Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


27. Prince of Ice - Joy's novel

A/N This is from the ending part of the book 'Prince of Ice' that Joy reads to Hank.

Brenda didn't want to believe it. Nor could she come to terms that the strange and, perhaps, intelligent attractive man was nothing more of a fantasy.A fantasy that probably took a heavy toll on Brenda's life flirting at nothing but thin air.  It was as if her  heart had become so frozen that it was smashed so hard into pieces. Brenda had been taking pills to help her get some of her sanity back.After all,Brenda was insane. An insane woman who had imagined a godlike prince: Takyionly.

Takyionly had walked out of Branda's life right after giving her the cold hard truth.

He simply was not real.

Perhaps he could be real, Brenda thought.

Just dying under a strange cause.Brenda didn't know why she felt death taking over sitting in the chair gazing at a empty box on a computer screen. A  lonely purely white box outlined in a perfect shade of gray that read zero. A sad zero leading into an endless pool of reality. She dialed 911 feeling something had to be done. It felt too sad to die  and no one ever knew until the horrible stench became unbearable. Brenda heard the voice of Takyionly close-by.

"Brenda." That was Takyionly's voice.

Takyionly's voice sounded near and so real.  C-c-creaak went the sound of boots in the hallway.  Could it really Takyionly? He had left Brenda so suddenly and very hurt. Why would he return to New York after three long torment wrenching months? Tankyionly wrecked her life into pieces after all in only one breath.Time had gone slower moments after he had broken the truth.

Takyionly left Brenda in a lifetime of a wreck  with the words "I am not real!" that smashed her frozen heart.

"What are you doing?" Takyionly harshly asks, coming to Brenda's side.

"Dying." Brenda said, using what strength she had left.

Takyionly frown not very convinced by the reply.

"You're not dying." Takyionly said.

"Hello...My name is Brenda Hemming Blair." Brenda said, in a low voice. She lowers the phone from her ear. "You're a fool to come around after all this time!" Her voice wasn't  weak at that high pitched yell that was furious. "You're a figment of my imagination, I know that now." The strain in her dying voice is evident. "I...I...I accepted the truth long ago."

Takyionly looks hurt.

"I didn't mean it." Takyionly said.

"Oh?" Brenda said. "How about that security camera? I saw it. You weren't there." Her bronzing weak and somewhat not very effective glare lands on Takyionly. "You were right; I made you up."

"I blend into my surroundings easily." Takyionly said.

"Liar."  Brenda said.

"If I am so 'imaginary', then who opened the door?" Takyionly asks, turning the laptop off.

She must have been losing her mind again.Why the hell would she care about a door that had bolts and a tight lock? Brenda always kept the door locked; it simply didn't make sense why Takyionly threw that untrue fact out. The computer probably went into hibernation. All the Psychologists heavily  agreed that this all happened because of her being so damn lonely out of her mind and that Brenda was depressed. The 911 operator on the phone was asking what was the emergency.

"I am dying." Brenda said. "You can track my IP with my phone call."

"Yes mam." The phone operator said.

Brenda turns her attention back to Takyionly.

"So?" Takyionly asks.  "Why did you bring me here?"

"Sometimes the mind is the strongest part of the brain." Brenda said. "I..."The phone slipped out of her hand then land on the floor. "I...I...I am just going over what shattered my life into pieces."

Takyionly flashed one of his trademark smiles at Brenda.All that dying went over her head and went into the deepest corners of her mind.She can feel the weakness in her body, the numbness of death slowly overtaking her fingertips, her heart was gradually beating slower and slower,and the room seemed brighter with Takyionly standing there.

"I haven't told you why I came..." Takyionly pulls open the curtains letting in a pool of light enter the room. He turns away from the bright window hearing a couple pigeons rest on the ledge to the backside of the window. The blurry blue and gray birds were slowly become clear but dim to a dying Brenda. What he said next sounded more of a  whisper.  "All those months ago."

Takyionly clears his throat.

"Eight months ago." Takyionly said, tugging forward another part of the curtain. "Your clock is off. We met eight months ago not three."

"And ruined my life."  Branda said. "Now, why did you come in to ruin my sanity?"

"Right." Takyionly said, snapping his porcelain fingers.  "I needed a queen."

Brenda raises a weak eyebrow up at the lively man.

"Take my hand." Takyionly offers Brenda, offering  his small soft and porcelain white hand to Branda. Those fabulous and charming prince features made his demeanor turn into a trusting one towards the dying woman. He was practically a dark swan standing out the bright pool of light encompassing the swan and the water around it."Trust me."

Brenda looks at Takyionly, questionably.

"Last time I did, you broke me." Brenda said.

"This time is different." Takyionly said. "Where I come is better. They can revive you; take my hand,Brenda."

Brenda used her remaining strength to take Takyionly's hand. She took his hand feeling warmer than a little bunny sleeping cozily in a child's hold. Takyionly helps Brenda up from the chair and then held her into his arms. The large window doors flew open letting in cold bothersome weather into the room. The pigeons scattered about from the ledge while one remained to the side staring at the open dull room.

"...This isn't real." Brenda said.

"It is real." Takyionly said.

Takyionly walks towards the window.

"Are you sui..sui-cidal?" Brenda asks.

"Its a gate way to my home." Takyionly said. "You had the windows closed,so, I went in through the door."

In a a gust of bright white light--while a hint of ambulance sirens came from below in  the streets--blinding Brenda. Brenda squeezed her eyes shut turning her head away from the brightness to where it is darker. Instead of being welcomed into a flower like realm where angles roamed and deceased individuals roam; Brenda found herself not there. She could the grass brushing against her ankle.

"We're here." Takyionly said, holding Brenda's hand.

Brenda opens her eyes.

"Where is here?" Brenda asks, at first.  She wasn't in Takyionly's arms. She is standing on her own two feet."Is this... heaven?"

Hadn't Brenda been on the verge of passing away?

Now, strangely; Brenda feels fine, healthy,and alive.

Brenda then realizes she is wearing a white dress that seems fasioned for winter designs and had sleeves that ended at her wrists. Brenda,by this point,had left behind the dull lazy apartment that offered no specialness to her departure. It became evident that she had left the boring life of a human being and the shell that once contained her soul. Brenda  looks up to Takyionly. Takyionly didn't wear his often typical choice attire consisting of a gray shirt and black pants.Brenda saw a gorgeous white crown carved excellent on Takyionly's raven black hair that had a few snowflakes on it. 

"It is not Heaven." Takyionly reassures Brenda.

Takyionly wore a long  black coat  of swag with metal parts strongly resembling armor that had a golden pocket watch sticking halfway out of the lower pocket.  Takyionly did look handsome; that he did.He had much modernness of Earth put to the somewhat Victorian and king look that was radiating off.

"Then...what is it?" Brenda asks.

"We're home." Takyionly replied, squeezing her hand. "Our home."

Brenda never felt so reassured leaving out the dulllacy of a boring human life.

"What's this kingdom called?" Brenda asks, seeing the summer scenery come into view. It was like a fairy tale all over again except this is real. Brenda could imagine living the remainder of her entire life in this kingdom. A place where she belonged.

Takyionly just smiled.

"You know what it is called." Takyionly said in a knowing voice. "I told you at the fair."

"I don't remember." Brenda said.  "It has been so long."

"Isegard." Takyionly said.

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