Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


34. Epilogue

Frigga enters the room. The room where those who could not be healed were left to die on their own. The healers were not proud of their inability to prevent what is killing Joy to stop in its tracks. To some people this is a different form of hospice care except Joy is dying not painfully but little and little under unknown causes .Joy did not need hospital equipment to help her live the last moments.

"He-Hello." Joy said, dying on the bed.    "You must be Frigga."

"Yes." Frigga said with a nod. "Good to meet you, Frandralidottir."

At first Joy is happy but then a confused reaction replaced that.

"What does the last part mean?" Joy asks.

"Daughter." Frigga said.

"And Asgardian culture beats Midgardian culture by a punch, again." Joy said with a weak laugh.

Frigga gently smiles at Joy.

"Odin had his reasons." Frigga notes.  "But you were not expected."

Frigga and Joy share a light conversation. They were both aware Joy didn’t have long to live even after the healers had healed her.Joy could feel her bones feel so soft and relaxed from the intense coldness that had plagued them. Frigga knew Joy had much potential in her to live on longer than most Midgardians, and, become a Demigod queen An Demigod queen who could care when Loki wouldn’t care.

Joy feels content with her life.

Frigga leaves the room.

Shortly thereafter in what seemed like fifteen minutes; in came Loki. There was a brighter glow about him. He seemed younger and god-like. Joy could tell there was a change in Loki not by his ‘I am better than you’ stride and a glint of a lieful of doubt in his green eyes. It is safe to say Joy read him like a book when normally she could not do the same to others.

"The Healers told me you don’t have long to live.” Loki said.

"Don’t we all?” Joy said, with a small laugh.   "I know you're scared about being king, Loki."

"I am not." Loki lied.

A slow and weak smile grew across Joy’s face.

"That's the man I hit with my jeep." Joy said. "You're going to unite both realms? Show the people who you are and your gift?"

"My gift as a monster; that is not a gift." Loki said. "The people will be scared of me."

"Come down to my level, please." Joy said.

Loki complies.

"Loki,why would people not listen to a wise-mischievous man?" Joy asks.

"Because he is the monster from the bedtime stories." Loki said.

“Even the mischievous people can be the wisest.” Joy said. "You're not a bed time story, Loki." Joy tells Loki as she takes his hand.  "I love you, the people for sure will feel the same for you over time, and you' young." She squeezes his soft and warm soft hand. "So full of life."

"You could be full, of life, too." Loki said.

"This spell cannot be undone, Loki." Joy explains to Loki, seeing he did not understand her refusal. "It was put on me by Mr Odd. The Healers told me that reversing the...death sentence would place permanent damage. I wouldn't be this woman who sees a king in her presence."

"...I ...don't understand." Loki said.

"Your face is handsome, blue or pale, it doesn’t matter.” Joy said with her dying breath. “Now, go out there and unite those two realms! Be the king who I risked my life for."

Courage was in her voice, a stubborn attitude that wouldn't last until death, and her accepting view of death seemed so sad to see her life fading away before his eyes. Risking her life and all wasn't a show but it was an act of love. She's dying like a supernova, Loki thought, why would Father do this to me?

"I ..." Loki was startled.  Who told her?, Loki thought, my mother would never tell a dying Asgardian.  "I didn't tell you I was--"

"You didn't have to."  Joy said. "I figured it out on my own. If I was someone else, born as a Asgardian, and totally a lucky chick..." Her eyes were becoming cloudy, her grip was becoming loosen on Loki's hand, and her eyes became carefree-happiness. "I’ll love you unconditionally…”

And then she died with this bright joyful light in her eyes.The squeezing from her hand had ended. All that was on the bed across from Loki was a dead shell that once housed life.He had more anger for one death than any he had witnessed before. He left the room leaving the healers in a group behind the second door.

He came to the lone cell that Mr Odd resided in.

"Came for a visit?" Mr Odd asks, tapping his shoes together.

"You killed her." Loki said.

Mr Odd smiles at the slow deduction Loki had finally figured.

"You're slower than Thor." Mr Odd said. "It took him a decade to figure out what the meeting was for."

Loki held his hand out towards the cell.

"I should have done this long ago." Loki said as a twirling and swirlix of green energy flowed through the shields right towards Mr Odd. "This is for everyone who died because of you."

We see Mr Odd's collapse to the ground getting sores all over it and appear to have been in a contagious bio-hazard Lizard nest for at least a week.Loki watches Mr Odd die--alone--trying to ease the pain and stop it. Loki made the pain worse for Mr Odd. He just wanted Mr Odd to die in the most utter most horrible pain magic could ever inflict with magic.

Eventually Mr Odd is dead.

The contagious sores disappear but the injuries that Mr Odd had done to himself--leading to his death--had not.

"No one will ever die because of him, again." Loki said to himself walking away from the lone-some cell that had a dead body inside.

Later that week he would be crowned as; Loki Laufeyson, the Allfather. King of Asgard and Jotunheim. He could feel the power that once went through Odin; and it was his. Lokipower; power that required a deep sleep for one Asgardian day in the winter time. It was basically Lokisleep.One day there would be a Lokison or a Lokidottir to inherit the throne.He was surprised how the Asgardians acted contrary to how he originally thought.

But those responsibilities did not stop Loki from returning Joy's body to Midgard and have her funeral.

"Thank you." Hank said.

"I am not really here." Loki said.

Hank smiles a little.

"Don't tell the others." Hank said.

"I will not tell them why I've left." Loki said.

Hank unexpectedly hugs Loki's double.

"Thank you for being here." Hank whispers enough for only Loki to hear. And then he ended the hug. "Joy would be impressed you actually did it." Hank wipes off a tear. "We had a betting pool up you wouldn't attend another funeral that was from floor 19."

"I did attend the last one." Loki notes.

"You didn't." Hank said. "We ever saw you."

"I was there, Hank." Loki said, watching Jake put a flower on the coffin. "You never saw me."

Eventually it was Loki's turn to put a rose on the coffin.He looks down to the open part of the coffin that showed Joy's eternal young and beautiful cute face.To him, she could have woke up and asked Loki why he looks so sad on a bright summer day. Was he actually tearing up thinking about this? Instead of putting a rose on the coffin; Loki put a set of car keys into  Joy's coffin.

Loki looks down to Joy.

"You are a good driver." Loki said. "I heard every word."

Loki walks away from the coffin and to long row of seats that were actually occupied. He came to the last one at the back making a tricky mirage for the human eye. He didn't want to stay there for the burial. Leaving the keys into her coffin was chilling enough.

Loki came to a distance away from the funeral going on. Where he had stopped there were rows of tombstones similar to the way that dominos re set up except these stones were not meant to topple over to the side become of some little wind. A few of the graves had flowers looming to the side, some had little flags, and other items.

"Watching from afar, eh?" J asks.

Loki looks over his shoulder to see a aged older woman in her mid-thirties.

"I am not good with funerals." Loki said.

J  is in a white dress and leans against a tombstone.

"Me too." J said, holding a big group of flowers. She had on this fancy-dancy white hat that had a black band wrapped around the mountain part of the hat. "I didn't figure death would be so boring."

"Life is too short." Loki said, turning his head back towards the funeral.

"Sounds like you knew the lady." J said.

"Feels like I knew her before I even met her." Loki said.

"Maybe you did." J said. "Did you get to say goodbye?"

Loki didn't need to think.

"No." Loki said with a head shake "I never did say goodbye."

"Maybe she wanted to say a proper goodbye." J suggests.

Loki turns his head towards J but she was not there. A smile grew on Loki's face as though he understood what who he  had been speaking to. He looks down towards the tombstone--which was someone else--that had collections of flowers recently added.

"Goodbye, Joy." Loki said. "It was nice knowing you."

Loki turns away from the grave. A bright yellow water-fall formation in a circle surrounds Loki then he is gone in the next minute leaving behind the rows of grave. We see Hank had left the funeral tent, and he looks around only to realize Loki had left. Typical gods, leaving before a short goodbye, Hank thought, That’s gods for you. Hank looks up to the sky putting his left hand into his left pocket.

“I’ll see you in the next century, Loki!” Hank yells at the sky waving his right hand.

The end.

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