Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


8. †Chapter 8†


Justin's POV.


I woke up next morning, with the thought of Ayanna again.

I got up and got dressed, and then I walked downstairs.

"Morning" I said, nodding to the guys, going for coffee.

"Soo you finally found your mate, huh" Ryan asked, breaking the silent that was in the room.

"Yea" I said, where the thought of her made me smile,

"So, your gonna stop with all those random sluts that you fuck" he asked, making me sent him daggers. i know he had a point and that I of course wouldnt be fucking any sluts.


The only person i wanna bang right now, is ayanna, end of story.

"yes" I spat at him, putting my cup down, cuz i was picking ayanna up and driving her to school.

i went out to my Ferrari and then drove off to Ayanna.

I got to her house, and I honked indicating I was here just sat here waiting for her to come out from her house.

I heard a door close and I looked up to see her walking down the path to my car.

"Hii" she said, when she had seated her self in her seat.

"Hey baby" I said, giving a peck on her cheek, making a blush rise on her cute chubby cheeks.

We drove off after she had put her seatbell on.

Ayanna's POV.

We got to the school in no time, which I was glad for.

My outfit I personally ~

As soon Justin open my door, he took my hand and interlocked out fingers, making a blush rise on my cheeks.

"Justin, everyone is looking at us" I whispered at him, making him turn to me and smile.

"Let them. They need to know that your mine now" He said, pecking my cheek, making me a small smile creep up on my lips.

Justin followed me to class, and was standing outside my class door, after the leason. Lunch was up now, and I was sitting with Justin and some of his 'gang'.

 "Justy" I heard a voice scream, and i looked back to see a bimbo come running towards our table. I gagged at how gross her caked face looked, which made the boys laugh.

"Stacey" Justin sighed. I think the bimbo was one of his prevously sluts, that he had fucked n chucked. I felt a little jealous, but not anything big, but that didnt stop me from gettting up.

"Look sweetie, it was a one night stand, you know what that means, you fuck, and then u dont contact eachother again, thats how the system works. And your blonde little dukmmb head dont seem to get that. And if you ever, and i mean ever, touch or even look at my man again like that, its not gonna get pretty. am i clear, or do u need too get it cut out in paper" I spat at her, out in one long breath.

She stoped in the floor like 5 yeared, adn then walked off. I muttered a 'slut' and then sat down. Justin was looking at me stunned by what i just did.

"What" I said innocently, looking at Justin's stunned face. "Damn baby, didnt knew you got it that bad for me" He said, and his famous smirk came to view, and he pulld me over so i was on his lap. His comment made me blush.

"Your mine, not hers" I said, nuzzling my burning face in his neck. I breathed in his lovely scent, and I could feel mysefl relaxing into him.

"Babe, its time for ur last class. I'll pick you up after, and the im driving you home" Justin said, as we made our way to my clas. "Kay" I said, pecking his lips walking into my classroom.

Class was over fast, and as expected Justin stood outside with his gang waiting for me. I made my way over to him, hugging him from behind, making him jump slightly, byt when he noticed that it was just me, he soon relaxed. He put his hands over mine, making me smile against his back.

"Hey baby, how was class" He said, turning around and looing down at me adn basically howering over me. "It was okay, missed you" I said, blushing and pouting a bit.

"Aww, my baby missed me" He said, chuckling at me, making me blush even more. "Yea, did you miss me" I said, pouting again. "Course i did baby" He said, pecking my lips, making me smile.

"Cmon, lets get you home baby" He said, taking his arm protective around my shoulders, and walking out of the school. "Guys, I'll see you later" Justn said, making the boys nod, and walk their seperate ways. Justin open my door, and i mumbled a small 'gentleman' at him. He walked over to his side of the car, and then stepped in the car, and then we drove off, to my home.


We finally got to my house, and Justin walked to my side an open the door for me, taking out a hand fro me to take, which i did. "You wanna come inside" I asked, turnig around to face him, he smiled at me, "Love too baby" He said, taking my hand. We made our way up to the door, and i open the door. "Im hoome" I yelled out. "Kitchen"  Caleb's voice yelled, making me sigh.

"Hey caleb, i brought someone home" I said, making my way out to the kitchen, "Oh yeah, who" I said back. We got out in the kitchen, and i saw that toby was there aswell as caleb was. "I brought Justin home" I said smiling, they looked up and their eyes harden at the sight of me and him together.

"Hey im Justin" Justin said, taking out his hand for them to shake, and they actullay did it. I think they kinda respeted him. "So your my babysis mate, huh" Caleb said, crossing his arm over his chest. "Sure am" Justin said, snaking his arms around me, from behind, making me put up my hands and putting the on top of his. "Caleb dont" I said, adn thenn i pulled Justin upstairs to my room.

Wonder what they'll be doing?? ;)) <33

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