Maya is 16 years old teen,her life is full of teenage drama. She though she would find the one but it just turned not to be as easy it seemed.


1. tom




Jealously is the most annoying thing in teenagers life.Maya always though that something is wrong in herself.that she wasn't normal 'cause everyone looked her with disgust as she walked past,But the truth was that others hated her, because of everything she did or said. But Maya don't let them put her down she only rises from the fire.


I stood alone at schools hallway other girls at my class were further but i still heard theirs empty laugh and talking. they don't like me that's why i stay away from be honest i don't like them either. They aren't popular not at all. One of them is Samantha. Samantha is horrible. She is totally special kind of stupid.she can't see that everyone hates her and pretends to be her friend because they don't want to get on her bad side 'cause if they would become her enemy it would be me.i am hers enemy i don't lick her ass like everyone else i don't care so that's why she hates me.but really don't care like i said. I saw Jackson and Mathew walking down the hall. Girls and Samantha stopped talking and looked them like they were hypnotized by them.Matt and Jackson. They all were in love with those two but they were so unsocial that they don't know how to speak to boys they only creep them out but Samantha is the hole different story she has this self confident thing what has gone too far she think that everyone loves her. So she flirts with them well she flirts and the boys ,but don't do that back they look to each other like "awkward,that bimbo tried to hit us." Look. Its kinda funny to look at her. And she even has boyfriend who is totally twat and still she flirts with guys even if her boyfriend stood there next to her she would still flirt shamelessly and her boyfriend would just stand there like "wtf." Look on his face but don't do anything to it.sometimes it looks like they hate each others. So back to the moment. Matt and Jack stopped right in front of me did i tel you that they are my friends? Yeah. "Hey Maya." Matthew smiled. "Hey guys whats up?" I asked. "Fine." They said as we talked about random stuff what friends usually does Jackson suddenly whispered. "Mandy is showing you her middle finger." I look to her direction and see her pissed face. I just flash my best smile to her and blow a kiss to he and see how her face turns redder for anger." are such a bad ass." Jackson says and we laugh as Mandy gives me death glares what makes me laugh more. As the day passed quickly and school day becomes end and i put my converses and my jacket on and i see Mandy and her phatetick  group walking towards me with pissed look. "I have heard you talk shit about me! Mind your own business and get a life!" She yells and other looks me with pissed look. I try to not to laugh. "Oh god and now you are paranoid? What else?" I ask. "My friends have told me that you speak shit about me and that i like JACKSON.i think you like him that's why you are all around them." She says. "Calm down. First tell to your friends that stops speaking bullshit and tells you something what is real not made up. And woah,Jackson isn't my type.hes cool dude but i'm not interested.i have my eyes on someone else." I say." They aren't speaking bullshit.friends don't lie." She says.that makes me laugh. "Okay okay." I say."and i dot believe you. You like Jackson!" She says. "Oh dear no i dont." I say. "Then who do you like?"Dianne says. "Oh honey that's not your freaking business and you brats don't even know him." I say and walk away.they may think that i lie but i'm not.i don't like Jackson or Matthew i don't know anyone who goes this school.tom don't go this school. Tom is my brothers friend and my friend too Tom is every girls dream guy and lucky me that he don't go this school all those bitches would be all over he.he is 100% times hotter than Jackson or i made my way to home i got message. Fiona is my best friend she is half year younger than me. I have to tell you this.i feel so bad because they are talking about you.

She texts. what hell? There is sound track... I listen to it. I heard Dianne and Mandy's voices.. Wait? What! Is that Jackson and Matthew laughing too. so this is what it is. i thank Fiona that he recorded. now i know their true colors.first time i feel bad and disappointed that they were too like that it wasn't surprise that Mandy is like that,but Matthew and Jackson. i open front door kick my shoes of and trow my bag to my room and walk to kitchen and take big cup of coffee. i sit there thinking thousands different ways to kill them(not really, i'm freaking just angry and hurt.)this has been going on like three years they act like that towards me . but now Jackson and Matthew too,that was new. i start to get enough of this bullshit.why can't i be like everyone else why they want to hurt me so badly. "Hello." Tom says as he enters into kitchen my brother behind him. i just give him a nod. my brother goes  some were but Tom don't follow him. "what is wrong Maya?" he asks. he noticed dam. "Nothing." i say. he raises his eye brown not believing me. "some bitches at my school." i say. i explain the hole situation to Tom and to my brother Max. "well that sucks." tom says and my brother agrees. "c'moon sister don't mind those assholes." Max says. but that doesn't make me feel better. i follow my brother and Tom to out side and they start to smoke and i just stood there. i don't smoke it's stupid. "here." Tom says handing me a cigarette. "no." i say. "c'moon Maya. it helps . why do you think i smoke? because its cool? no. i smoke because the bullshit what people trows to me. it calms." he says. "i don't know." i say. "it makes you feel better." he says. like i have something to lose i take it and breath it and start to feel dizzy. "sit down so it doesn't feel so dizzy." he says like reading my thought i sit down at the grass and tom sits too next to me and my brother next to him. Tom gives me another smoke and i start to feel little better. "Tom. now you make me an addict." i said. "no you don't get addict for one. if you take it daily then you get addict." he says. "are you addict?" i ask. he nods. i never thought that guy cool like Tom would have problems like something he wants to forgot or that someone trews bullshit on me. i have known him two years and i really like him. he is my closest friend."the only way to make them stop is to ignore them and show that you don't give a shit." he says."it's hard." i say. "i know. but its the only choice." he says. i feel my depression come back. "how you know?" i say. "i have been there too. you know where everyone at my class hated me for no reason." he says. this came for surprise to me. "but how is that possible. c'moon look at you. there's nothing wrong in you. you are cool and not bad looking." i say that makes him smirk. "maybe that's the reason why they hate you." he says. i smile little. "maybe they are just jealous." he says. "damn it . they are jealous! there's nothing wrong in you." he says.that makes me feel better. "but you know i don't have much friends at school and that does make me feel like something is wrong in me. "don't worry.wait two months and then lets see. if you are alone and show those ass holes." he says. "what do you have in your mind?" i ask. "you see then." he says and gives me mysterious smirk.


---next week----


i sat at last class. the hole week has been hell. they all just acts so two faced and i feel like i cant take this too long. "So Maya. i think there is no that one who you got your eyes just lie." Mandy yells. "yeah like what is hes name?" Samantha yells. i stay  quiet. "i doubt there isn't no body." Jackson shots. oh are you so sure. "hes name is TOM." i turn around. theirs face turns. "who?does he come this school? how come i never had seen you with him?"Samantha shots. "because he don't come here." i say. "Liar. you just made that up there is no tom."Mandy says and starts to laugh. great. they are going to kill me little by little...


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