Beautiful Mess

Zoella decided that boarding school was the only way to get her mind out of the darkness. Everyone she loved either died or broke her heart into pieces. Will her new school, and new friends be the answers to her problems? Or will they bring a bunch of new ones?


1. Chapter 1: Beginning of the new.

Zoella's POV: 

The sun beamed through the window causing me to slide further down in the passenger seat of my brother's car. He turned the radio down which caused me to turn my head to see that he was staring at me. 

"Is that a smart thing to do?" I teased. 

"It's a red light." He chuckled. 

"Harry..." I groaned which just made him laugh more. I shook my head before turning back towards the window. I could see the campus nearing closer and closer as we drove towards it. At first I wasn't sure that a boarding school would be the best idea for me, but my brother convinced me that this boarding school wasn't like the others. He told me that he was sure that it'd take my mind off of everything that was happening back at home. 

My thoughts broke when we pulled up to a house, it was a beautiful shade of blue, and sure wasn't what I expected. I stepped out of the car and stared at the house before I felt someone touching my shoulder. I turned my head to see my brother cheekily smiling down at me. 

"Lets go meet your roommates." He smiled at me as he grabbed my bag and started walking towards the house. I sighed before running to catch up with him. I followed him closely as we walked into the house. 

"Why are you such a bitch?!" A female screamed. 

"You only think that because you want to be me." Another female said cockily. My brother's laughter broke my attention on the girls, it also made them stop and turn towards us. 

"What's with all the commotion?" Another female yelled running down the stairs. Her blue eyes felt like they were gonna burn through my skin. "Who are you?"

"I'm Zoella.." I muttered. 

"She's your new roommate." Harry smiled cheekily. 

"Oh sorry, nice to meet you Zoella." She smiled at me. "I am Christan."

"As if anyone cares." I turned my head to see the blonde hair girl rolling her eyes. She had an Australian accent. 

"Don't mind Baie, she's a bitch. I'm Destinee." The other girl smiled at me. 

"Whatever. Lets just get this straight newbie, stay away from me and my brother and we won't have a problem." Baie growled before storming up the stairs. I turned my head to see my brother laughing. I frowned before slapping his arm. 

"Is this your brother?" Christan asked. 

"Sadly." I teased. 

"That's the thanks I get for helping you?" Harry gasped acting like he was offended. 

"I heard our new roommate is here!" I heard another Australian accent so I turned my head to see a male with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. 

"Yup Luke this is Zoella." Destinee said. 

"This is Baie's brother." Christan whispered in my ear. 

"Where are the other guys?" Destinee asked. 

"Up there." Luke shrugged. 

"Go get them." 

"Fine." He groaned. 

"I'm gonna head out sis." I turned my head to see Harry start walking towards the door. 

"Bye Hazza." I smiled at him softly before he was out of the house. I felt someone grab my arm so I turned my head to see Christan smiling at me as she pulled me into the living room. I took a seat next to her as everyone came into the room. Besides Luke there were five other boys plus the three girls. A house of ten, I don't know how I feel about that. 

"I'm Louis." I turned my head to see a male with bright blue eyes, he had a beanie on his head hiding his hair. 

"I'm Niall." The one next to him said. He had blonde hair with blue eyes and an Irish accent. 

"Next to him is James and Tristan." Christan smiled. 

"Be careful with Tristan he's a bit rude." Destinee teased. 

"You'll be rooming with Drew, is that alright?" Christan asked me. Wait I'm rooming with a guy? Why there were three other girls so I should be rooming with a girl?! 

"I promise I won't bite. " I turned my head to see Drew smiling softly at me. "Here I'll show you to our room." He stood up and grabbed my bags before walking up the stairs. I hurried behind him in silence. When we got into our room he laid my bags down on an empty bed before falling back on his. 

"No offense but why aren't I rooming with one of the girls?" I mumbled sitting down on my bed. 

"Because Baie refuses to let anyone, girl, get near her brother so she's rooming with him." Drew sighed. 

"Oh.." I mumbled. 

"DREW!" My heart wanted to tear out of my chest at the high pitch scream. I turned my head to see Baie leaning against the door frame with her arms crossed. She stared right at me with a look that could kill someone. 

"What?" He sighed. 

"I need to talk to you alone. Now." She snipped before walking out of the room. He sighed once more before getting up and following her. I shrugged it off before deciding to make my bed and put my things away. About an hour later the door opened up while I was sitting on my bed typing up an entry to my blog, it was Tristan. 

"Yes?" I questioned. "Drew isn't here..."

"I know." He smiled softly. "James and I wanted to see if you wanted to get something to eat with us, we know this underground place that serves the best fries." 

I smiled at him softly as my stomach grumbled. 

"Sounds nice, I'd love to join." I said jumping off my bed throwing my boots on. I followed him down the stairs to the entrance to see James leaning against the wall talking to Niall.

"Ready?" Tristan asked.

"She's coming?" James smiled happily. 

"Yup." Tristan smirked.

"I wanna go!" Niall pouted. 

"Fine but I'm not paying for your eating habit." James joked. We all laughed as we headed out of the house. 

The night air was a bit crispy and cool but that's what you should expect when it's the middle of September. The stars lite up the sky reminding me of home, or at least what used to considered home. Goosebumps filled my arm as a cold breeze brushed against me. 

"Cold?" I turned my head to see Niall looking at me with curious eyes. I smiled softly and shook my head no. Clearly I sucked at lying because before I knew it James had thrown his hoodie at me. I blushed a bit as I put it on. I wasn't used to guys being this kind towards me, hell the only guy I was really used to was my brother, and sometimes he could be a real dick.

When we finally reached the restaurant I was freezing even though I had James' hoodie on. I tried my best not to let the guys see because I didn't wanna seem weak. Once we took a seat in a back booth I started to warm up pretty quickly and it wasn't because it was warm in there. James sat next to me with his arm behind me. I wasn't used to being so close to a male before, so I really didn't know how to react. 

"Who's the new girl?" I turned my head to see a girl with long black hair and bright green eyes staring at me while holding a tray of empty plates in her hands. 


A/N- Who would like to be this girl? And out of the guys at the restaurant with Zoella who should be this girl's boyfriend? Comment below if you would like to be this girl, just comment your name and then the guy you want to be your boyfriend. (The only options are the guys at the restaurant, so that would be Niall, Tristan, or James) Also how do you like the story so far? Let me know your opinions! :)   

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