Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


32. Freezing confrontation

"Sweet home Alabama!" Hank sang with the radio while driving down the city road in his brand new amazing black-silver truck.

Snowflakes landed on the window shield. Hank turns on the windshield-wipers merely dismissing the very strange natural snowflake as part of climate change going wacky. Strange weather likes to occur where it should not happen, Hank thought with an eye roll. A rush of snow collided against the window shield making it seem so blurry that it reminded Hank of going through an endless car wash. The heat inside the truck is pretty considerably warm. This definitely is not a weird spell of climate change at all.

"What the heck?" Hank said, quizzically looking up at the window shield.

Then a woman hit the window shield. Well what looked the face of a woman who had the characteristics of a lizard. Hank swerves towards the left spinning in a complete circle screaming at the unexpected lizard woman face. We all know who this is; Margret. The incredibly fast driving force sent Margret flying off landing on the sidewalk.

Hank stops the truck looking scared and frightened.

There were other cars doing the same in the sudden blizzard, and had parked to the side of the road. Could this be Loki’s doing?, Hank rationalizes, Well there is a woman lizard getting up like hitting the window shield so I’ll say yes.Margret takes out a vibrant sword that had a blade part glowing blue which made it stand out in the partially blinding winter storm happening in this part of Milwaukee.

“Come out, Frost Giant!” Margret yells. “Come out and fight me properly!”

Hank looks over his shoulder to the driver’s side truck door and saw Loki somewhat in the snow pattern that is slowing down. He walks forward making a long sword that had uneven and wicked sides designed in a way that resembles a warrior-sword-built-in-design-of-a-decorative-epic-snowflake beyond typical proportions. When Loki came very clear enough to see Hank was not very surprised what he saw. Loki had blue skin, strange facial markings, and red eyes that stood out from the slow snow fall. Loki’s grip on the handle is tight, and, apparently gloveless.

The whole sword is made out of hardened and solid ice that wouldn’t break when going through a body.

“Frost Giants have names.” Loki retorts.

“Horrible names!” Margret said, charging right towards Loki.

Loki easily takes a step to the side merely making Margret stumbled forwards right past him.

“You missed.” Loki said waving his sword in mid-air while backing off.

“Die already!” Margret shouts charging towards Loki

Margret and Loki disappeared in the winter’ish snow storm. Hank could see that the narrow passages between buildings were slowly get a large accumulation of snow is making a mountain slope against the dead ends. Not many people came down those narrow passages at the East Side Lake Front in Milwaukee despite it somewhat giving off a Las Vegas vibe at night where lights were the center attractions that garnered people like moths. Last night Loki had told Hank all about Margret; but Hank didn’t figure that Margret really had become part lizard.

“Woah.” Hank said.  “Loki was right.”

Hank turns his head towards the radio that is part of the dashboard.He changes the station from the ‘Sweet home Alabama’ song to a different one and turns up the volume that was so high that the one random out of song by Frank Sinatra startled Hank. This song is ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ that sounded more fitting to play it in December. But in the middle of a currently on going and out of place snow storm logic could not be applied to this very situation since it is being initiated by a ‘Frost Giant’ apparently. The window shield wipers were still going so Hank could see if the fight would slide by on the trucks hood.

“Be patient, Padawan.” Hank said, tapping his fingers on the comfy driver’s wheel.

Hank had this odd expectancy to have a fight go across the hood to the engine of his vehicle since aging typically had become an immortal trend to say no. It wasn’t Hank’s choice but rather his own mistake to go after something that had been lost. Hank could feel getting a little ancy sitting there doing nothing but wait while listening to Frank Sinatra.

Then  Loki slid right  across the hood leaving a visible scar on the hood.

Loki summoned a long bridge like slope to make his landing softer and he regains his footing holding a sword that had lost the sharp tip. Sure Loki had managed to injure Margret in the fight that not many Midgardians could see. Yet he was not as invisible many people may think because he has a  bleeding slash on his shoulder that was already beginning to get clotted  right off the bat.Margret lands on the roof of a car holding the sizzling Asgardian blade that appears unfaltered by the slice struck through the ice-y sword.

“Give up, Frost Giant.” Margret said. “Let me win and get this over with.”

“I refuse.” Loki said.

“Like your ‘girlfriend’?”  Margret asks.  “She didn’t stand a chance with those Muggers.” She jumps off landing on the road. “Expecially with the weapons I handed them to get their mission accomplished.”

It was Margret. It was Margret who arranged Shannon’s death.

Loki’s blade regains the sharp point. Anger is present on Loki’s face and very ticked off at the knowledge that he had been given. The one and only Asgardian to be given a lifesaving spell had turned around to take a life in revenge for Loki taking away her normalcy. To have skin that wasn’t that of a Lizard, Fingernails that were not claws, and feet that were strangely shaped that it would be hard to decide if Margret is from another planet or a realm.

“So it was you!” Loki said.  “You are the one responsible for Shannon’s death!”

“Why don’t you join the whiny Midgardian?”  Margret offers, and then attacks Loki.

Loki uses the icy sword to block the attack from Margret’s sword and then struck a hard blow against Margret by pressing his sword against her sword that they collided against the side of her forehead. Margret staggers back with a hateful hiss. The only one he wanted to kill right now is standing right in the road. The anger Loki can feel is summoned to make the whole scenery outside their fight into a tough blizzard that would not allow a Midgardian to see the fight much longer.

“I’ve learned a couple things from Midgard.” Loki said. “And it is that a killer does not get away with a murder.”

“You’ve been brainwashed.” Margret said.

“Not really.”    Loki said. “Being brainwashed is equivalent to listening hours of conspiracies.”

Margret then attempts to attack Loki, but the Frost Giant manages to knock the Asgardian blade out of her grip. The Asgardian blade landed to the road with a light metal klang. Loki held the sword’s tip right below Margret’s chin dangerously pointed to the area that is not the safest place to aim under the chin and would cause a lot of bleeding.

“Hesitant?” Margret asks, raising a black eyebrow.  “I thought you were fueled by vengeance.”

“I am better than you.” Loki said, lowering his sword.  “I don’t do that.”

Margret is surprised at first.

“You will when I am through with you!”  Margret retorts grabbing the snow-icicle blade from Loki without him expecting that to happen with the slightest. She points the sword straight back at the frost giant. “Can we please get this over with, now?”

“No!” Loki said, sending Margret away using a gust of snow.

Margret uses her talon-protective gearless boots to stop her in the road. Lizard claws did come in handy to gain momentum though now she is pretty much about twelve steps away from Loki which wasn’t far considerably. Margret could feel annoyed by Loki’s rather useless frost Giant moves.

In the proceeding fight; Margret managed to catch Loki off-guard by using the power of snow against him. It was an unexpected move but that was what Margret counted on to get this plan into motion. Loki shields himself using his left arm and turned his head away his eyes closed expecting for imminent impact.Loki expected his arm to summon an ice shield that would break when the sword struck through it and to strike through his chest then pretty much end his life. It would be all over except for the winterstorm that could only be stopped by him. Instead Loki heard what sounded like a blade shatter into pieces unexpectedly. Frost Giant swords usually don't shatter right in the middle of a potential life ending move.

“No!” Margret sharply shrieks.  “No! This cannot be possible.”

Loki’s eyes open as he turns his head to see what had prevented the sword from killing him. He backs up seeing a frozen woman standing acting like a shield. The frozen woman looks like a stone statue not a human who had become covered in ice in the middle of winter. She bore a strong resemblance to Joy. Through the lightly falling snow flakes Loki walks around to see the woman’s face.

Loki stops, actually baffled for once.

That was Joy.

Not in a hospital gown, but in her own usual typical choice wear that didn’t involve winter gear; such as gloves, hat, ear muffs, and a coat.  He steps back taking in the fact that a Demigod had risked their life to save his. Loki could see that the frozen-statue spell was made by him so many months ago.

“Look what you’ve done.” Margret said.

Loki turns away from the frozen Statue of Joy.

“No, it is what you’ve done.” Loki said. “She wouldn’t be here if you didn’t…”  Loki pauses looking down for a moment there figuring out that Margret and Mr Odd were working together on this one cause. “You…are an assassin!”

“It’s a vendetta I am proud to be on.” Margret said.  “We’re not playing chess, Frost Giant.”

“Joy wouldn’t be here.” Loki said, stepping to the side. “If it wasn’t…for me?” He looks towards Joy feeling unsure about saying at first though he held his hand up expecting Margret to attack making a large cone shaped icicle force field that made Margret fall back. “Excuse me,” Loki is tapping on his chin rather slyly. “Was this vendetta supposed to prevent me from…realizing this?”

A green cloudy like strand of magic came from Loki’s hand that summoned the Asgardian blade to him; Basically Loki ends the winter storm that is specifically in this large street. The snow turned into a massive herd of butterflies that blocks our view to what will happen between Loki and Margret.Exotic and beautiful butterflies pass by the window shields with parts of their wings showing some snow flake characteristics that awed many of the drivers in the street including Hank who is reeling in the beauty.

In fifteen minutes the magnificent beauty had despaired just like that, except for a knock on Hank’s driver’s side of the of the door.Hank turns his head to see Loki, again, but this time holding a unresponsive Joy.Hank did not know in the truck bed that Loki had managed to tie up Mr Odd and hook in him while everyone was so busy in fact there is a deceiving cloud on the truck bed that is only effective on Midgard  not on Asgard.

From afar we see the remainments of Margret’s clothes and what seemed to be smoke drifting off from them. It is easy to conclude that Loki decided to put aside what he had said earlier and let Margret have it.

“I need to borrow your truck.” Loki said.

“..Why?” Hank asks.

It was strange in fact how Hank was at one moment in the driver’s seat and then in the next he was in the passenger’s seat. Hank became so sure that Loki had used magic on him to get what he really wanted. Hank could see Joy in the backseat buckled in; with two seat belts keeping her in place. Hank saw outer space and that Loki is making his truck go through a tube space thing leading to another place.

Hank assumed it was a bridge it was a tube bridge because of the length.

 “Loki,you’re driving my truck through a bridge.” Hank said.  “A space bridge in fact!”

“This is a life and death matter.” Loki said, feeling giddily inside that he was literally taking a Midgardian to Asgard without their consent.

Loki hadn’t felt this happy since ice-skating with Shannon.

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