The Death Wave

Currently being rewritten as "Red City"


11. 133 days

He screamed.

The sound was violent, shattering through the deadly silence that we sat in as we watched carefully, averting our eyes around the room, trying not to catch each other’s eyes.

“Let me go!”

Another scream and I had to cover my ears out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to hear after this was all over. The others were doing it too; some even turned and faced the wall, or scooted underneath their beds to hide. But what was the point in hiding?

I watched the two hooded men grab each of the boys’ arms and hurl him out of his cell with a sickening crunch. He wriggled on the floor and tried to grasp onto the bars of his cell, failing. He scurried up in a struggle, and in three frames of sudden movement his face was pressed up against my cell.

“HELP ME!” He screamed. My back hit against the wall hard.

I shook my head at him, “sorry.”

And I meant it. 

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