Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


22. Graboid hunting part 3

The story of how a man became a 'mix' is something meant to be told not explained through a scenery change.this is just the case for Hank. Except he is not all the way to being a typical everyday man. Especially when he is standing in front of the god who is literately, quite literate, the god of lies. Correction: The prince of lies.

"When did it happen?" Loki asks, quite intrigued to hear how a mortal became not all the way 'mortal'ish.

"Twelve years ago."



"You started working for Charol eleven years ago."

Hank smiles a little. He seems to be recalling a fond moment for a minute there.

"Yeah,I did." Hank acknowledges slightly nodding. "I used to be Paul Hankconic. it was twelve years ago I...  pretty much died back there. " Hank said, rubbing the back of his neck. "Tony assumed at first I was a ghost." Hank goes on. "To everyone I was dead. To everyone I had died in a freak accident."

There was a tremor coming up from the ground headed straight their way. Loki seems to be obvious to this slowly approaching tremor. The story that his 'friend' had to tell was more interesting to hear than from a raccoon capable of speaking going on about its life story.

"I...went on for a left behind pen." Hank explains. "Tony left it behind. He didn't see the point in going back for a simple pen." He shook his head.  "Everything minor is important. No matter its value."

The tremor came to a  stop behind one part of the hard surfaced boulder like surface.

"I may have. . . pressed something going in there." Hank said. "And I still blame Stark for dropping that pen.  He knows my insistence to get the smallest things back."

"You are...very flawed."  Loki said.

"I am more flawed than I was before." Hank said "Next thing I knew, I was different. My face, my forehead,and my ears."  Hank touches his ears. "And my toes were so claw like they should have been fingers not toes."

"Are you saying your feet have fingers?"  Loki asks.

"No."Hank said.  "I am saying my feet are very different. Before, they had been webbed."

"I don't see how webbed feet are important." Loki said.

Hank laughs at Loki's reply. He had a good laugh that wasn't too cheery  and wasn't too walrus like.

"That's what David said to me..." Hank said, as his laughter went down. "Right after I showed him my feet and why they shouldn't be exposed at the beach. Man, just look down at my feet."

Loki looks down. He could not see any hair on Hank's feet whats over. Hank had strange elongated toes  that appear to have been mutated but not through the means of evolution. It was then Loki finally noticed that above Hank's ankle was not covered in hair. But instead it was scales that had the perfect pigment to match Caucasian.

"I never seen anything quite like this before." Loki remarks turning his attention away from Hank's feet.

We see the tremor creature has it's tentacles that are pink slowly sliding up the upper surface towards the men. Loki seems oblivious to it but that is not the point there. There IS not a sight of a bird in the air or a snake lurking around for food or anything. If a person had lived here there wouldn't be remains.The tentacles crawled up the mountain surface.

"It's quite new, really." Hank said it as if it were nothing.

Loki shot out a jet of ice right at the upcoming tentacles then sends down the breeze of ice down the cliff-side of the mountain boulder  natural made mound similar hill. Hank watches the Graboid become frozen in ice.

"Tell me you know how to shoot than talk." Hank said, looking over. 

"All my shots were beginnings luck." Loki said. 

"...My friend, let me teach you the ways of the gun." Hank said, raising his pistol at the distance.  "Hold it steady in a way you mean each bullets direction." He pressed the trigger which sent the bullet flying off into the distance. "And you have to aim that gun like you mean the projecting insults."

Loki looks to Hank. 

"When did you suddenly turn to describing insults as bullets?" Loki asks. 

"A long time ago." Is all Hank could say.

____                                                ____                                                            ____


...New York.

Hank had taken the opportunity to take a visit to his old friend Tony Stark. But in a new light and a new type of face that wouldn't be associated to who he had been before. He had recently gotten a Job at Wisconsin, Milwaukee.He couldn't spell the city's name over his dead body or be forced to do it under rigorous torture.

He sat in the chair taking his time to admire the new added decorations in the business's room. There wasn't odd items dotting it. There was surely a tone of newness basically laying there pretty much attached by magnetic screws.He was the one who suggested to INVENT magnetic screws that could be put into the furniture with just a magnet being turned into a circle and the rest being done by the magnet itself.

"You are here for me?" Tony said, entering the room with this charismatic smile.

Hank looks over to see Tony Stark.

"Obviously." Hank said, with the smallest of all friendly smiles. He hadn't been here in a year. It felt so long ago that the supposed accident had happened.

"Who sent you this time?" Tony asks, coming over to this big front desk that had a nice top layer pretty much made of glass.

"No one." Hank said. "Well, honestly.He taps his fingers together. "I am here from a Press agency." Good,Hank thought, you just lied to your best friend.Never pictured to that happen. Oh welll, I am dead. to everyone.

"Is this for the new Paut-Koi robot brand?"

He had never heard of that brand before talking into his building.

"I don't think so." Hank said.

"Then what?" Tony asks.

"it is, Anthony--I mean Mr Stark.."  Hank corrects himself, beginning with a lie.  "It is about a certain product you are developing. It is the Mix-Conological serum."

"No one knows about it. We scrapped it long ago." Tony said at first. His hands were on the table.  "Who told you?"

"I have my sources." Hank said, taking out a card.  "Call this guy. He knows everything that is going on inside this rust bucket."

Tony took the card and glances down to it. He raises eyebrows at Hank.

"This number used to belong to a friend of mine. "

 "Is your friend still around?"

Tony sat down into the chair across from Hank.

"No." Tony said. "He passed away last year."

The look on Tony's face easily read that he didn't  enjoy someone using the phone number that once belonged to a deceased friend.

"I-I-I actually got it from someone else." Hank admits. "He was a untrusty source, if you get what I mean."  He nervously laughs . "Here's the correct nu---"

"No more numbers." Tony said, shaking his hand. "I would like to know what press agency you're from."

"The New New York York news, daily news." Hank lies again. "They pay top dollar on it and it is pretty tempting to do what what they ask without questioning."

"I willl get to them and, you, don't talk about this." Tony said. "I don't want this failed serum to be leaked on the media."

"The internet just started." Han said.  "It's not really highly evolved. Media comes out slowly and not very fast. If news got out that would take a good week for it to...."

"Exactly/." Tony said.  "I am not going to risk my company over a failed serum and law suits over a one man's mistake to go in there and get into the machine that once carried this serum and actually press the start button and make the entire building collapse."

Hank blinks multiple times. His grip on the chair tightened. He was having a recall moment where the machine went haywire and he felt something had inserted itself in his skin through his arm. He could recall the shakyness in the room. Hank recalls the sudden loud crackle from walls falling and giving in to whatever force had exerted itself. Hank rubs his forehead.

""The building..." Hank said, with a pained sigh. He takes his hand off his forehead.  "It collapsed."

"Yes, it did." Tony said. "If you want to be out of a gag order. Then don't talk about this."

"Okay sir." Hank said, casually and with a slight attitude. "I guess my time with you is come to an end."

He used an old phrase that not many people used because it sounded so confusing and so sentence fragment like. He frankly made it up on his own two years ago before the incident had happened..Now these days he lived as men who could not age but live longer than most people. His face was different. He wasn't Paul Hankonic anymore.

"Didn't catch your name." Tony said, as Hank was almost to the door.

Hank tuns his head over his shoulder towards Tony.

And it was all because of that accident he could make his hair turned a silver kind of color.

"Hank." Hank said.  "Hank Arnolds."

He said in the way only Paul would have said it. He could see a look of familiarity in Tony' eyes.Hank smiles so little you wouldn't have known he was actually letting Tony believe and fall for his potential idea that Hank had indeed survived--no wait, Paul had survived as somebody else. He went through the door  before Tony stark could make a move or insists he stay. Perhaps Tony Stark wasn't thinking he was Paul. Maybe all that he was thinking that sounded familiar.

"Goodbye, old friend." Hank said to himself, in a low voice towards the door that lead to the business office with Tony Stark.

For now on, he wouldn't cross paths into his old life. He had to start anew.And actually begin admitting he was really gay. Because now, honestly men seemed more attractive than woman to Hank.He had really become a different person in the blink of an eye. We see Tony turn over the card to see a burnt black pen taped on. It had the exact dating from last year when he was the one who presented the prototype of a 'lizard life extender' for basically lizards.

"This can't be." Tony said, taking the pen off.

The black pen still had the golden insignia  "Stark Industries" with a big 'A'.Tony looks down to see there is a little message on the paper. The message read: Next time don't leave it behind in a serum injection machine. Tony drops the pen his hand shaking which made the card tremble in his hands. He pressed on the big black device on his desk.

"Yes Tony?" Happy--As in Happy Hogan--answered. Well actually his name is Harold Hogan. Happy  just has that name because he constantly refused to smile during his boxing days.

"Is Mr Arnolds still in the building?" Tony asks.

"He just left."  Happy said.

There is a pause on Tony's end. Tony is thinking about what he was about to say next.

"I shouldn't  be doing this." Tony said, with a shake of his head. "Forget I asked."

Tony clicked on the red button that ended this brief call.

____                                   ______                                         ___


...Still some time before Ginger tells Joy. . .

Hank threw a rock. Loki caught it.

"Why were you throwing a rock at me?" Loki asks.

"...I wanted to see if a pair of eyes appeared in your hair." Hank said, his left eye twitching. 

There is a dead Graboid covered in ice--and halfway exposed with multiple holes a the remaining area still seen to the human eye. There were times that Loki viewed Midgardians as stubborn and silly mortals when it came to getting a straight answer out of them. Our scene transitions to probably fifteen minutes later.We can tell it has been five minutes because  Loki and Han were not at the deserted destination that we can probably call a mountain boulder  mound setting natural occurrence. Of course that would take a mouthful to explain rather than in simple English words and terminology. 

"He...He froze it?" Bryan asks.

"Yes!" Hank said, with a quick nod..  "He froze that little asss worm."

"It is called a Graboid." Loki corrects him."You told me that's what they are called. At least call them by what are you label them. It gets very confusing hearing Midgardians refer to animals with more than one name."

"Graboids have numerous names for their stages." Bryan said. "They are butterflies only huge and deadly."

"You call them butterflies, and and everyone calls them Graboids." Loki repeats. "That doesn't make quite sense.

"It makes sense to Burt Gummer." Hank and Bryan said at once.

"Ninja-ed." Izzy said.

" ...What does Ninja-ed mean?"  Loki asks.

"You said it first." Bryan said. "What's next? Is there more ass tentacle eaters out there?"

"I should be writing this down, shouldn't I?" Loki asks.

Hank is the one laughing.

"No, Loki." Hank said.  "You don't have to write all of our Little names for the big worm beasts."

"Graboids." Izzy corrects  them. "We've gotten reports they are out at the Ostrich farm."

"Ostrich farm." Bryan said, with a hard chuckle.  "Hah,those nut kickers."

"Nut Kickers?" Loki questions them.

"You don't want to know." Bryan said. 

"What are nut kickers?" Loki asks." I feel like I might regret asking."

"The girls kick you at the private spot." Izzzy said."The girl ostriches. The boys just stand there hard as rocks."

Our scene somehow transitions again to a evacuated large farm of ostriches that is empty. There is a  couple shriekers running around the area feeding off the dead animals left behind by the midgardians who couldn't bring them back. Izzy shook her head with a 'tk,tsk, tsk' sound at t least five times instead of three. We hear Hank counting each of the tkssks under his breath in a voice that wouldn't be heard.

They were watching from the mouth of Mannie.

"I call batch one." Bryan said.

"I call batch 3 with the Australian pick up guys." Hank said.

"Australians?" Loki looks over his shoulder to see there are men in hunting gear and very not so armored up."When did they get on aboard?"

"Right after we let our team split into groups." Izzy said. "These  guys know their way around this joint."

"So..." Hank said, glancing oddly to Izzy. "We're in Mexico?"

"Nah." Izzzy said. "We're on a island across from the United states that is awfully similar to Mexico. "I know it seems far too similar. I know. I told Charol we should be dubbing it New Mexico the great second."

"I call Batch 1 if anyone is curious." Loki said. "The groups look smaller instead of the ground Graboids."

"Wait until the surviving ass blasters come up from the grave." Hank said with a reassuring voice. "Then it will be a challenge."

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