Crashing into a Norse God

This is set in a Alternate Universe where Loki is good and Thor is bad. The year is 2011. Crashing into a Norse God wasn't a goal in Joy's life,or better yet; not planned. When she does,she opens a can of worms meeting the one and only Loki Laufeyson. Turns out Loki was banished to her realm.The loophole to this banishment; Loki can end this banishment, if he learns what love is.

But Love is known to be slow.

And there are times when admitting it is too late.


24. Distraughtness

Loki awoke in the belly of Mannnie. Or is it called the Belly of the plane? May the world remain confused how to refer such place. There was a bed with a white sheet over it. At first Loki thought it was a dinner table But when he saw there were some people, those who were among the working party, had their heads lowered. Even the Australians won't making a peep. This is odd,Loki thought as he could see Bryan, How in Muspelhiem did he survive?

Loki could tell Hank was so ...Not so happy.

"My fault." Is all Loki could hear Hank say while he rubs his face looking sweaty. Hank obviously was blaming himself for not paying attention to Conner when shooting whatever creatures of Graboids were attacking.

"What happened?" Loki asks, where it became evident he was propped up against the wall.  "Did I lose my bet?"

"Of course you did." Hank said in a low voice. His eye fixated on the floor. 

We see Bryan over  at the end showing some co-workers a few photo's through his flat screen device that came straight from Stark Industries.He seemed so smug and proud about capturing the images. Loki is irritated a mere Midgardian had survived a explosion instead of dying.

"You ...know something, what happened?" Loki notices Conner is no where in sight. There is an empty seat.A seat that Conner should  be in. "Where's Conner?"

Hank was the most talk-a-tive person who Loki ever knew. He hadn't known Hank could become this silent, usually he could be be the most interrupting person in the lifetime of a conversation. He had his hands together in a knuckle brace under his chin and his eyes were fixated on the table that had the shape of a body being covered by  a white sheet. There was an obvious sign of guilt in his eyes. As there were in Izzy's. 

"Where is Conner?" Loki demands for an answer. "You're silence is not an answer."

"He's...right in front of you." Hank said, without the very least of name calling Loki 'Mischief man' at all strangely enough. 

It seemed a logical reply enough when Loki looked forward to see the short body. Conner had died in his work proudly killing some Graboids with his two co-workers. Specifically Hank and Izzy who had guilty looks evident on their faces. Suddenly Mannie shook from side to side violently o hard the lights were blinking on and off.The intercom went on and another voice that Loki was familiar to had came over the radio-comn static. 

"We've been caught by....a...strange mist, okay,we've been grabbed by a Mesosaurus." The pilot said,causally without much stress in his voice.. "It's a Prehistoric version of a ...Alligator and a huge whale put together. Correction: it is the Mosasaurus."

There is static in the intercomn as though it was muffled by a  net or something.

"I've been corrected by my co-pilot." The pilot said. "It used to live in the late cretaceous period. It is 17 meters long,approximately 56 feet,and it is a carnivore."

The co-workers shared worried whispers. 

"I don't think this Mesosaurus is going to eat us." Izzy said, classifying the Mosasuarus as  a Mosesaurus. "Just thinks we are a huge fish."

Loki was a'laughing at this.However much that they amused him their way of finding the bright-side in gigantic animal creatures seemed way too hard to believe. Loki wished this were part of a real live movie instead of actually happening just so it could get horrible reviews for the crappy CGI and bombed at the box office.

The comn message came to an end, obviously.

It was apparently one of the humorous parts of being on Midgard. That and he didn't seem to understand some of their words and culture.Loki hadn't bothered to explore Midgard's culture for a really long time, but now, he's getting the hang of it. The door to Mannie was opened wide for the entire crew to have a good view.Loki stopped laughing once seeing the potentially really ugly dinosaur that managed to survive the extinction of its surrounded prey and relatives.

Loki gasps at the sight.

Hank didn't seem to be bothered by it. Izzy was more than stunned to see the size of it.What can we about witnessing a huge gigantic dinosaur biting into the sides of a military craft that should be durable. Bryan gets up from  the row of seats similar to a bench. He was holding a recently caught fish; randomly.He came over to the mouth of Mannnie looking pretty disgusted at the Mesosaurus. Correction: Mosasaurus not Mesosaurus.They are two who share a name that can get mixed up for some odd  reason.

Hank spits at the Mosasaurus.

"You disgusting critter, eat this fish!" Bryan threw out the fish.

The Mosasaurus let go and swallowed whole the fish that had fallen out.The prehistoric whale-crocodile disappears bellow the water surface only leaving the top of it's head similar to a island mound in the distance for anyone stranded on a boat. Bryan turns away from the mouth looking mad he had let go a priceless fish from a new island.

"I shoulda fished for more." Bryan said, walking right past the dead body. "I shoulda' done it."

Loki was wondering, had Bryan met David?

"How did David and Bryan get along?" Loki finally asks.

"David got beat up." Hank said in a low voice. "David insulted Bryan. Bryan would never admit he insulted David first."

"He insulted me first!" Bryan insists.

"See?" Hank said, tilting his head away off on his tight knuckles. "He will never admit it. My David is a terrible fighter."

Our scene somehow transitions to some valley in Milwaukee that hasn't been turned into a city street.It can be a wonder how this is even plausible.There is an old set of swings swinging lightly up and down in a pair.A streak of blinding yellowish-white blinded the scenery briefer than a debriefing.In the place stood...someone not familiar to this realms fashion.No other than Sif of Asgard. She had arrived to Midgard under concern that Thor may be thwarting his brother's banishment to Midgard more than a 'tiny' bit.Being queen of Asgard wasn't in her blood or in her line of duties as a warrior. 

It seemed weird at first seeing Thor act strangely. 

But it wasn't full suspicious until Frigga encouraged Sif to go and check up on how it was going for Loki.

The former queen would never encourage her own warriors to do something unless; worry.

The house across was small and similar to a shack except it didn't have a big chimney, it did have a garage, a backyard that had a fence surrounding it, and a rocking chair at the porch aligned by wooden square logs.There were dogs  in the front yard barking at Sif's direction as some of them were hopping up and down because they were so excited to see another human being. She had come alone without her friends Volstagg,Fandral, and Hogun.She didn't need back up to do some observing without making a dent in Loki's journey.Sif came to the porch because she had made the dogs sit still with eyes on her. 

Sif gently knocks on the door three times.

A old man came to the door grumbling and mumbling in a low voice. His eyes light up seeing Sif standing there basking in the darkness of the storm taking shape in the background. His dogs were not making a peep. This old man is is Mr.Lexington.

He opens the first door and looks at her curiously.

"What you here for?" Mr Lexington asks. 

"I need some  garment of your realm." Sif said. "I have a friend who I have come to sure is not being t...interrupted in their journey without them knowing."

"So you are here to spy?" Mr.Lexington asks, with a shake of his head. He laughs at what he is about to say next to Sif."Woman, The cold war ended years ago, and you may be hot. But not that hot."

He starts to close the door when the dogs started barking at the door. Mr Lexington looks down to see their noses pointed right at the screen door.

"I am a Asgardian and a wielded warrior." Sif said."I am the queen of Asgard." Her voice sounded none too pleased. "My rank is not a celebration. And if you would do me a favor then I can see what my king can do for you."

"...Who?" Mr Lexington asks, craning forward his neck.

"Thor." Sif said.

Mr Lexington stood there almost speechless.

"Broad shoulders, long blonde hair, big hammer, serious and stern face?" Mr.Lexington asks.  "And a carefree interest?"

"Yes," Sif said, with a small smile.

"I met him twenty-three years ago...." Mr Lexington taps on his chin and narrows his eyes at Sif. He seemed to be recalling people he had seen ages ago. "No wait, that is thirty-two. You remind me of the women he was coming back for ...."

Mr Lexington's eyes flashed in recognition. Mr Lexington steps back almost swinging his arms back.

"You're her!" Mr Lexington cries out. "The strange woman who appeared in my band!"

"I am Sif of Asgard." Sif said. "I do not recall a old man thirty-two years ago in a band."
Mr Lexington grabs at his chest, crinkling his sweatshirt.

"Take any clothes you want!" Mr Lexington staggers back. "But only from my wives daughter's room...."Mr Lexington was taking deep breaths obviously not well. "She hasn't moved out all the way, ye..yet." He was breathing heavily and grasping at a table. The dogs were sitting on the porch whining worriedly at their owner's condition. His hands were trembling and shaking. "You can come in."

___                                                       ____

   ...Three days later...

David walks into the house that was strangely dark. He looks around while closing the door behind.A light switch went off to the left hand side.The lights did not come on. Hank must be pulling a surprise party,David assumes the best. David walks down the hallway and then he came to the living room---both wooden doors were wide open to the side--where he could see Hank sitting in a chair beside a counter that had a lamp on. David feels relaxed for a brief second but that changed to  a confused manner. Hank was tapping on the brown wooden arm to the chair with a collection of papers on his lap.

This is not a surprise party for sure.

"Honey, why do you have the lights off?" David asks.

Hank points down to the right hand side of the chair.There were a couple suitcases in varying sizes organized from small to big. We see a big Piano with legs behind the wooden chair Beside the wooden chair that Hank sat on is a trash-can full of Kleenex. We can tell the papers are stapled at the left hand edge.

"What is this for?"  David asks,puzzled. "Are we going on a impromptu vacation?"

Hank picks up the collection of papers and gets up from the chair.

"No." Hank said, walking towards David.

Hank handed the papers to David--once he was close enough--in a way that wasn't gentle. David shifts to the left away from Hank while flipping through the paper. Hank goes back into the living room and brings the suitcases one by one against the comfy couch behind David. When David had read through the paper Hank had all of David's the luggage leaning against the couch.

"You're divorcing me?" David said, choking up on the last word.

"We're already divorced." Hank said,stating the reply as a fact.

There is two living rooms in this house, one kitchen, three bathrooms, three closets, one basement, one attic, one backyard,and a couple other rooms.The second living room is the 'Televison block' because it is the only room in the house that has  a huge-wide television set. We should get back to where we left Hank and David.

"I don't understand." David said, turning towards the right at Hank's direction. David looks up from the paper. 

"I know what you did two days ago." Hank said.

"This is absurd!" David said, dropping the papers on the table. "How can doing something two days ago be big enough you decide to divorce me?  Honey,I do not understand what has gotten into you lately."

Hank backs away from David.

"Don't call me 'honey', murder." Hank warns David taking more steps away.  "Leave this house before I decided against not telling Loki that someone from his 'planet' committed murder."

"I am not an alien." David said.

"Of course  not." Hank said. "You're a god, David. You are from Asgard."

There was a strange look in David's eyes.


Hank  grabs a  photograph frame and then threw at David. David catches it.

"If you were a human, you wouldn't have caught it." Hank said. "The David I knew had no experience in karate, fighting, and boxing." David drops the photograph frame to the floor, carelessly. "Nor was he in any type of defense practice."

"You've lost it--" David tried to protest.

Hank held up his index finger.

"I am not done." Hank said.  "I tried it with Loki. He caught the rock without paying attention."

"But Hank--" David starts to say but Hank interrupts him.

"You're not welcome in my house." Hank interrupts David, coldly. "I completed the paperwork while you were hitching rides back to America.You were not at work; I called your boss, your friends,and the other guys. You were not  in Wisconsin."

"I was at Utah helping a friend out." David said.

"I don't believe you." Hank said.

"Honey,you were not there." David said.

"I called your friends from other states. Everyone of them." Hank said.  "Guess what they all said? They hadn't seen you in days.From this day froward we're not partners." There was a certain tone of anger in Hank's voice.  "Not after what you've done."

"I've done nothing." David denied. "All I am guilty of is helping a friend."

Hank looks hurt from David's reply. His trembling fingers curled up against the palm.Hank's knuckles are slowly turning red. Never had he felt this hurt before from someone lying to his face.People had lied to him before but this was different. His stomach feels as though it was twisting up into knots. Hank can feel a tight pain from his chest. 

"Are you telling me.." Hank said as his voice is trembling and lowered. "That a dying man used his last breath on a lie?"

"When we think we are dying, we make absurd claims."  David  said.

"Conner used his last breath to tell me that my husband killed him." Hank said. It is obvious that witnessing David lie to him is hurtful.  "And don't tell me he lied. Conner was a good man, and a great person to hit up with controversial theories.Conner would never lie about someone hurting him. "

"It is natural to lie." David said.  "It is impossible not to lie through life."

"You took my best man away." Hank bluntly said.

David is puzzled at first.

"What?" David said, acting puzzled.  "Honey, he wasn't at our wedding."

Our scene goes outside the house.We hear a loud destructive commotion from inside the house and lights were going off and on.We can hear furniture somehow being shoved in some part of the obvious fight inside the house. For a good fifteen minutes there is all the classic hallmarks of a fight going on. David fell out the window then lands on the grass back first. Several suitcases  were thrown out the broken window and each somehow landed around David. After the last suitcase was thrown we see Hank poke his head out the lighted room.

"If I see your face again in this house I will tell Loki!" Hank yells, clutching at his left shoulder.We can tell that Hank had been in a bad fight easily by his face.

Hank closes the window using a spare window set.

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