Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


31. Revenge bent

Loki is frustrated he can't undo what happened to Joy. He  had seen a thin layer of ice glacier over grow over the apparent wounds on Joy's arms that resulted from the wreck and her forehead was remarkably clean of any scratch. Mr Odd was not in the room; mostly because Loki kind of threatened him out by a mere remark Loki would freeze Mr Odd so hard he would never get out of it.

The Asgardian man who had placed this spell on Joy is leaning against the wall near to the door.Mr Odd knew that someone was in that room just waiting to make their move. So without Loki knowing Mr Odd had put a spell on the curtains making them a solid glass formation that would not allow the individual out, not even claws can go through them. And what about Hank? Obviously Hank had kept his word about seeing Mr Odd again in his house. Mr Odd hadn’t stepped foot into the house in months.

“Who are you here for?” A nurse with a high pitched voice asks.

Mr Odd snaps out of his train of thought and notices the young pretty blonde nurse. She had eyebags under those pretty and trusting eyes. The Nurse is obviously keeping herself awake in a skilled manner that made it seem yawning was something of the past. Not many Midgardians that Mr Odd had met in his lifetime could do that.

“I have a friend who’s spending alone time with a patient in the room.” Mr Odd said.  “He requested I stay out.”

That was somewhat of the truth, actually.

“Oh.” The nurse gasps.  “The man who brought her in.” She lightly shook her head and her blonde hair reminded Mr Odd of a lion’s mane.  “I don’t know how a woman like her can hang on after being in a Sami-truck wreck.”

Mr Odd raises his dark eyebrows.

“She was in a wreck?” Mr Odd asks.  Of course,Mr Odd thought,  she saw something that would happen to Loki. Joy prevented it. The hospital is not so noisy because there were few people in the morning hallways. There is a clean pristine reception desk down the hallway ending at the third room to the left.

The nurse nods.

“Quite sad, really.” The Nurse said, with sad eyes.  “The Doctors say she doesn’t have long live. She’s just dying, and they don’t know what is causing it.”

“Excuse me, but I heard she wasn’t found in a wreck.” Mr Odd said.

The nurse wiggles her little nose.

“Strange.” The Nurse said. “The police said she was in it.” The nurse looks towards the closed door. “Now, that you’re talking about it; this man was the one who brought into the ER in the first place.”

“Perhaps he knows more about her wounds.” Mr Odd said.

The nurse tilts her head.

“I didn’t catch your name.” The Nurse said. “What is it?”

Mr Odd was reluctant to tell a Midgardian. Midgardins could easily die off. Though she would never be able to meet up with him; especially for what may happen today. On this day that felt ‘disastrous’ ish. Mr Odd acts a little shy about his name. A name that may be called into question when the Midgardians realize ‘David’ was in fact an Asgardian.

“Odd Farroldson.” Mr Odd said.

“I never heard of a unique name like yours.” The Nurse admits.  “My brother would be jealous of you.”

“How bad is his?” Mr Odd asks.

“Jeremy Hopper  Sauce.”  The Nurse said.

Mr Odd laughs.

“And yours must be Alice Hopper.” Mr Odd said.

The Nurse shook her head with a small smile.

“No.” The Nurse said.  “I never tell my name to a random hospital visitor.”

The door creaks open so the Nurse leans to the right taking her attention off Mr Odd for only a second. The Nurse turns her head left to where Mr Odd had been standing making a somewhat strange conversation. In fact Mr Odd was not there. The Nurse’s eyes blink and she stands there trying to make sense of what had just transpired. Loki came out of the room closing the door behind him acting quiet.

The Nurse is pointing at the wall beside the door with her mouth open in a small ‘o’ shape. Loki notices this strange acting from the Nurse.

“Are you sleep walking?” Loki asks.

The Nurse clears her throat.

“N-n-no.” The Nurse denies shaking her hands.  “I was…I was just talking to a man r—right here!” She regains her composer. “I didn’t hear him walk away, that’s all.” She takes a breath attempting to calm herself. A look of doubt appears on the Nurse’s pretty face.  “Maybe I was sleep walking; been up all night.” The nurse conjures up a smile. “Have a good day.”

The Nurse quickly walks down the hallway.

Loki went the opposite direction.

Our scene returns to the room; Mr Odd appears right by the second chair across from the hospital bed that has Joy. Mr Odd points his right hand at the glass shaped curtains then presses his two fingers together sending a large band of various blue shades in a carpet similar cloud towards the curtains. The carpet shades of blue struck the curtain making an outline of an individual hiding in there. The glass turns into fabric.

 “Margret.”  Mr Odd said in a knowing and unpleasant tone. Mr Odd lowers his right hand.  “I know you’re there.”

Margret had become transparent enough to hide behind the curtains just to watch Loki’s reaction toward this turn of events and to possibly kill him. Margret became solid walking out of the curtain’s protection. There was an ink of evil in Margret’s eyes; beyond what kind of evil that grew in Mr Odd’s heart. Mr Odd’s face turns grim, serious, and ticked. To describe his face changing emotions would be like describing the sun burning above earth.

“Joy refused.” Margret said.

The door to the room is shut. Mr Odd approaches Margret somehow managing to keep his cool. Next we see Mr Odd slap Margret instead of punching her. The fury that he had was being cooled down thanks to that anger relief blow.

“Ow.” Margret said, rubbing her cheek.

"You did not have to ask the Demigod to be part of a discarded plan."  Mr Odd said. "I told you; that plan is no longer on the menu."

Margret frowns.

  “Is this how you thank a mutant?” Margret asks.

“No.” Mr Odd said.  “I never asked you to hurt the Demigod.”

“You asked me to make hell in the prince’s life.” Margret said. “And that is what we’ve been doing.”

Mr Odd steps back from Margret.

“So…you..”  Mr Odd looks away from Margret to his right shaking his head. He looks back towards her. “Tell me you were not part of Shannon’s death.”

“I was.”  Margret said. “It is all part of the plan…Right?” She waves her index finger in a circle above her left hand. “To intrude in Loki’s journey on love and prevent him from finishing it.”

Mr Odd did not approve of her version of the plan. The last part wasn’t part of the plan.

“We were not supposed to kill over not wanting him to fall in love.” Mr Odd said.  “Your efforts…” Mr Odd pauses. “Who else did you kill?” Mr Odd raises his voice coming much closer towards Margret corning her. “Who else did you kill!”

 “Ginger, Ginger Cotton.” Margret said.  

Mr Odd grabs Margret by the shoulders and slams her into the wall making a big imprint that has some cracks and maybe some hair being stuck into the wall.Mr Odd’s fury is something that is not easily described.

“Why in the realm of Muspelheim did you do that?” Mr Odd asks.

“She was going to tell Loki your real name.” Margret said, trying to pry Mr  Odd’s hands off her shoulders.

Mr Odd presses Margret harder against the wall.He pinches Margret’s fingers so she lowered her  scaled hands with a ‘You are an unreasonable Asgardian’ reaction growing across her very reptile-humanoid face. Mr Odd’s eyes had what many can describe as a potful of hot lava glowing brightly in a dark cauldron.

“I have known Ginger longer than you, selfish lizard.” Mr Odd said. “She had the writing of chicken scratch. Ginger was out of touch with technology, Margret!” He placed great emphasis on the ‘technolgy’ part. “I would have made Ginger a mute!”

“There is such thing as sign language.” Margret said.

“And Loki does not understand sign language.” Mr Odd harshly said.   “Ginger was a good friend of mine. And you decided…to end her life without talking to me!” Mr Odd lets go of Margret and steps away far enough that she landed on the floor. “You disgust me.”

Margret gets up trembling but still alright.

“You mentioned to Loki that she is dying, Farrold.” Margret said. “You expected someone to die in this hell.”

“I didn’t expect bystanders to die.” Mr Odd said. “Bystanders were not meant to die during our intervention.” Mr Odd points to Joy’s unconscious body on the white hospital bed. “This Demigod is the only one who was meant to. You disregarded our main mission…”

“To make sure that Loki does not learn how love feels.” Margret finishes for Mr Odd.  

“Love is a promise, not an emotion.” Mr Odd said, seeing Margret’s face turn into a ‘no’ expression. “When you care about someone so much, you make a promise to always care about them no matter what. And I am afraid what I was hired to do is happening.” Mr Odd is right across from Margret and in front of the clipboard loomed on the foot of the bed. “What you do next will change everything. Everything I’ve done to prevent this!”

Margret hisses then somehow apparates to the door.

“I will make sure Loki never learns.” Margret said.

“Don’t you dare—“ Mr Odd starts but Margret interrupts.

“I will.” Margret sharply interrupted Mr Odd. “I did it before. I can do it twice. Frost Giants are easy to take down.”

Mr Odd is furious.

"That was not my mission!" Mr Odd reminds  Margret.  "I am not an assassin."

Margret made a little creepy laugh.

"It is my mission." Margret said. "My mission alone."

Margret opens the door with a veil over her face and closed the door behind her. Mr Odd had never felt so cripple in his life. A plan that he had meticulously created to make sure that only two were affected for the meantime had been crippled.Mr Odd gazes towards Joy's body figuring out how to make sure this revenge bent lizard mutant doesn't compromise the mission. Mr Odd puts his hands on the foot of the bed and had his eyes lowered towards the floor.

Loki was not meant to die in any of this.

Now, Mr Odd had to fix a mistake.

"You have two choices." Mr Odd said, lifting his head up from the floor's direction. "I am well aware you can hear me, Demigod." His grip on the foot of the bed made a crack grow. "I can make your pain feel mute, only allow movement, but you won't be able to speak, and this is for a limited time.”

There was no response from the not-awake-body.

"Your wounds are frozen." Mr Odd said. "And they can be healed in Asgard." Mr Odd pauses for a moment there. "But you...You are dying. That is what cannot be stopped by the healers."  Mr Odd turns the clipboard into a napkin. "Your first choice; you can stay in the bed and die. Second choice; you can stop Margret. You can stop her from killing him."

A trail of blue magic is seen crawling from Mr Odd's white gloves.

"I am sure you know who Margret is going to kill." Mr Odd said as the hospital clothes that Joy is wearing had changed into typical clothes that she would wear during the day. "You may need a reminder, after all. You were the one who hit Loki." Mr Odd looks towards the window, and then, back to her. "I'll give you a little something to help you know where they are."

We see Joy's eyes open but they were glowing a bright blue.

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