A beautiful vampire

This story is going to blow your mind. It's about a lonely guy named Jake Sanchez who went to a academy where monster and human go and they get along. Jake thought he was going to be late for the first day of classes then he bumped into a vampire princess who a powerful gift.


5. Maria the innocent teenager

Detective Garcia was introducing himself and his partner, he said" Hello Maria, can you tell me your side of the story" so I told in him in Spanish about the vampire and how I rescued her from it and then he let me off with a warning since I was badly hurt. Then I went back to school and people were wondering what had happen to the baby. Then Rob saw me and said " Maria, hey are you okay?" I said" Yeah, so what did I miss?" He was telling me what I have been missing but I didn't pay much attention about the topic. Then Rob was shaking me back and forth, I had walked away from him without a reason but I didn't feel so good since I was in the hospital. Then I had collapsed, Rob and my brother ran up to me then they took me to the nurse's office and the nurse said"Rob, Maria has a fever and she won't be returning to class for a week," Rob saw me  burning up so bad, then Detective Garcia and his partner came into the nurse's office, he said" Rob, los sentos, but we have to be take to her to the hospital without you," Rob said" no, you're not going nowhere with her without me!" Rob didn't know why he wanted to be alone with me, alone.    

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