My Demons Aint Hiding //calumhood & lukehemmings Fanfiction//

Lucas Hemmings Was hiding something from his friends, Michael and Ashton. He was a werwolf. One day at School, A new guy walks in and makes Lucas Wonder Something. Luke meets this new kid and Falls In love with him. But Luke Finds HimSelf A Ladies Man. Lucas Quickly Finds Out What His Friend Really Is...


1. 1 (Short Chapter Kinda)

Luke's POV-

I walked Into School to greet my two friends, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. The Popular Crew As We Call It. Just Kidding. We were kinda barley even popular. My Friends, Ashton and Michael are Werwolf's. I am Too, But They Don't Know. Ive been hiding it for a while now. "Hey Guys" I said, Scaring The two half To death. "Jeez Luke!" Ashton Yelled. "Sorry" I said, blushing as I loked down at my black Vans. "Its Ok" Michael and Ashton said. I laughed A bit. "So. What Happened Last Night Luke?" Michael Asked. "W-What Do You Mean?!" I snapped Back. "I tried calling you at like 3 in the morning because I could hear you screaming and howling!" He Said. "Oh U-Um" I Studded. "Luke, We're you best friends. You Can Tell Us Anything" Ashton Said. The School Bell Rang, And my GirlFriend Madison approached Us with her group of snobs, Known as the popular girls. The other two Girls, Alexia and Melissa Are dating Ashton and Michael. So like I said, We Kind Of Maybe Are Popular. My Little Sister, Allie thinks I have the charm and get all the ladies. And She Says When Im drunk I tend to 'Do It' with Madison. Ever Since Our Parents Died, I raised my 14 Year old little Sister. And Plus We look nothing alike. She's My dads twin, And I'm my mother's. My mother's blonde Hair, Her Blue Eyes, Her Dimples, Everything. My little sister has Short brown Hair, My Dad's Greenish Blueish Eyes, His Cheeky Personality She could really make me laugh during the rough Times. Well, Your wondering; How Is He a werwolf?! Well, Our Father was a werwolf and our mother was normal. My sister is the only one that kinda knows Im a werwolf. "Luke? You Ok Babe?" Madison Asked, Snapping Me Out Of My Thoughts. "Yeah, Coming Baby" I said, following her to class.

-After School-

"Hey Allie Im Home!" I yelled, Kicking off my vans. "In Here!" She Yelled. I walked into the living room where She was listing to music. "What Are You Doing?" I asked, Laughing. "Dancing" She Said, dragging me out to the middle of the living room. "Dance Luke" She whined. I started doing the can can. Allie Laughed. "Oh Loseapher" She Laughed. Loseapher was my old nickname from my parents. Its a special one too. "I have go out" I said, Kissing Her Forehead. "Where?" She asked. "The Bar" I said, Turing my back to her. "Luke. You come home drunk every night" She said. "Sorry Al." I said. She turned on her heals and walked up stairs to her room. I sighed and Ran upstairs to get ready.


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