For the Father That Decided Not to Be

The message I'll never get to say


1. For the Father That Decided Not to Be

You left me

And it's not like I care

Cause I don't

I just wish

You hadn't

I don't want you to come back

But I don't want you to have left

You should have been there

Why weren't you?

Did you ever love me?


If you did

You wouldn't have gone


You at least stayed

Two years

Did you love me?

For those two years?

If you came back

I'd hate you

But If you'd stayed

I'd love you

You shouldn't have left

Because now

You've lost your chance

To ever be loved by me again

All those years

Not knowing

Why you left

Then the moment

I realised

I wasn't worth it

I'll never forgive

Never forgive



The wound is old now

But it still hurts

When I see your name

Where it doesn't deserve to be

On my birth certificate

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