All A Blur

It was all a blur: the fans, the fame, the flashing cameras. But what star-blogger Katrina didn't realise was that he was watching. Silhouetted against a screen, he was searching. And soon, she was going to have to start running...

*For the Solitaire competition*


3. Chapter Two

Bullseye pinched his lips tightly together. This girl - this stupid, stupid girl - was frustrating him terribly. He should have checked, should have known if that pitiful YouTuber was popular; it was an amateur's mistake and he wouldn't let it happen again.

But still, he was utterly bemused as to how he'd forgotten to look at her subscribers. Then again, he had thought of her as something little more than a pathetic fly he could kill and wrap up in his worldwide web of victims. Likelihood told him he'd probably just assumed too much and had forgotten to take all the facts into account.

And he'd been right, for the most part: she had scarpered pretty quickly and she'd taken it all down, all the idiotic, blabbering videos and simpering blog posts. He hadn't exactly expected a fight out her, but in a way he was surprised that she hadn't made a stand. However, she had been through this before; she wouldn't her family to feel the same. That made him smile. Humans. So weak. So dependent on one another! It was an embarrassment to be part of their race, especially after the horrific way they'd treated him. 

Anyway, whatever had made the girl leave, her disappearance had obviously been noted. The YouTuber had friends and those friends were already searching. 

It had all got terribly out of hand. Bullseye swallowed hand, drowning the rising bile in his throat. Why should he be nervous? They would never find him - not that that would stop him making them pay. He didn't like being shown up, and that was exactly what this Katrina had done. And so, like so many unfortunate beings online, she would be...well, 'slaughtered' was a little gruesome for his taste...'deleted' was a far better suitor to his taste. 

"Deleted." He whispered, letting the syllables roll off his tongue, savouring the delectable flavour that filled his mouth. Words like this filled him with pleasure as sweet and saccharine as candy. 

And that pleasure only increased when he thought of the facts: they hadn't caught him yet, and they never would. 

So he had all the time he needed to plan the most spectacular deletion for the only blogger who dared to stand in his way. She was going to regret that decision - big time. 

He laughed. It was a horrible, harsh, grating sound that gurgled in the pits of his throat. It had been years since he'd made such a supposedly joyful noise, but today was oh-so-special. 

Scrolling back up to Katrina's blog, he selected her username and sat back, eyes roaming over her page. 

She was generally pictured with countless celebrities or in selfies with her die-for boyfriend, although she had also taken shots of sunsets on the beach, palm trees in the breeze and sneakers on pavements. Bullseye grimaced and continued downwards.

So she was popular; he was a mastermind. This was just a challenge. He'd find a way around her fans. It was definitely too obvious to blackmail her, and she seemed the type to report him anyway. No, he was going to need something truly ingenious if he was to destroy her.

It would take careful planning and strategic thinking, but, seeing as he possessed both of those skills, it would be easy. Amazed at how excited he felt, he laughed again. Goodness, it had been an age since someone had been this intriguing! 

He would make sure that Katrina was forgotten about slowly, so that she just sank behind the screen like one of the thousands of posts littering her wall. Oh, it was so ironic! He gave a final chortle and logged off his laptop.

Everything was under control.

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