Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


33. The Decisive fight

The next that Hank knew they were in a golden magnificent and glorious kingdom that elves could envy and so would the building designers from Earth. Hank gasps at the realms beauty as the truck is through an empty street probably used when riding out on horses to the bifrost which didn’t make sense when the best and logical mean of going was through walking.The sound of Mr Odd’s body being shifted from side to side at the back in ropes didn’t help much.

“Loki, you’re gonna make my truck run outta gas!” Hank said, as Joy’s body is somehow still buckled in at the back seat.

“Why do you worry about gas when I have magic?” Loki said, wiggling his eyebrows. “I can make your truck into a monster truck!”

“Don’t you dare.” Hank said.

“Or I could make it into a red truck with an engravement written in Latin saying ‘Immortal’ with the snap of my fingers.” Loki goes on. “I could make your wheels into bling, turn the hood into a wheel burrow, and make this driver’s wheel much bigger.”

“Don’t go insane on me.” Hank said.

“I already am insane.” Loki said. “Haven’t you noticed the speedometer?”

Hank’s eyes go wide as he saw the speed limit Loki is going.

“Don’t wreck my car, Loki.”  Hank warns Loki

“I will.” Loki gleefully said, his green lagoon eyes became brighter very so mischievously.

“Loki!” Hank said. “It’s gonna be hard to explain how my truck has a lot of bling to it with any chicks!”

“Easy; it got a little upgrade.” Loki said.

Loki drove through the doors startling many of the Asgardians in the throne room. Hank is staring off into the very much god like room and how everyone nearly and absolutely looks perfect for a sculpture carving. All the men appealed more handsome than the men on Earth as far as Hank is concerned. Loki gets out the truck leaving it running.

“B-B-Brother?” Thor said. “You’re back so quick!”

Loki did not seem happy.

“There is a Demigod in the back seat,in the truck bed is a Asgardian who goes by the name Mr Odd, and you, Thor, have  enlisted others to thwart in my journey.” Loki said.  “You’re a murder!” The Asgardians who were there are stunned by Loki’s accusation. “You killed your own father, and then killed mine to cover it up, and have conducted treason!”

Thor laughs at Loki’s accusation.

“Brother, what makes you believe this?” Thor asks, sitting up from the throne.

Hank sticks his head out the window.

“I witnessed your assassin nearly attempt killing your brother!” Hank said. “And then Joy stepping in.”

“That is not evidence.” Thor said with a grimace.

“But witnessing you do it red handed is evidence!” Loki said.  “What I do not get is you killing father. And then trying to kill me!” Loki points to himself. “I never wanted to be king. Someone take the Demigod in the backseat to the healers! The one behind the midgardian male.”

Thor arranged for a private conversation with Loki. Joy was taken by the Healers to another room leaving Hank in the throne room. There was an odd level of greatness in the throne room that felt so majestic and better than Midgardian culture. It was if he was in the presence of a mighty corrupted king whose heart had become black as death. Nothing did not feel right standing across from the throne. The throne room itself felt majestic but not the chair across from Hank.

“Drive your machine out of the throne room.” One Asgardian guard said.

“It is called a truck, old timers.” Hank said, driving the truck backwards through the open doors.

“Weird machine must not be throne room.” The 2nd Asgardian guard said.

“Man, these guys must hate new technology.” Hank mutters to himself, and then he was out o the throne room. “Happy now?”

 Hank saw the gas tank is still full, thankfully.

There was a bad feeling resting in his stomach.

“Damn it.” Hank said, turning the wheel.  “I always have to be that guy who gets the psychic feeling.” Hank sighs tapping his forehead on the top of the driver’s wheel. “Why do I have to be the friend who cares too much about belongings?” He props his chin on the top merely using his head leisurely to go down the empty hallway being lazy not to push the truck. “Joy is one lucky woman.”

_                                                  __                                               ___

…Five Asgardian Minutes later…


They supposed brothers entered into a fight. Though Heimdall is taking a rest when the fight landed in the Bifrost. One can very much assume that Thor intended to destroy Jotunheim using the spear and magic that he had recently learned. During their fight Loki had admitted to Thor that he cared about Joy; Demigod or not. Their fight landed mere feet away from the bifrost right on the rainbow bridge.

 “Thor!” Loki yelled, pinned down by the hammer. “What are you doing?”

Thor looks over his shoulder wearing a smile that wouldn’t usually make comes across his clean bristlene face.

“I am doing you a favor.” Thor said, summoning the hammer back.

“Thor, don’t!” Loki shouts.

Thor smiles.

“For Asgard!” And then Thor slammed his hammer into the Bifrost floor.

 The entire bifrost is thrown into destruction as Loki’s screech “No!” is heard. The brothers are sent flying across the rainbow bridge with pieces and scrap metal from the Bifrost. It could be almost defined as sliding-fall rather than flying. A blade appears in Loki’s right hand so he jabbed it into the Rainbow Bridge beneath him.The Knife slowed down Loki’s fall near the broken half of had been originally the threshold to the Bifrost. 

Thor came fast—really fast—from the destruction’s massive force effect.

“Thor!” Loki grabs Thor’s free hand—that wasn’t holding the hammer—before he fell out of his reach.

 “Let go.” Thor orders Loki.

“I won’t.” Loki said.  “You’re my brother. I won’t let go of someone who means the realms to me.”

 “And that Demigod?” Thor said, with a glare. “Would you do the same if it had been two of us?”

“Don’t make me choose over a fictional—impossible, I might add—catastrophy.” Loki said, as the knife is slipping out of the tight space in the RainBow bridge.  “And she has a name.

Loki’s grip on Thor’s hand loosens. Loki’s knife lost momentum into the Rainbow Bridge so it slid  out than he had expected. However right in the nick of time before two casualities could be lost thanks to one wrecked portal Hank catches Loki’s hand. Hank looks as if he had gotten the exercise of an athlete on a very important marathon sweating beads of sweat.

 “Got it!” Hank said, pulling back. “Woah, you two are light as a feather.”

Thor’s face became a grimace. His hand slipped out of Loki’s smaller hand.

“Brother!” Loki yells, as Thor went into the big destructive worm hole like cloud and disappeared with it. “No!”

A huge shock wave sent the two flying forwards across the rainbow bridge until the  guard wall set up on the right hand side had stopped them. Hank’s hair is a mess. The look is very ‘what the hell just happened?’ esque. Loki is trembling, sad, and comprehending what had just happened. A puff of visible smoke appeared where the portal had once been.

All Loki could think about was;  Thor is dead.

 “So, that was your bro’?” Hank asks.

Loki sadly sighs.

“We’re…not related.” Loki admits. “I was adopted. I am the son of the former king to Jotunheim. A realm that does not have a king.” Loki did not sound proud of this tid bit. “Thor is the real heir to rule Asgard, well; at least he was supposed to be.” Loki voice is low not regardably high as if he was better than everyone. “All that is left is an orphan meant to be a spare.”

“Loki, you’re not a spare.” Hank said. “Spares are the ones that come in handy; just in case. You were unexpected and a welcome addition to the family. You know, most orphans would be envying you for having the opportunity unite two kingdoms.”

Loki turns his head towards Hank raising a brow.

“It is only logical, man.” Hank said. “A great king doesn’t come out of someone who expects to be a king. It is the unexpected people that count. And adopting the heir to another kingdom, then later on, that realm is kingless. This means you were meant to be a king.”

Later on we see that Loki has Hank returned, using one of his doubles and some disguise that wouldn’t catch Asgardian attention. The passage Loki knew too well was secretive from most individuals on Asgard. Loki was unsure about being king and it didn’t seem that very happy living with the knowledge that three of the best warriors on Asgard were dead.Loki had the dreadsome task to tell Frigga that Thor is dead.

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