Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


5. †Chapter 5†


Ayanna's pov.


I can't believe that The Justin Bieber is my mate. He is the most perfect human bein.

"I'm glad your mine baby" he purred into my ear making me melt inside.

"Me too" I choked out, while felling him nuzzle his nose in my neck, he gave it a peck or 2 and took his face out of my neck.

"Soo. You hungry or anything my love" he asked, looking me into my eyes. Those names..

"A bit" I said, blushing by his nicknames for me.

He took my hand, and we made our way downstairs. I heard noises out in the kitchen, and I assumed that it were the boys.

We got into the kitchen,  and all the guys in there shut up.

"What do you want babe" Justin asked me, while I blushed again at the nickname.

"Just a sandwich" I said,  being a bit shy that all eyes were on us.

I found a chair and sat down, looking down felling a bit uncomfterble.

Justin put a plate infront of me, and then made me get up, so I could sit on his lap.

"Soo boss, when is our next mission" One said, clearing the awkward silent.

"I dont fucking know" he said, his badass/tough side getting the best of him.

Making me take is hand so he could calm down.

"It was just a Question justin" I whispered in his ear giving it a peck afterward.

"Sorry Carter, I'm just stressed" He said, and eveyone almost gasped, probably cuz they never heard him apologies.

I finished my sandwich,  and then I looked at the time which said 4:30.

"Justin" I said/asked hin, making him snap his head to me.

"I think I have too go home now" I said, carresing his hand.

"You have 2" he said, and almost pouted, ALMOST!!

"Yeeaa" I said, getting of his lap, brushing my clothes slightly.

"You want me too drive yo" he asked me, taking his hands around my waist.

"Since I don't know how far away I am from home than yes" I said, laughing slightly.

"Bye guys" I said, sending them a smile, and a wave. Justin took my hand and walked out so we I could get home.

we got into the car and then drove off 2 my home.

"So what are your parents like" he asked.

"They r nice" I said, smiling.

"Any brothers or sisters"

"2 brothers" I said, smiling at him.

We arrived at my house about 10 minutes later. Justin went out and I stayed cuz he probably wanted to open my door, which he just did.

"Thanks" I said, taking his hand.

"Soo am I gonna meet our parents now" he asked intertwining or fingers.

"You want 2" I asked, turning so I was looking at hin..

"hmm I don't know babygirl" he said, snaking his hands around my waist.

"You can come to dinner on Friday, if you want and your busy today" I said, looking up at his gorgeous hazel eyes.

"I would love too baby" he said, pulling me closer. Making me gasp slightly at the closeness.

Suddenly I felt his lips on mine. At first I was supprised, since this is my first kiss, but I start kissing him back.

His talented lips felt so good on mine, making me almost moan.

He pulled back and bitted his lip, making me whimper at the lost of contact.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow baby girl" He said smirking, and then walking away.

I made my way inaide, still weak in my knees after that kiss. I open the door and putted my shoes on the floor.

"I'm home" I yelled, and I heard footsteps running down the stairs.

"WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT" I heard caleb's voice boom down the stairs.


Dam dam daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam xD i love writing/saying that <33

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