Maya is 16 years old teen,her life is full of teenage drama. She though she would find the one but it just turned not to be as easy it seemed.


2. mine

--Two months later----

it was first school day and now i was at 9th grade. as i walked down the school halls i remembered the Tom's words that at two moths everything was going to change. but how? i made my way to my locker.  i heard footsteps. Mandy,Samantha,Jackson,Matthew,Dianne and others. i looked up to see theirs evil eyes. "so Maya? how was holiday?" Samantha asked with evil voice. "had fun with imagine boyfriend?" Jackson asked. "oh poor girl." Dianne laugh and other did too. i felt someone behind me but didn't dare to look who it was. Dianne and others stopped laughing. i saw girls drooling eyes looking behind me. i turned up. "Tom?" i asked. "Maya." he smiled with his thousand dollars smile. "wait?what?" Samantha said. "yeah i'm Tom,Maya's boyfriend." Tom said calmly. my eyes wined. what. "i hope that you want me to be your boyfriend.... not joke. i'm serious." he whispered to my ear what caused thousands butterflies flying inside me. i smiled to him. "i'm sorry Maya that i was cruel to you..." Matthew and Jackson said embrassed and Samantha and others looked them with anger. "sure you are." i said. "lets go." Tom said. he took my hand and we left them there standing with mouth open. "Tom what are you doing here?" i asked. " i changed here to school." he said. "why?" i asked. "so i could be more with you.... to be honest i had liked you since we first met." he said. and his cheeks were red with blush. "awwn."i said. "wanna know whats funny?" i said and turned to face to face with him. "yeah?" he asked. "i like you too so much.." i said shyly.he hugged me. and pressed his soft lips on mine. I felt my stomach full with butterflies as we kissed. But little did i know what kind of guy Tom was.


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