Paige infinty..

This 15 year old, Paige, has troubles when her and her boyfriend, Jacob, start expecting at a young age!!


7. Chapter 7: Finally Married..

Emma was at school one morning and Jacob had a day off, which I didn't know why, but he said his boss gave him a day off, but I knew something was up with him. Just then I got a call from Vanessa, which was weird because I haven't talked to her in 5 years. "Vanessa!" I say as I answer the phone. "Hey girl, go to the grocery store, Nick Jones is here looking for you!" She says then hangs up. "Nick Jones.. I don't know a Nick Jones.." I think but I just go anything because Jacob was there anyway. So a few minutes later I arrive at the grocery store and there's a sign outside that says, "Paige.. Baby, go inside.. I hope this works, I love you." I read it and I hurry inside.. Where I come to find that Jacob had set up candles and rose petals leading to the back, I got to the back and he's one knee and I stare at him in shock. "Paige, you are my one and only, I'm so lucky to be with you.. Your the most beautiful girl in the world to me, I absolutely couldn't live without you, I need you to stay in my life forever, to make sure of that, Paige Chance Evans, Will you marry me?" Jacob says with tears and a smile on his face. "Oh my goodness, yes!" I start sobbing. Then we told Emma the news when she got home.. Then a month passed and me and Jacob were finally married. (: he's the love of my life.

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