The Other Side

Gaston , an 18 year old lad dies a tragic death and finds himself in a place of lost souls. No not hell ,not even heaven but the other side. He meets Arabella there,an angel who helps him complete his important task before he can cross the other side.

But what if they fall in love ?

What if an angel and a lost soul develop a deep emotion which is stronger then anything else in this world that is called love ?

Read on to find out more.


1. The Other Side

❝Where am I?❞  He asked, observing the misty place around him.

❝The other side..❞She trailed off, not wanting to scare him.

❝The other side of earth?❞ He asked furrowing his eyebrows in confusion, after all he was popular and had better work to do in school  then being on the other side of the earth.

❝The other side of life... death❞  She said, grinning a bit at his cheeky remark.

❝Death? ❞ He asked, not catching any word she said. He was sure confused and a bit horrified.

❝Death,❞ She confirmed .


©2014 bookbuddy4eva

This is just a rough idea of my story . Many changes will be made .

I hope you do not steal any of my ideas or anything from this book . That is illegal and plagiarism . I don't appreciate you copying my ideas . Come up with your own .

This story is PG-13 and I advice children under 13 to not read it . It may contain swearing and sexual activities .

This is my original idea . I have not bought , copied or taken it from any other social site , person or any friend in my life outside of internet.

Thanks for reading the story . I hope you enjoy it.

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