Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


23. Graboid hunting part 4

"So, what did you do?" Loki asks.

Loki and Bryan were in a vacant part of the Ostrich Farm. The Ostrich farm that is set out in the open on an island  that is a great distance from the United States.This island happens to have these gigantic landmasses of rock similar to a mound and a hill merged together, even a grassy plain completed by a beach.

Bryan raises an eyebrow.

"I don't know what you're referring to." Bryan said.

"Why Joy broke up with you." Loki said, earning a quizzical look from Bryan.  "I did not hear the full story."

The look in Bryan's eyes were convincing as though Loki's reply seemed believe-able.
"Funny story." Bryan said, his eyes wary for the shriekers."I had sex with a chick in Joy's bed." He had this comforting dreamily sigh.  "Best sex in my life."

Loki seems baffled at first.

"...You had what in her bed?" Loki asks.

"Sex."  Bryan said.

"I know that, but in her BED?" Loki asks. "What kind of Midgardian are you anyway? "

"I am one of the men who fight for the fittest." Bryan calmly replies.  We see  a shrieker heading their way quickly. "Oh shit, look there is a SHRIERKER!" Bryan shot the gun at the pistol aimed creature.  Loki looks at him with a disgusted face. "She sold her best bed shortly after we broke up. She didn't want me to set foot into her house next time. Well, there's a funny thing; we're still friends,"

"Friends who do not get along." Loki said.  "I am glad you two are not together."

"Funny thing, I forgot why we clicked." Bryan shot the the gun.

A shrieker fell to the side losing half of its self in mere minutes. The shriekers all aimed at their direction. Loki sets his gun on high mode making it seem to be high tech, small handy, dandy item that can stick in his pockets without being seen by a police guards wary eye.

"We've been spotted." Loki said.

"Quite obvious, shit-head." Bryan said.

"I don't have cow poop over my head."  Loki argues.

"Okay, shit head." Bryan replied. "Run!"

 Bryan fled before Loki could contemplate what Bryan is actually trying to to say. The shriekers made their unbareable screech. 

"Oh, that's why." Loki said, recall ling why he is here in the first place.  "WAIT for me, se....No...bed-ruiner!"

Loki ran after Bryan as they were being chased by small beetle like creatures that had beaks similar to birds except they were walking on skinny legs that had three claws. One could have been mistaking them for overgrown deadly beetles that ad used their infernal eye-flops to detect heat. That's how they found most of their targets not by sound or movement  but through their own body heat.

"Nice to see you listening, shit-head!" Bryan shouts, heading to a big building that once housed a  ostrich farmer.

"What is it with you calling me Shit-head?" Loki asks, well actually more like yelled after him. 

"Oh, your hair."  Bryan shouts back.

"I told you once." Loki said with a groan. He didn't seem effected by the running.  "My hair isn't full of eyes and cow poop."

Bryan is seen laughing as his face is turning red.

"I wasn't talking about that."  Bryan replied.

"Hank did." Loki shouts back. It sounded like he was talking but in a louder voice while running away from beetle shaped animals that are capable of eating a living human into pieces."He threw  a rock at me to see if I could get eyes at the back of my head."

"That is so Hank." They had ran into the building that had a set of stairs leading from the group up into the  into the building. "I am not going to die!" Bryan cries out getting out several guns from the room across on the wall that had several hooks and shelves properly positioning the guns. "Not today."

"It is not the end of the world." Loki said, with a wave of his right hand. 

"It can happen at given time." Bryan said.

"Your world should have ended decades ago." Loki said, getting a worried facial reaction from Bryan.

Bryan shook his head, quite literately shaking off the shock.

"You're pulling my leg." Is all Bryan can reply with.

 He watches Bryan go back and forth setting up strings around the triggers and mastermind a machine that connected mechanical strings to push when the trigger to this masterminding plan was initialized.How this plan would be initialized was beyond Loki's comprehension. Midgardians go over their head, Loki thought watching Bryan get some TNT explosives.There were transparent strings that did not appear if not for the glass windows giving reflections off them.

"It is supposed to end in the Apocalypse, the zombie one."  Bryan said, wiping the edge of his brow.

"No." Loki said.  "It is supposed to end when your sun goes out."

"Says the man who's got a air of shit." Bryan mockingly said, he had finished the quick plan right there and then. Bryan was so ready to do  everything he can just to make sure these ass shriekers didn't kill him.

"Yo-you're just an average man, shit-head." Bryan said.  "You're not a superman. That is for. . . you know, Holllywood. Sometimes ...oH Never Mind." He made this chilling kind of sigh. "Know how to make a bomb?"

"My name is Loki." Loki said. "My hair is jet black." Loki seems more focused on pointing out the correct facts than telling someone he knows how to make a bomb made on Midgard. "I am not interested in the slightest to make a bomb."

"Raven black shit."  Bryan said.

"What's with you and black?" Loki asks, offended with Bryan calling his hair 'shit'.

Bryan put one hand on the side of his square face.

"I happen to have a parent who was arrested by a African American,get this, he arrested the wrong man. My dad was in jail for a good ten years and I am not losing that grudge anytime soon. Because having that has pretty much kept my  shiny ass alive."

"You're discriminating on someone of your own kind."

"We're not the same." 

"Yes, you are."

"Oh really?"

"There is no difference between caucasins and African Americans. They're all the same to me. Except my brother calls your 'african americans' as a horrible name." We can actually tell that Loki did not agree with Thor's naming.  "Niggers....doesn't sound right coming from a caucasin man. It sounds better coming from a African American."

Bryan stares at Loki oddly for awhile.

"You're a strange man, Loki."  Bryan said.

Loki seemed to be making this 'As all Midgardians are, quite  frankly' facial reaction.

"And how did your predjudice towards these other people save your butt?"

"One of those ass shriekers were brought to the US by this African American dude who claimed they can be tamed." Bryan said, going into the backroom. We cann see hear his voice trailing from the backroom that had a couple lights on. "You wanna die, shit-head?"

"I am a god."  Loki said.

"You know, gods made us in their image." Bryan said. as he came out of the room holding And you don't see us running around or flying around in the air creating magnificent weapons."

"That is in your fictional movies." Loki is quick to point out.

"Right." Bryan said in a way that way easily indicated he pretended to agree. "Would you prefer to die horribly by some beetles?"

Loki looks down to the gun(or more so the graboid gun) in his arms.

"I would prefer to go with the men who know what they are doing." Loki said. 

"So you came into my group for answers?" Bryan asks, angered and shocked.

"Well, your group is only made of one man." Loki said. 

"So not." Bryan argues, pointing at thin air. "There is James Malfoy, Freddy, ---"

"Spare me with your creative imagination friends." Loki said.  "They cannot save you. But you can save yourself the pain of them eating you alive."

"I won't die." Bryan said. 

Loki takes out a watch that is old styled and golden.He was so startled by this mans determination not to die in the middle of extinguishing the very race of a deadly creature.

"You claimed you're not going to die."  Loki said, looking up from the golden chain.

"Yes." Bryan said with a nod.

A devious  facial expression replaced Loki's calm stoic face.

"Then can you fix in this?" Loki began.  "In the time it takes to survive a blast from shriekers exploding because of your bombs set up right over there."

Loki points to the table with the many guns and TNT stacked together. 

"I accept that challenge." Bryan accepts.

Loki crushes the pocket watch.

"Who's the shit-head now?" Loki asks, as though he had made a impossible task. 

Bryan looks are 'what the helll' in simple English. 

We zoom out the building to see Loki goes out the other end, and Bryan didn't come out.It seems to be that hanging around Loki could pretty much end up with death,being pranked, and tricked on whenever he had magic. This time he didn't have magic to perform on anyone.

___                                        ___

Our scene screeches to a halt later on which honestly it is pretty much thirty-five minutes later.Loki had fallen unconscious under conditions and factors that cannot be explained. Well, for starters a rock pretty much hit his head and boy it was big. A big rock that wasn't thrown by Hank at all.

"Hey Shit-head!" We hear Bryan from the distance waving the golden pocket watch in the air.  "I fixed the mother---SHRIEKERS!"

Shriekers were edging near to the unconscious body,sniffling at him and nudging at his boots.It seems too odd to be true that this is happening to only Loki.

 Bryan came to a halt holding a couple rifles in his knapsack.He carefully takes one of them out that seems to be customized.He puts the golden pocket watch into his jean pocket. If Joy was here, she wouldn't be be so brave to kill these big ass beetles, no exceptions;Is what Bryan thought about this. He crept back a few feet and focused his aiming on the four shriekers. He will thank me later,Bryan thought. 

"One," Bryan said in a low voice pressing on the trigger. "Two," He clicked it sending the first bullet flying into the middle shrieker. "Three." The shrieker fell to its side. "our." He shot at the third shrieker. "Five."

The shriekers turned towards  Bryans's direction.

"Shit-head powers me a new game boy advance." Bryan thought out loud.  "Hey!l" He jumps out waving his arms in mid air while singing in a deep pitched singing tone. "Look at me. I'm a  target!" The shriekers simply stared at him and tilted their ugly prehistoric heads. "What? I am a shitty target? Why didn't you say so?"

He threw a couple grenades into the distance which sent the shriekers right after it. One shrieker stayed there towering over Loki's foot. 

"Brave guy, eh?" Bryan asks, personalizing the lethal creature.

He steps forward pressing one of the buttons on the rifle. The riifle retracts and unfolds  into a sword-gun smilar to the one used in the eary days of the american revolution.The shrieker rattled its butt back and forth sticking open its beak-mouth showing the unsually long pink ugly tentacle tongue.The tip of the sword-gun met the rugged dry dirt.

"You are a ugly chicken." Bryan said, wary that it may attack him. The other shriekers in the distnace exploded thans to the gernades. "Sit boy, sit."

The shrieker strangely sat down on Loki's leg.

 "No." Bryan said lowering his head and pinching his forehead. "I mean by not on his foot."

The shrieker got off Loki's leg,then took three steps away from Loki's leg, and sat on the light brown dirt. The shrieker thumbed its tail-butt on the ground making the dirt get unsettled. Someone should probably be recording this for future references on odd shrieker behavior that is not common to find among the Graboid species.

"You're not a dog,damn it." Bryan said.  "You're a precambrian creature who should be extinct and be attempting to kill me right now."

The shreiker tilted it's head at him. 

"Damn it!" Bryan said, going through his hair using his right hand. "Don't go cutey on me."

The shrieker rolls over on its back and began reacting like a dog. 

"Not....funny." Bryan said. "You're a dangerous mutt--Aw man."

The  shreiker wagged it's butt-like tail while sticking out its tongue from the corner of itsbeak.

"I am petting you.....just once." Bryan said, holding up his index finger.

The shrieker waddled its tail back and forth excitedly. Bryan lowers his index figer and his hand.Bryan came over  then he rubbed the shrieker's bellly. The shrieker began purring like a cat. Bryan's face became horrified by the characteristics more strikingly similar to a domesticated animal than a lethal wild animal.We see the shrieker has  its tongue sticking out the corner of its mouth.

When Loki awoke he heard a shrieker dying. The sound was so distinctive it couldn't e compared to a animal dying. He remembered something had groaned loudly and then he went back into darkness. He called walking away from a dead crowd of shriekers and then something cackling hit the back of his head. It wasn't small enough to be a brick or a rock. He saw a dead bod of  a shreiker laying in from of  Byran's feet. Bran was looking away easy looking distrait at what he had done.

Bryan slowly looks over to Loki's direction.It  seemed so weird to see him that way from killing a Shreiker. Had Loki fallen through a rabbit hole and landed in a far different realm? Oh apparently he had hadn't as he lost consciousness, again.

"What do you figure Bryan's doing now?" Izzy ask, as they--Connner,Izzy, ad Hank-- were easily having a jollly time watching shriekers explode after galloping up toy jeeps that had bombs hooked in and had to be shot at in order to activate it. 

"I believe Loki's being called Bat head by now." Conner said, with a laugh.

"Five bucks it's actually shit-head." Izzy bets.

"You're on." Conner said. "I bet twenty."

"I bet Loki already knocked himself out in some way." Hank adds. " A brilliant man like Loki can somehow get their heads get some of those 'Amnesia' pounds to the head.."

Izzy lowers her black sunglasses clicking the trigger at a Shrieker that recently ate a bomb.The creature exploded sending guts all over the place. Hank drank a bottle of champagne through a glass. It easily had a smalll sized umbrella being the color of purple with a red tip at the at the top shaped rounded.

"I can't imagine this man being knocked out." Conner  admits.

"With all the mischief things he's done, I can't picture it not happening." Hank said. 

"You're slick,Hank." Connner said.

Hank smiles, while Izzy clicked a button on a square device.Another shrieker is exploded into piece sending its orange ugly guts all over the grassy plan that is decorated in shreiker guts. It seemed surprising the Shrieker group was standing around. 

"I am not slick, I am in my prime." Hank said."I am never been more healthier than before."

"If Loki was here, he would call you a liar." Izzy said, blowing up another Shrieker.

Ba-booom went the Shreiker in the distance,far in the distance from the actual huge crowd of Shreikers. The explosion came out as a big puff of light gray smoke that didn't show anything yet it can be assumed that area has shrieker guts.

"Naaaah."  Hank and Connner said at once, leaning back in their sun porch chairs.

Hank drew a drink from the glass.

"I can't believe we're still alive without a man or a woman being killed." Izzy said, in a cheery tone.
The two men share a glance.

"You shouldn't have sai----" They began to say.

A explosive went off sending the group flying back on to the high rocky surface.Hank used his hands to catch himself on the sliding high velocity speed away from the grassy plain.We can see probably in the distance the  Australians are having a jolly time killing off Graboid hatchlings using guns going off loudly.Hank grabs Conner's hand before he goes away from him down into the ravine that has sharp big boulders sticking up ready to be the landing place of deceased creatures or creatures to bask their body in the sun. 

"WOAh!" Izzy caught herself on the surface using  a hole in the almost hard rough surface belonging to the rock.

"I told you so." Hank said, bluntly. 

"Well, more like we told you so." Conner corrects Hank.

"I get it!" Izzy yells up,dangling her legs.

By a big miracle Hank was still holding a glass of champagne.We can see the bottle of champagne is untouched. 

"Izzy." Conner said.  "I thought you were a lemur."

"I am not a monkey, goosebumps." Izzy name calls Conner.

"You said you were related to Zombooomafo."

"All of which lies."  Izzy said.

"Honest Vulcans cannot lie." Connnner said.

"Vulcans can lie." Izzy said."And so can Klingons."

"Klingon's are natural liarss when telling their entire planet background. They won't make it to their their building block of what their culture is." Hank goes on following what Izzy had began; He climbs up remarkably still holding on a good-hard grip on Conner's hand.

Connner is visibly impressed by the unusual strength that Hank is displaying. 

"I like how you've been visiting the gym without everyone noticing." Conner remarks. "And that you've been hiding it which is beyond my comprehension."

"I don't hide it." Hank said,and then he is seen taking a sip from his glass that still has some champagne.

"Denial." Izzy said,using her free hand to rub her forehead.

"It is not a activity I like to hide." Hank said, lowering the drink from his lips.

"Hurry up!" Izzy orders Hank.

"Seriously man, hurry up before I puke." Conner said.

Hank climbed up the rocky surface lifting up his friend in the process.Izzy climbs up after Hank holding her gun in between her teeth which probably be best to described in her mouth when you can easily imagine a woman biting on the handle to a knife climbing up  rope-net to something direly important. Suddenly the herd of shriekers fled the grassy and somewhat dirt ugly covered scenery leaving a trail of dust behind.Han skeptically raises an eyebrow not at all adjusted to see Shreikers running from potential eating targets wen they could jump up and gobble them. He had been wondering why they had been standing around eating lizards and not reproducing as much after eating so many vermin's.

"Why are they running?" Conner asks, as he lands on the floor aka the hard smooth stone surface.

"Don't tell me they're already molting to those 'ass blasters' right now." Izzy said, with an roll of her eye. I should have taken Bruce's advice, Izzy thought, I should have let some other Shield member take this mission.

Yes, of course, being related to the one and only Bruce Banner can tie other relatives into Shield.  Especially with her unique set of skills to calm down angered people. And some other skills that remain to be to be put on the 'to-you-don't-need-to-know' shroud of secrecy.

"I don't....think so." Hank said, right after Izzy came up WITH  a rifle sticking out from her pocket.

This rifle is small enough to be classified as a miniature pistol ind of thing instead of an actual weapon.They saw these huge mounds move up from the floor and surface across the area.The mounds were huge  in size and shape that belong to Graboids.Hank,Conner, and Izzy get out their guns and set them in 'shooting' mode that doesn't run out of bullets until power in that specific mode runs out.Then they have to switch it into 'big-graboid shooter' mode.

"I have not shot down a huge years."  Hank admits.

"I haven't shot a huge ass creature in months." Izzy admits, as well.

Hank and Conner share a odd look towards Izzy.

"Part of saving the world every week." Izzy said.

The Graboids shot out from the ground, and then gunfire was exchanged.There were a huge couple of them that seem to have been genetically advanced by a scientific serum device that somehow had been left out in the open at a resting Graboid nest.We can pretty much assume that five minutes came to pass.

Izzy turns to the right hearing a pained yell from Conner. She was the first one to see what had happened. Conner falls down to his side on the big rock. The gigantic graboids retreated into the dirt  possibly far away from the tragic event; which is odd for Graboids.Izzy saw someone standing in front of Conner's body who hadn't been part of the group mission dissapear in thin air.

"Conner!" Izzy said, shooting the graboid that hadn't left.

The graboid is blown up into pieces. Izzy and Hank ran to Conners side then she puts down the gun right beside her. Conner takes his hand off the bloody wound that wasn't made by the type of gun that was being used to kill graboids. She puts down the brown knapsack that had a disguised  'SHIELD' badge keeping the top buttoned on to the lower half. Izzy unbuttons the knapsack and flipped the top behind the opening. Izzy takes out some towels--being a member of SHIELD, she was always prepared for unexpected diving into the water to escape---from her knapsack.

"I-I-I've been shot." Conner manages to speak and then puts his hand back. "I am gonna die."

"No duh, goosebumps."  Hank said, wary for any of the Graboids to come up. "Don't panic;you're gonna get out of this alive."

"You're bleeding, apply this." Izzy said, handing Conner a small towel.

Conner is in ugly pain. It wasn't comparable to being stabbed. Conner gives the towel back to Izzy.

" a difference between dying and being stabbed." Conner said, giving it back to Izzy.

"Don't say that!" Hank told Conner.

"You can be saved." Izzy said, handing The Towel back to Conner.

Conner grabs Hank's arm.

"I have to...tell you something." Conner said.

Conner whispers into Hank's ear that it wasn't easily heard by Izzy.We see Hank's eyes widen.Hank lets out a gasp.Hank pulls himself away from Conner.Hank's right hand almost slipped on the rock barely getting a scrape on it. Hank scoots away from Conner while visibly trembling and hurt in his eyes.

"Apply the towel, damn it." Izzy said, handing it back to Conner. "I am a professional!"

It was apparent that he didn't want to do it. So Izzy applies the Towel to the part of Conner's  shirt that is bleeding and has a hole in it where the deadly object was fired at.  Izzy takes a phone out of her pocket.Hank had stopped helping Conner oddly after being told in the ear something Izzy did not hear. Izzy dials a number while applying the towel to Conner's injury.

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