Paige infinty..

This 15 year old, Paige, has troubles when her and her boyfriend, Jacob, start expecting at a young age!!


2. Chapter 2: Heartful joy

I lay down and lose myself in though, a lot of stuff was roaming through my head right now.. I was upset, but still excited, and also worried. A few hours later I hear Jacob walk in with Mike and Vanessa, I quickly jump up and greet them in the living room. "Hey guys!" I say looking at Mike. "Hey Paige, how are you?" Vanessa says smiling at me. "Oh I'm fine, I'm quite tired.. I think I'm gonna go back to bed, Jacob when they leave please put up the dishes." I say and leave the room quickly. DISHES?? HOW COULD I THINK OF DISHES AT A TIME LIKE THIS!! IVE BEEN PREGNANT FOR 3 WEEKS NOW, AND STILL HAVENT TOLD JACOB!

I couldn't stop thinking of the fact that I was pregnant and I was due for an appt. in 3 days! "Babe" Jacob says looking at me from the door. "Yeah?" I say sobbingly. "We need to talk, could you please come out here?" He says. "Oh no what if he found out somehow!" I think as I sob even more. I edventully walk out and see, Vanessa smiling at me. "Guys, I have big news!" Vanessa says smiling at us with a smirk, "IM PREGNANT!" Vanessa says with a cheap smile. "That's great honey!" Mike says looking at me and Jacob, then at Vanessa's stomach. Jacob looks at me and says, "One day we will be having this moment.." Then looks away. I couldn't hold the tears back any longer, I was gonna tell him. "Jacob" I say proudly, "Yes sweetheart?" Jacob says, "I-I-I'm pregnant!" I say quickly but softly. "Oh my goodness, really?" Jacob says jumping up and smiling at me with joy. "Yes we're gonna have a baby." I say. A few weeks later, I was 1 month pregnant, and you could tell I was craving more and peeing a lot more. But, I was excited anyway, it's worth it..

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