A beautiful vampire

This story is going to blow your mind. It's about a lonely guy named Jake Sanchez who went to a academy where monster and human go and they get along. Jake thought he was going to be late for the first day of classes then he bumped into a vampire princess who a powerful gift.


2. The horror

There were two guys that came up to me by behind, they started to grabbed me by my breasts and I started to scream so loud. Then Rob came up to me and punched the guy that punched me in my face but the guy fought back by punching Rob in the stomache so hard that he started to cough up blood, so I didn't want nobody getting hurt because of me so I went up to the guy and punched him in the stomache that he started to cough up blood as well. The guy said " This chick has to punch me in the stomache", so he grabbed me by my neck then he threw me to the wall so hard. The students were shocked that I was standing up to them. Then I started to kick their asses then they ran to a big limo. The Boss stepped out of the car and me and him knew each when I was only 13 years-old before my family was falling apart. He told his boys to start to firing at me but they keep on missing me except the boss's bullet hit me on my shoulder. They stopped, they saw few drops of blood fell on the ground. They were surprised that I was still standing then I drew my sword and them except for the mexicans because they were threaten that they didn't join the Boss's gang that he would murder their family.

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