The last of us : New Beginnings

I do not own the last of us, Naughty dog do! All characters and themes belong to them.
When Joel and Ellie are given a chance to start a new life in Tommy's Town, Will everything be the way they wanted it to be or will there be new challenges for the duo?
Bad summary.


1. Chapter One

Walking down to Tommy's settlement had to be the hardest thing the pair had done. Ellie looked at Joel as he slowly started walking down the hill. Ellie was torn. She knew that Joel wouldn't lie to her, But... Would Marlene? Ellie didn't really have any time to dwell on these doubts before Joel sensed that she wasn't following. 


He turned around slowly and looked her straight in the eyes, no words were needed right now.


Ellie sped up a bit to catch up to Joel as they walked ever closer to the border of the town. Guards must have spotted Joel and Ellie, because Tommy sprinted out of the heavily guarded gates and ran towards the pair. Joel looked at him and opened his arms a little bit, allowing Tommy some room to hug him. Joel didn't paticularly like hugs, but he wouldn't refuse Tommy today. Tommy would have been just as worried as they were for surviving, and this moment comforted more than just Tommy. Ellie took a step back to allow for some privacy to be shared between the men. At the end of the day, this hug between the two allowed the past 20 years of hatred and panic to be buried. Ellie was not and would not be the person to refuse Joel to finally allow the thoughts of his past life the rest.


Moments passed whilst Tommy refused to let go of Joels lean yet thin body. "Okay Tommy lay off" Joel joked in his southern accent. Tommy sensing the joke only hugged tighter which resulted in a loud grunt from Joel as all air was sucked out of his lungs. It was as if Tommy remembered that there should be someone else there, because his eyes unexpectedly raised to meet Ellies. He let go of Joel as if he had been electrocuted and darted towards Ellie. Even though the pair didn't really know each other the hug still managed to make both of them feel comforted. Ellie wrapped her thin arms around Tommy before Tommy parted.


He took in a deep breath and looked at both men before he decided that they were real and that he was not yet again dreaming this moment. When Ellie and Joel left it had made wounds Tommy thought he had left behind long ago to be brought up. He realised that he missed Joel deeply and now he had found someone like Ellie he realised that Joel needed Ellie more than she thought he did. It was obvious to anyone that these two bonded more than they let on, But who wouldn't when the other person has to constantly be your second pair of eyes and ears? 


Moments passed whilst they took in the fact that they don't have to constantly listen out for sounds of unwanted visitors, before Tommy decided to extend his hand out, snapping everyone out of their thoughts.


"Welcome to the community Joel and Ellie" Tommy said, his smile almost as big as his head. Joel exchanged a look with Ellie before they started the journey towards a new start...

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