Maya is 16 years old teen,her life is full of teenage drama. She though she would find the one but it just turned not to be as easy it seemed.


7. are you Ticklish?

"Hey Maya." Familiar Irish accent said. "Nathan." I smiled as made my way out the school Nathan walking beside me. "So what are you doing today?"he asked."back of!whatever your name is,shes mine!"Tom cut our talk. My mouth fell open. What? "Okay dude." Nathan said awkwardly taking steps away. I crapped his arm not wanting him to go. "Wait!Nathan." I said. He looked me. "That isn't my boyfriend." I said giving disgusted look to Tom. "Oh." He said. "Maya i'm sorry about everything. When i was with her i realized that i had made mistake. I love you." He said.Nathan looked us bit confused. "Maybe i should let you two to talk alone." He said awkwardly. "No need to that. There's nothing to talk about. Tom piss of. Don't you get it? We aren't together anymore and never gonna be again, you fucked up and there is no way back or maybe there is if you have freaking time machine!" I said angrily to him. "Dont say anything just let me be." I said and walked away.i wasn't crying i was angry and i wanted to punch something or someone. so i decided to run. running always helped me."Maya slow down!"i heard Nathan yelling. he was running  behind me. had he followed me all the way? i wasn't near to school anymore i was further middle of some forest or something.i stopped. "are you okay?" he breathed hard catching his breath from the running. "you followed me all the way here?" i asked. " i wanted to know if you were okay, you looked pissed." he said. "well." i said. "are you okay?" he asked calmly. normally it would just piss me off more if people ask if i am okay when i'm not. "i hate that guy." i said and kicked the rock."ya, i don't like Tom either." he said. "you guys have some history?" he asked. "yeah..." i said feeling disgusted."you don't have to tell." he said. "i can tell." i said. "year ago, we were dating. i really liked him. he gave me this feeling when ever we were together. i though we were perfect and all,we were. i even though i loved him. but nah. i was so young and stupid. i don't know why or how i was so blind to think that my life would be like fairy tales that i find the perfect guy and everything is good. then this girl came to our school. tom and she knew each others already. he told me that he loved me and few days later i find him making out with that girl and he told me that he didn't love me and that he loved her. i got over him i don't feel anything towards him i only feel anger and hate cause he hurt me. and now he tells he loves me.why guys have to be like that?!" i said looking my feet. "woah." Nathan said. "what a dick.... but hey. not all boys are the same. he totally made mistake you know."he said looking me. "what do you mean?" i asked. "Well.. i had only knew you like few days and you seem like really cool and kind person. you are beautiful inside out. that rare." he said. i blushed. "uuumm thanks." i said. "no problem." he said. "dont be upset about him." he said. "i'm not." i smiled little. " lets do something?" he asked. "sure." i smiled. "so what do you want to do?" he asked as we walked on the path middle of no were. " i don't know? just walk?" i said. "okay. i really like this place." he said looking around. the old forest was beautiful. "i have some apple pie in my backpack mum always gives that to me when i go to school." he smiled. we sat down and he took the pie from his backpack."there." he said. "thanks." i smiled. we ate delicious pie what tasted like heaven. "this is really good." i said as i finished. "i know." he smiled. i was full and lied down to the crass. "i'm so full." i moaned rubbing my stomach. and he laugh little and lied next to me. "its so peace full." he said. "i know, i love this place." i said looking the clouds.  "i have to take picture." he said and took camera from his backpack. "you like taking pictures?" i asked. "i love." he smiled. he took few pictures from the trees and the clouds. "smile." he said. i smiled as he took pictures of me. "now show me." i said. "omg!" i said laughing to the pictures. "now its my turn to take pictures of you." i said and he handed the camera from me. "smile." i said and he pouted. "smile!" i said and he kept making funny faces. we really had great time. we lied at the crass and just talked about random stuff. "how is your hair so soft?" i asked running my fingers through his black hair what felt like silk. "why is your hair so curly and long?" he asked like five years old. "i want your eye laces! they are so big." i giggled. "what?" he asked. "your eye laces are big. "I  said. "no they aren't." he said. "yes they are." i teased. "no." he pouted. "you know you are really cute when you pout." i blurted and blushed. "why thank you. you are really cute when you blush." he smiled cheekily. "silly." i said and hit his arm. "are you ticklish?" he asked. i hugged my self and looked him with horror. "No... why?" i asked. i was really ticklish.  "i think you are." he smirked moving his fingers towards me. "don't you dare!" i said. "if you tickle me i promise i will run away." i said. "okay, i wont tickle you." he said and smiled and rolled his chocolate brown eyes. 


"bye Maya,see you tomorrow!" Nathan said as we walked to different directions. this day didn't turn out so bad that it started in school. i really had this feeling about Nathan. there was something about him what was different. he was sweet and so different from other guys. he seemed real. but i cant fall so easily this time. even when i know hes nothing like Tom. but i cant trust so easily. cause it hurt like hell when Tom broke me.


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