Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


10. Power

. .May, Saturday 21st..  .  .

Joy was driving her jeep home on a rainy day.She has one hand out the window with a flashlight and wary for a man to come flying out in the hailing rainstorm who would hit her windowshield again. Joy had sent DNA samples to a Lab yesterday in hopes that someone matched her DNA strand. There was a 76% chance it would come back with results.

“So, I’m coming home.” Joy sang, holding out her wet hand that has the flashlight. “Comin’ back from the darkness, slowly climbing a mountain, ba-boom, ba-boom,booom, boom.” She raises her voice.  “So I’m comin’ home.”

Lighting struck near the vehicle making a gigantic booming-thud. For five seconds it was completely white to Joy’s view. Joy yanks her hand back into the jeep quickly during this five second mark. She is scared of the thunder.

“Being an idiot must run in the family.” Joy chastices herself.

 Her windowshield wipers are being a bit crappy by going slow almost like attempting to lure into a dreamlike state.Not that Joy had been lured to sleep by windowshield wipers, yet she has been lured to sleep many times by the rain at home. Don’t you worry, Joy reassured herself as she rolls up her window,nothing  bad is going to happen in a storm like this.

Then powerful lightning struck in front of the Jeep which made it tip up and Joy hit her forehead on the driver’s wheel. She apparently had got knocked out. We see the Jeep rise up and up into the sky heading towards the distance through the rain. It was odd for something like to happen on Joy during a rainy night. Not that she had hit a man with her vehicle the same month.  Our view turns to air plane pilots.

“Phill.” Gorge said. “Do you see a Jeep flying?”

Phil looks up from his playboy magazine with wide eyes.

“We better fly down to get out of the way.” Phil said, grabbing the wheel. His voice is serious and collected. “Gorge,” He noticed Gorge’s sweating profusely. “Breath in, and out.” Phil instructs the young man. “And down we go!”

The plane flew downwards out of the Jeep’s flight. We see the wheels make scratch marks on the top half of the aircraft. We briefly switch down to the passengers who above all didn’t seem really concerned since the recent announcement warned them about turbulence. A child saw a man under the Jeep as the plane somehow—at some angle—managed to give him a view while returning back up.

“Mum!” The British boy said. “I think Superman is flying a Jeep!”

His mother lightly laughs.

“Superman doesn’t exist.” The British mother replied.

“Look mum.” The British Boy said, pointing to the window.

His mother grabs her camera—just to prove a point—and snaps a picture of the window at close range. She did it close enough that it can be obvious the sight of a man flying a Jeep is very obvious. We see the british Woman’s skin go white. She lowers her camera down from the window and sits back in her seat.

“Mum, it’s definetly superman.”

“No son.” The Britsh woman said. “Superman doesn’t fly over the ocean just to save a person.””

“What makes you think that?” The British boy asks, tilting his head.

“Son, we’re hundreds of miles from Hawaii.” The British woman said.  “We’re over an ocean. He wouldn’t dump people at Hawaii.”

Our perspective returns inside the Jeep in where Joy is slumped over. The Jeep is hurling faster in the raining setting. Eventually we see  a battleship across from the Jeep which makes it come to a halt. Miraclously the Jeep is still able to levitate in the air as we see a figure in the distance with the looming shape of a hammer in one hand. Joy groans, turning her head over still with some life inside.

The Jeep falls into the ocean.

The entire scene becomes a pitch black.

But that darkness is replaced by a shiny  yellow scene in a dinning like room. We see Odin sitting at a chair at a golden table watching the events accur through the windows. Odin turns his head when he heard a body land in a seat near him. She had arrived on time; just as he had foreseen with this eye. Joy rubs her head with a groan and a complaint.

“God my head, it aches.”  Joy said.

“Hello.” Odin said.  “You’re on time.”

Joy stares at Odin pretty much stunned by the resemblance.

“.  .  .Oratio?” Joy asks, tilting her head and puts one hand on the table. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” She raises her voice to a concerned one.  “Because I am sick of your secrecy.” Her voice chance to a furious one.  “I am sick of  it.”

Odin raises an eyebrow at her comment.

“No.” Odin said. “I am Odin,king of Asgard, father of Thor the god of thunder  and Mischief.”

Joy’s face falters.

“You’ve met Loki.” Odin assumes. “He landed on your windowshield, correct?” Joy slightly nods.  “Right where I needed him to land.”

“Why?” Joy asks.

Odin leans forward.

“It’s time for you to start using your gift.” Odin said, tapping on the table. “Your gift.” He raises an eyebrow at her. “You’ve forgotten?” Odin seemed quite stunned by her reaction. “No  .  .  .” Odin leans back into the chair with his hand clutching a golden spear item, tightly.  “You’ve buried it in your memories.”

“No I haven’t.” Joy said.  “I’m a human.”

The scenery changed to a playground.

“This is the day my sons visited Asgard to ditch an important sighting.” Odin said, sounding not really happy about it.  “And the day you met Loki.”

Joy’s eyebrows hunched together.

“I didn’t meet Loki until you sent him here.” Joy argued.

Odin didn’t seem to believe her reply.  We see a child version of Joy playing tag with a boy—who’s her adoptive Brother—named Carter Lawson. They ran around the playground while making sure not to bump into anyone. They looked so happy as brother and sister, yet we can see a child sitting by Oratio looking like he didn’t want a part in their not-true-relationship. This boy is no other than Jake Lawson.

“Why are we watching me playing tag with my brother?” Joy asks. 

 “Because in the next minute, you’ll learn the truth.” Odin said.

“What truth?” Joy asks, watching a strange man approach the playground. She saw Oratio talking to Jake why he’s not playing with the other kids. “The truth that I am a stolen child?” It was spoken in hate and conviction. “I know.”

A man gets in Carter’s way.

“Hello.” The man said, lowering himself to Carter’s level.  “Is this girl your sister?”

The strange and dark feeling man points at young Joy’s direction.

“Uh no.” Carter said.

Joy gasps and her face twisted in anger.

“That lying weasel.” Joy said, as she attempts to get up but Odin puts a hand on her shoulder.

“It’s not over yet.” Odin wisely said.

Joy rolls an eye, sitting back in the chair and Odin took his hand off her shoulder. The Strange, dark man introduces himself as Mr. Odd. Mr.Odd gets up full level and takes a step aside right as young Joy came  at a different angle.Young Joy bumps into him and lands flat on her back. She held up her hand declaring that she is okay. She gets up and apologizes.

“I didn’t apologize a lot.” Joy said, with a grunt.

“It’s not over.” Odin repeats himself.

Our view returns to the past.

“Do you have strange  .  . .gifts?” Mr.Odd asks Young Joy.

“Well I can make Daddy’s newspaper fly in mid-air.” Young Joy said, casually.

“Sister.”  Young Carter said. “You know what dad says about telling your gifts.”

“Yeah yeah.” Young Joy said, rolling an eye.  “Don’t tell them, don’t let them see, and if they do; they’ll think I am a skizo.”

“You are not a skizo.” Mr. Odd said. “You are gifted with powers beyond belief.”

“Power.” Young Joy corrects him. “That is singular.” She looks at him boldly.  “You don’t Sesememe Street, Mr.Odd!”

“Well, take my hand.” Mr.Odd offers her.  “I’ll show you the contrary.”

“Daddy said not to trust strangers.”  Young Joy said, hiding behind Young Carter.

“Right.” Young Carter said. “Now you better walk away before I get pops!”

“Since when does a child call their parents ‘pops’ these days?” Mr.Odd said.

“Walk away from us.” Young Carter said.  “Or face my pop’s fists.”

“Fine.” Mr. Odd said, turning away.

Young Joy sighs in relief,letting go of her brother’s hand. That is when the unexpected happen: Mr.Odd took her hand. She was scared and so startled that he was sent flying away into a park bench. Mr.Odd gets up as though he hadn’t been hurt in the first place.

“Joy, take the bracelet off!” Young Carter said, grabbing at her wrist.

Young Joy scratches at the little golden device wrapped around her wrist.Oratio’s attention turns away from Jake towards the commotion that started between the three. We see Mr.Odd. click a small box device with this smug smirk on his face. Young Joy disappeared to everyone in the park. The sudden departure had made her glasses fall off. No one but Mr.Odd  and older Joy knew what happened.

“I don’t remember that.” Joy said.

“You went wild.” Odin said. “ So of course you don’t remember.Loki noticed how scared you were and put a spell on it. Just so you wouldn’t be scared for the rest of your life.” Joy didn’t want to believe it.  “Actually was one of his good ideas.”

“I don’t get it.” Joy said. “What do you mean I went wild?”

“Imagine being able to throw items and people.” Odin said. “Imagine chaos.”

Joy frowns.

“Let me see them.” Joy said.  “I can handle it.”

Odin uses his magic on  Joy. Another doorway of memories flooded in and it was exactly what Odin had told her. She looks up apologetically to the allfather, mumbling a faint ‘Sorry for doubting you’ but not the Loki part. She didn’t want to believe he was actually more part of her life than known.

“I want Loki to learn what love is.” Odin said.

Joy raises an eyebrow.

“So the attractive guy was some . . . heads up before meeting you.” Joy said, folding her arms. “Nice one.”

 “Love is not always at first sight.” Odin  said.

“What?” Joy asks, caught off guard.  “I don’t understand.”

“I believe you know what I am talking about.” Odin told her.

Joy rolls an eye as she went to fiddle with her glasses but felt nothing. She didn’t feel the hard surface belonging to the unusual big glasses. She looks at Odin wide eyed. She mouthed the words ‘Why can I see?’ with much delight and confusion in her voice. She didn’t understand this entire situation.  And then we see her mutter ‘Am I dying?’

“My son.” Odin said. “My true son is really . . . onboard the ‘Love at first sight’.’

Joy rubs her jaw.

“He thinks I LIKE Loki?” Joy asks. “Men!” She raised her hands in the air. “They make the worst assumptions sometimes.” Joy shook her hand. “No offense, Odin.”

“None taken.” Odin said.  “I trust you can be a good friend to Loki.”

“Look Odin.” Joy said.  “Love comes slow and easy. It’s not usually rushed. Besides, if he’s really determined to not make me fall for his non-related brother .  .  . He shouldn’t try to kill me, damnit.”

They share a nicely lengthen conversation. Yet Odin didn’t mention his real son by name and Joy apparently didn’t notice that; like she had said: Being an idiot must run in the family. She enjoyed the intelligent conversation with Odin; who made all her problems pushed back into her mind like a nagging question. Odin taps his spear on the floor at the last topic about Asgard’s beauty.

“It’s time you’ve come to terms.” Odin said.

“About what?” Joy asks.

“Your life.” Odin said.  “Wake up. You’re drowning.”

Joy awoke in her water filled Jeep. Power, Power, Power START WORKING! She panics, closing her eyes as water began entering her lungs. She could hear the unsettled ocean, the water beat against the waves, and water coming in. We notice the flying figure is nowhere in sight. The light from the battleship lands on the area that an emerging Jeep is coming. This jeep is outlined in purple magic—or that’s what what it seemed—as water came pouring out the windows and every end of the Jeep.It emerged completely from the rampant ocean being pounded upon by tough quick paced rain..

 Joy gasps for breath apparently in control of her long-forgotten power.

“Fly away.” Joy manages to speak. “Fly away to get home, and unthawed.”

Her carlights remained on as she went back the direction this figure had flown her in. 

Not once did she think if anyone took a picture of jeep flying and posted it on the internet.

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