer with a problem.  Loki looks up from the computer.

“Is there a chance I can do same on Joy’s machine?” Loki asks, taking off the gloves.

“She’s not at work today.” Donna said while leaning her arms on the edge of her cubicle and head on the top of her left hand.  “Go ahead. “

Donna gets a puzzled look from Loki.

“Why?” Loki asks, taking out the earphone with a mic from his pocket.

“She has different work days.” Donna said. “Joy doesn’t come for Thursdays and Fridays.” Donna gets a more confused reaction from Loki. “Mr.Laufeyson, I am surprised you didn’t hear the play is on next Wednesday.”

Loki sat down in the chair.

“I know that.” Loki said, acting as though he had known it all along. “I don’t understand why she has different work days.”

Donna lifts her head up and slightly shook it with a small laugh.

“Joy has been here for seven years.” Donna said.  “Ginger and I got this job three years ago. We—me and Ginger--practically met on our first day in the elevator.” She sounded fond of the meeting. “When it broke down.”

“Long term employment has benefits?” Loki asks.

“Yes.” Donna said.  “We climb up the ladder.” We hear a beep coming from her old fashioned like phone device. “Finally a caller.” She turns away from Loki and puts on a big black earlier version of headphones.

Loki powers on his computer—right as he put the ear phone with a mic on—and plugged in what we should call as the headset into the computer. The screen powered on with painted sparkles becoming obvious on it. He saw words in the space that these sparkles hadn’t filled in; these words read ‘We’re even, now.” Loki gets a towel from a desk drawer and then cleans the screen off. He threw the towel into the trashcan underneath the desk.

  And then a white light went off at the tip area of the monitor. The screen changed from welcoming blue to a woman curling her cool looking hair into long versions of pony tails. She onstopped when Loki came on screen.

“Ohhh.” Shannon Sherone, the woman on the live cam, had said. “You look hot in real life.”

 “What relevance does being hot have in this room?” Loki asks, with a really ‘what is happening to my machine?’ attitude coming on.

 “Your ZoonNesk profile sent me here.” Shannon said.

“Zoondesk?” Loki asks.

“Your dating profile.” Shannon said.  “I’m Shannon. And you are Loki Laugh-fer-when?”

Loki shook his head.

“No.” Loki said.  “Laufeyson. Don’t really know the meaning of if it, but please,say it right.” He then frowns. “I didn’t make a dating profile.”

“Uh huh.” Shannon said. “You did.” She takes out a small apple device and then shows it towards Loki.  “This is your profile.” Loki gasps at the pictures that had been turned into bad boy kind of images and  promoted his face like a shining vase. “Your bad boy images make you so hot. I couldn’t believe you were hot. I had to see it for myself.”

“I didn’t make it.” Loki said.  “Someone else did it.”

Shannon raises an eyebrow at Loki.

“You could make a great boyfriend with hot abs, cheekily white skin that can blind a child, and mad sharp cheeks.” Shannon said.  “And you are passing up the chance to not get someone who might turn you around and possibly make you become a fanstatic role model?”

“Thank you.” Loki said, actually taking her notes as a compliment.  “I don’t get people complimenting my features.”

“What about the role model offer?” Shannon asks.

“Let me think about it.” Loki said, and then he clicked a ‘de-activate’ conversation button.

The screen returned to the business screen.

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