All A Blur

It was all a blur: the fans, the fame, the flashing cameras. But what star-blogger Katrina didn't realise was that he was watching. Silhouetted against a screen, he was searching. And soon, she was going to have to start running...

*For the Solitaire competition*


4. Chapter Three

BLOGPOST 302: I'm Not Sure What's Happening.

Hi guys, Katrina here again. I know I updated yesterday, but something really odd happened last night. 

I logged back in just before I went to bed, to check/clear my notifications for the morning, when I spotted something: my first ever blog post was gone.

I always scroll down my entire page to check on things and I just saw that my posts started at BLOGPOST 2. No-one else knows my password - I'm sure of it - so it wasn't as if someone had got in. I'm assuming it was either a hacker or a technical fault, but either way, I've replaced it again from my back-up files. 

If anyone else has been experiencing things like this, please let me know! 

Love you guys so much!

- Katrina <3 <3 <3 


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