New movella


1. Him


I look up from the crowd.

He looks so happy,

With his bandmates,

Jumping up and down to the songs.

He's my world,

My everything,

And I love him.

But to him?

I'm just a fan,

Nothing more, nothing less.

But that doesn't change anything,

I still love him more than I will ever love myself.

To him though?

I'm just a fan,

Nothing more, nothing less.

I just make up the sea of faces that is his fandom.

And I know,

Years from now,

People will ask an older version of myself,

If it was worth it,

Loving him so blindly was worth it all.

And I'll laugh it off, tell them a joke about how they helped me do my homework,

But once I'm alone,

I'll look down at where the scares once were,

And I'll know,

Loving them is what saved me.

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