Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


25. Left behind

Carter was driving his sami-truck in in the night. He had his cell phone attached to the dashboard right above the driver's wheel.He had a red-gray shiny headset that was a Chat-Text product made to communicate that somehow turned the replies into texts on the phone through the voice.Words were appearing on the small gray cell phone block by block in black. We see a smile slide up on Carter's face.  Lil' Sis is worrying over meeting her mom's parents, Carter thought. His eyes are adjusted to the nightly gaze on the dark gray road that had yellow dots disappear and re-appear.

 "Sis, you're over-worrying." Carter said.

Carter could see there is a lightning storm ahead.

"I am not the worry-some one here." Joy texts back.

"My job is not only a safety hazard." Carter said. "It is the road of worry."

Carter's fingers feel wet on the driving wheel.

"Laughed out loud." Joy texted back with  a smiley face. "How can I  tell them I used to be blind but now I can see future events in random images? Logical outcome; don't talk about it."

"You can tell them it is a unexpected gift." Carter said.

"They would be more wary to believe another word I say if I did that." Joy texts back.

"Leave out the blind part. You can say you were born with a Psychic ability." Carter said.

"And tell them that I was stolen from the area where their daughter died in a gunfight?" Joy texted back.

"Lil Sis', you're stressed out." Carter said. "Ease your worries! It'll be fine."

"Am not!" Joy texts back.

Carter laughs at the little orange emote next to Joy's text. It eased the worry nagging him at the back of his head.

"So what about  Floor 19, anything new?" Carter asks.

Five minutes passed without a reply.

"Tara's being more creepy than usual by bringing copies of Norse Mythology books,Loki is going out on 'business' dates with Shannon. Wink wink wink. These are not business dates." Carter laughs out loud reading the texts. "Conner left this world, Floor 19 has been freezing lately, and I still don't know why the floor is mostly empty on some days in July!"

Carter's attention shifts to the road when a furry glowing and blurry creature darted across the road,.

"...Not that David's crashing on the couch in the basement because Hank kicked him out is playing a tiny bit into my worry." Carter is startled by the mention of Hank kicking out David. "And divorced, apparently."

"How did that happen?" Carter asks, making a time mark with a question sign at the end of the text.

Carter puts on sunglasses that have a orange tint to their lens. These glasses made it seem that it is not night but really daylight. The ominous rumble in the distance made goosebumps roll down Carter's skin in a single fashioned line.There are different ways to feel fear in the middle of a unexpected storm that many people can agree on. However it is merely driving a Sami-Truck in a storm that makes this twice scary than driving a car in it.

"I don't know." Joy's text read. "I am letting David sleep in the Basement." That's the Lil' sis I know, Carter thought reading the reply. "There is something that I cannot quite put my finger on about David."

Carter shook his head.

"Why are you all of a sudden suspicous about David?" Carter asks.

Carter is watching the lighting get closer and closer to his Sami-Truck. Each boom striking into the ground made his skin crawl. His attention drifts off the small phone screen right towards the road ahead that was being shined by the headlights. Keep it together man, Carter mentally tells himself. The wheels made a brief swerve on the road when his hands slipped to the side on the wheel. There you go again! Carter could have grit his teeth, but no, he didn't.

A string of text appears on the phone's small screen.

"Before I let David in...I had a vision." Joy's text read. The thunder struck near enough that it made the Sami-Truck jolt off the ground. "I saw an image of David dead inside a future-istic cell room on the floor." Carter feels his heart beat fast out of fear from the fearsome thunder that sounds close enough it is way too scary enough to be a figment of his imagination. A blinding yellow fast glint in the driver's side of the window.

Carter's right hand grabs hold of the wheel with a firm grasp and held his left hand up to shield his eyes.

"That isn't natural!" Carter acknowledges out loud taking a sharp  turn to the right.

And then a lightning bolt struck the Sami-Truck that made our scene fade into black.

__                                   __                                                                     _                        


    ...July 23rd, Saturday...

"Is this the right house?" Detective Harriet asks her partner Josh.

Detective Josh looks down to the flat screen device in his hand briefly and then turns his head up towards the house. The front lawn to the house is a perfect tint of green as though it had recently rained last night.Looks better than my girlfriend's house, Detective Josh admire the perfectionism. It was too bad the owner of this house wasn't going to be given ideally good news

"1873 B Loki Street, Laufeyson street." Detective Josh said. "This is the right house, Harriet."

The detective's impala is parked near the not-too-perfect gray sidewalk.

"Too bad his brother is deployed." Detective Harriet said, getting out of the impala.  "It always has to be the sisters who get told the news first."

Detective Harriet shut the car door. Josh unbuckles his seatbelt.

"Actually, it is not always the sisters." Josh said, opening the impala's passenger side door. He steps out of the sleek blue car.  "There are times when the brothers get the news."

"So we're auguring about how often  Brothers and Sisters  get the bad news." Detective Harriet said as she walks towards the building.  "I am not up for this debate again, Josh."

Detective Josh shuts the passenger door.

"Lets debate about why this street is named Loki Street Laufeyson street." Detective Josh sarcastically said as he caught up with Detective Harriet.

The two detectives came to the front door. They bickered about who should press the doorbell first, and then, who should be the one to give the bad news. Detective Josh takes out a shiny brown 2011 marked penny from his pocket.They did a coin flip; Detective Josh called dibs on heads and Detective Harriet called on tails. Detective Harriet knocks on the door right after seeing the results.

Joy opened the door.

"Hello!" Joy said, greeting them with  a happy smile.

 Detective Josh could see Joy's eyes were icy like, her hands  seem unusually 'freezing' in some way, and her over-all physical health seemed fine as a healthy moose.Her hair bangs were unusually white  enough it stood out from the dark brown short hair. Joy leans her side to the door letting her left hand  grace down the flat edged side of the door.

"Good morning, Miss Lawson." Detective Josh said.

"Miss Joanna." Joy corrects him, earning raised eyebrows from the two detectives. "I recently changed my name; its Joy Joanna."

"May we come in?" Detective Harriet asks.

"Sure." Joy said, letting them in.

Our view backtracks and watch the door close. We  go  down the street to the drive way. We see a black and green Ferrari convertible with no other than Loki--he had moved down the street at the back  edged corner--wearing a bluetooth with a phone sticking halfway out of his coat pocket apparently talking with someone. Living on a street named after himself felt one step higher than Thor in the realm of Midgard.He even was wearing a pair of sunglasses. The car backs out of the icy drive-way.

"I told you, I am still deciding on it." Loki said.

"You've been deciding on it for two months,little prince." Shannon said, on her end of the line.

"Deciding a life century decision is more important than buying a red cavalry." Loki said.

"A life time decision, little prince. " Shannon corrects Loki. "Not a life century decision. You keep mixing up the two words like a vampire bent on drinking coolaid instead of some other blood substitute.And you're talking about a red truck." Shannon made a irritated groan on her side of the phone. "Not an army!"

"Driving that means of transportation is a lot like leading an army on horseback." Loki said.

Loki is wearing  special pair of black gloves in the middle of summer. He had somehow got his hands on them just to prevent anything else getting frozen without intending to do it. Loki knew someone on Midgard from a long time ago capable of making gloves that restricted powers such as Ice, fire, and water that was beyond controlling.

"It feels like an army but it is not." Shannon said. "It is only the speed you're feeling."

"I've participated in a couple wars." Loki said. "And all of them felt much like this."

Cars turned over except for Loki who stopped right where the source of this unusual event was stirring this up. He lowers his glasses using his left hand. This was not something really ordinary to happen on his street.The house he had stopped at was Joy's. The impala was upside down on its own roof perfectly balanced under a absurd law of gravity as if it were on a rock not on the road.

"This is strange." Loki said.

"What?" Shannon asks.

"There is flipped over cars and everything is a mess." Loki said. "And the source is from a co-worker--" Loki's car was swept to the left under unusual forces of 'magic' or something like that. "I don't see any invisible string around!"

Two detective stumbled out of the house looking white as a ghost. They were seen running down towards the impala with small eyes, frightened looks, and speeding legs. As strange as it seemed to Loki they both managed to get the car back on the road in the right position, then got in, and drove off from the house while buckling up. The wheels had left a forever skid on the road.

"What happened?" Shannon asks.

"I don't honestly know." Loki said. "I'll see you at the horse ranch, right?"

"For the last time, yes!" Shannon replied.

___                                          ___                                                 ___

   .  .  . Asgard. . .

. . . near a garden...Two Midgard hours later.

"Sif, what's been plaguing your mind?" Fandral asks.

"Nothing." Sif lied.

"Uh huh." Fandral said, not convinced while leaning against the marble wall turning a red apple in circles in his hands. "And I suppose King Thor is not aware you visited Midgard to check on his brother."

Sif turns her head sharply towards Fandral.

"Who told you?" Sif asks.

"I have my sources." Fandral said. "They prefer to remain anonymous."  He raises one of his blondish orange eyebrows up. "And you've been acting distant lately." Fandral held the ball up in one hand. "You only act this way when there is some conflict going on between Thor and Loki." He looks over towards the right, and then back to Sif. "When there isn't a conflict going on between them."

"Margret."  Sif said.

Fandral lowers his hand that held the apple and looks at Sif strangely. His eyebrow that had been raised has lowered down. It had been years since he heard this name 'Margret', and in fact, for too long.

"Who again?" Fandral asks.

"Margret." Sif repeats. "The Asgardian who survived the peeling."

Fandral shudders.

"Oh, her." Fandral said.  "Poor lady. What about Margret?"

Sif explains to Fandral what she had seen.The very story earned various eyebrow raises from time to time straight by Fandral. Fandral was brushing through his little beard when Sif had concluded her little story about Margret had been doing without being seen by Loki. Sif had managed to do the same under a vary unrecognizable disguise.

"I...can't believe she...resembles a lizerd." Fandral said.  "I can't picture it."

"i saw her for myself." Sif said.  "And I spoke to her about it. I cannot fathom that Thor had requested her and a Asgardian named Farrold to go mess in Loki's banishment. Just to make it seem interesting doesn't make sense to me; why else? There must be more to this story!"

"Of course there is." Fandral said. "Thor is a believer in  love at first sight."

"If Loki had fallen in love then he would be back in Asgard." Sif said.

"But he is not." Fandral said. "And this undoubtedly is King Thor having some  'fun' around his brother."

"Thor has been acting strangely lately." Sif admits. "I don't know if I am talking to the King of Asgard anymore. I...can't trust him."

Fandral tilts his head.

"He's...what?" Fandral asks.

"I can't trust him." Sif said.  "I don't know why but this feeling..." She looks down to her right hand that is in a fist.  "There something fishy going on, and Thor has a part in it."  Fandral looks standardly shocked  hearing this from Sif. "Thor's changed from the kind and understanding man I knew."

"Have you asked him what's wrong?" Fandral asks.

"Of course!" Sif said. "All I get from him is 'Nothing, my dear'."

"Maybe I should ask him." Fandral said. "Perhaps that will ease your worries about his activities."

Sif looks towards the garden pretty worrisome.

"What I am worried is that Thor  has turned into a rotten apple." Sif said.

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