Bop (A Movellas fanfiction)

On coldest day and blackest night,
One group will set out to rid the site
of inappropriate fanfictions and nasty things,
but they’re unaware of the trouble that brings

A fruit has foretold of a ship that must be,
a necessary pairing, if you will.
Only together will they see,
the way to this prophecy fulfill.

Eight will meet, fight and joke,
but only seven will return from the quest.
One will hang between life and death,
Another will save or give final rest.


6. Chapter six is in no way related to Tris

    Prodigy looked mildly amused, her eyebrows slightly raised as Raven switched between bird and human form without will, occasionally hitting Jess with her wing.

    She collapsed on the floor with an angry grunt, leaning against the bars. "It's not working."

    "Maybe if you were a fish your morphing powers would be more cooperative." Rod nodded at his own comment, as if it were obvious that changing into a fish is more easy than into a raven.

    Chloe tapped her fingers across the bars. "Do you know why it's not working?"

    "Maybe it's due to being in such close quarters with an idiot." Her glare rested on Jess, who had previously made a Rad joke.

    Jess was crouched in the far corner, trying to avoid the wrath of Raven's wings. "Aw, see, your thoughts always land on Rod."

    "Wait..." Rod pointed an accusing finger at the air. "I don't get it."

    Paul ignored Rod, and looked at Raven. "Is it because of the tight space?"

    "Nope," Raven said, shaking her head. "I have no problem with small spaces."

    A note of annoyance emitted from Prodigy's cage. "How are we supposed to meet Ahlaam and the Nightshades if Raven's raven-ing isn't working?"

    "'You just made that word up',"Raven muttered.

    Rod rose, hitting his head in the process, then continuing as if nothing had happened. "Oh, dear fire spirits, lend me the strength of your brethren." His arms were spread wide, which looked awkward with the low roofing.

    Tia scrunched up her eyebrows. "What is he-?"

    Rod proceeded to say this phrase in a chant, accompanied with some form of peculiar dance. Everyone was staring at him in a flabbergasted silence. A blurry layer of... something started to build around him, creeping from the darkest corners and open floor, from every single place in the cage-filled room. It wrapped around him like a wavering blanket of protection, the little light in the room refracting and reflecting through it in a mesmerising combination. The layer seemed to shrink, focusing on a smaller target. It rose into the air like a fragile bubble, slipping through the bars without damage. The blob was directly in the ray of light now, and a fish, its scales shining beautiful colours, was clearly visible in what was now obviously water. It floated up, zipping around the nearest corner.




    Myrah wiped her eyes with her hands, then looked around, as if this gesture might affect her sight or make something clear. "I think I'm dehydrated."

    "Yeah." Paul nodded in a baffled agreement. "That has to be it. We're all just a bit dehydrated."

    Prodigy made an approving sound. "Hate to break it to you, Raven, but your moron seems to be correct. It appears that morphing into a fish is easier than turning into a raven."

    Raven looked exasperated. "Firstly, he's not my moron, and secondly, why don't you try shape shifting, almighty prodigy-of-life?"

    Prodigy nodded wistfully. "Hm, I quite like that title. You should use it more often. Without the sarcasm, of course."

    "Okay, guys," Chloe said. "I know you enjoy arguing over Rod, but can we please just concentrate for once? We-"

    Raven flailed in aggravation. "I've already told you people, we're not fighting over Rod. We're not even fighting OVER him anymore."

    "Are we supposed to understand that?" Paul asked.

    "See, if Rod were here, he'd be able to tell when I'm using capitals." Raven sensed a Rad remark brewing in Jess's mouth, so she pointed a finger at her. "Silence, pansycake."

    Something seemed to slap them all. Jess slowly looked to Raven. "Did you just... Make a reference?"

    Tia nodded. "I think she did."

    Chloe cocked her head to one side. "To what?"

    Jess still looked at Raven. "Four." she blurted out. "Four's in it."

    Prodigy waved her hands in confusion, calling a time out. "Wait, wait, wait... Four isn't a figment of Raven's imagination?"

    Myrah shook her head. "No, I think Jess is right... For once."

    Jess looked as if she was about to protest, but an echo of tribal chants cut her off before she could do so. Rod - in human form - came running in. "Guys, you have to come see this. It's almost as awesome as fire and fish. Almost."

    Prodigy gestured around. "Rod, we're trapped, you idiot."

    He pointed at her as if she'd come to some amazing revelation. "True, fishykins, true." He looked distracted for a moment. "Note the lack of capitalisation."

    Paul rolled his eyes. "Rod, get us out of here before I get an army of weird gifs to eat you."

    Rod seemed to contemplate that option for a moment, before walking off, promising his return.

    Prodigy tapped her chin. "Almost as awesome as fire and fish? That's high standards, from Rod.

    Jess grinned. "I bet it's rad."

    "I hate you."

    "Aw, I hate you, too." She put her hands on her heart.

    "Do you think it's safe for them to be in the same cage?" Paul asked Myrah.

    "Probably not." She laughed, though she wasn't sure why.

    The echoing of tribal chants continued.




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