The Death Wave

Currently being rewritten as "Red City"


10. 132 days

Being stuck in a prison cell did have its pleasures.

For one, you didn't have to do anything. There was no such thing as washing as far as we were concerned, not to mention brushing hair or filing our nails. For us, it was just one big game that was waiting to happen.

Although the game sounded fun at first, that wasn't the case. It was a case of sitting. Waiting.

One day though, they started to play.

The cell next to mine had been unlocked for twenty four hours, however the inhabitant refused to move out of the corner.

“Go! Run!” Shouted one of the guys a few cells down from mine.

“Get outta here!” Another shrieked.

“Hey!” I began to raise my voice, although it sounded quiet and raspy, “shut up!”

After that there were only whispers. No one knew exactly how long his cell stayed open for, maybe a couple of days, but nothing happened for at least a week. Every day, the boy in that cell inched closer towards the door. He never made it out before they came for him.

The day of the incident, for once, we were all silent. 

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