A beautiful vampire

This story is going to blow your mind. It's about a lonely guy named Jake Sanchez who went to a academy where monster and human go and they get along. Jake thought he was going to be late for the first day of classes then he bumped into a vampire princess who a powerful gift.


1. The first day of classes

Hello, my name is Maria  Hernadez aka "Lady Joker". I'm 16 years-old, I live with my 16 sisters and 16 brothers. I go to Knight High School Academy, my mother,my father, my 2 brothers, and my 2 sisters were murder by the Boss. Today is parents day which a day for the parents visit their daughters and sons. The student body president of the Knight High School Academy had planned to throw a party for the night and day students. When the dance started, the guys would ask every girl even my sister to dance except for me,then I went to the rose garden to be alone but there was a lot of noises behind the bushes. Then I went to look that's when Rob saw me and said "Is everything alright, Maria?" I said " yes, I just wanted to be alone for awhile",Timmy is the student body president that who planned to throw a dance for the day and night students. He saw Rob talking to me and went up to us and said " Rob, don't you need to watch the gate instead of socializing?" Rob said " Yes sir, it won't happen again". The students were having fun except for me and Rob.


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