By Your Side

Touring across the world with three bands. What the actual hell is going on?


3. 03


I woke up, hoping to see her laying beside me. But I didn't. I sighed as I ripped the blue note off of her pillow. It read:

Hey Brad. Hope you had a nice sleep. Anyways, I had to go to rehearsals. Sorry for leaving so early. Love you xx. Nyla

A smile lit my face up before I stuck the note onto the side table and got up, heading into the shower. I savoured the time in the hotel showers. The venue showers were crap compared to this. The steamy water seemed to relax me.

My shower dreams soon came to an end after I dried up and dressed myself. I stood in front of the mirror just ruffling my hair up before flipping a snap back onto my head backwards. I adjusted it, grabbing my things and leaving the room.


I felt bad because I walked out on Bradley and the other boys last night. I mean, I was just so angry. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I did and it left me feeling guilty the next day. Today. I was going to apologize to him. Alone.

I jumped down from my top bunk on the tour bus. Still wearing only boxers. Making my way to the lounge I spotted someone through the window in the parking lot. It was Ingrid? I made my way towards the window only to see Ingrid, Rory, and Tara playing a game of soccer. I shot my eyes around the parking lot, scanning for a sign of Nyla when I caught her out of the corner of my eye, walking behind a car. She had her phone pressed to her ear and she looked like she was crying. Crying? Why was she crying?

I ran up to the front of the bus, only to be stopped by Calum. "No pants? C'mon you can't be that into her already!" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and hastily grabbed sweats and a t-shirt from my bag. I stumbled to put them on before running out, bare feet onto the venue parking lot concrete.

"Nyla!" I whispered, pulling her down to where I was crouched behind a car. She was sat trying to wipe the tears away quickly. "What happened?" I asked concerned, ready for anything except the answer she gave me. "I've never told anyone except Brad, but I suffer from bulimia." She turned her head as tears started to slip down her already wet face. "Since when?" I asked as I grabbed her hand, rubbing circles on it. "Since I started on this tour." She sighed, looking down now. "Is it bad? Or are you coping?" I tried to sound calm. "I'm trying my best. It's hard with all the negativity though." She pushed a smile onto her lips and I hugged her. "You don't have to fake anything around me. I know that wasn't a real smile." I smirked before she smacked my arm. 

Our conversation stopped when Bradley came round the car and stood beside me. "Ello." I smiled. He took a seat beside Nyla and I before asking what was going on. I looked at Nyla with a sympathetic look before nodding. She started on her way, talking about the last topic we discussed. 

The conversation eventually died off and I stood up to leave. "Wait. Brad? Can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked, scratching my neck. "Sure." He got up with Nyla. Kissed her on the lips before she walked off, leaving us alone. "Look mate, I'm sorry about yesterday I wasn't in a good mood." I managed to breathe out. "It's fine man. Take it easy." He smiled while patting my shoulder. 

I started to walk away when I was interrupted by a couple of voices. "Bradley! What did I tell you about talking to that manwhore?" Some random voice yelled. I turned around slowly, "Excuse me?" I said. Starting to get flustered. "Don't call him that!" Bradley pushed James' chest. "What do you have to say about that Hemmings?" Tristan smirked, arms crossed. "What makes you think I'm a manwhore?" I exclaimed. "C'mon man, we've seen the girls you take on your bus." James implied. "What girls?" Connor asked confused. "I have brought four girls on our bus, those four girls are Tara, Nyla, Rory and Ingrid." I said. "Well then." Tristan replied smugly. "I can't believe you guys!" Bradley stormed off. Connor followed, shaking his head. Tristan and James glared at me. I smirked, shrugging my shoulders sarcastically before walking off.


I walked away from the conversation with Luke and Bradley and back into the venue. I hadn't seen Rory for a while so I decided to look for her.

I walked into a room only to see Ingrid sat down crying, happily? In front of a beaming Michael. "Sorry am I interrupting something?" I pulsed, making my way back out of the room. Instead, Michael beckoned me into the room with a happy look on his face. I nodded before closing the door behind me and making my way over to the floor beside Ingrid. I placed a hand on her back, rubbing in circles. "Michael what's up?" I asked chuckling. Ingrid pulled a smile. "I'm pregnant." She exclaimed. I gasped in shock and hugged her before asking who the father was. "I am." Michael smiled warmly, grabbing Ingrid's hand.


I had only told Ashton so far about Ingrid being pregnant. He seemed to understand. 

"So how did this happen exactly?" He asked. "You know when we were stating our crushes? Yeah well I may or may not have known Ingrid for a year before then. And about a week earlier, did the dirty with her." I blushed. "Explains why you told her that the three of us liked Nyla." Ashton chuckled. "Also why you missed a lot of band practices." He smiled poking me. "AND why you had late night-" I cut him off, "STOP! Stop! I'm not repeating those events." I said, my cheeks turning red. He chuckled, "Alright. Have fun. Not too much though. Don't wanna be hurtin the ba-" I glared at him, "Irwin. Enough." I said sternly this time. His hands went up in defence, "Okay okay!"


Shit chapter I'm sorry guys! But something happens in the next couple of chapters :D

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