Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


2. †Chapter 2†


Ayanna's pov.

Parking in the school, I prepared myself for whatever kind of school this was.

Standing out of my car, I made my way towards the schools door, while ignoring all the wolf-whisles I got from the guys.

Making my way towards where ever the office is, so I could get my schedule, locker combo and my books, i notice that like everyones eyes were on me.

Talk about embarresing....

I finally found the office, and i made my way inside it, were i saw an slightly old woman behind a table typping on the computer like her life depended on it.

"Exscuse me" i said. Why do i always sound so pathetic.

inside sigh.

"What can i help you with" she asked, and she sure as hell didnt sound as nice as she looks.

"Ehhr, im new here, soo" i sadi, and trailed off, hoping she would get the messege of what i needed.

"Name"  she asked, and found something on her computer, i couldnt see.

"Ayanna Dessirie" i said, and she let out a chuckle, that made you wanna puke ur guts out.


She found me on th computer, and then she started finding my tings, which didnt take so long.

"Welcome" she said, and gave me devilish smile. Eww.

I start walking out, so i could find my locker and then get to class, for whatever was on my schedule.

I finally found my locker, and i stuffed all my books and things inside it. I looked at my schedule and saw i had math at first, and just as i took my books and a notebook, the bell rang.

Great im gonna be late -.-

Closing my locker, i tried finding my math class.

After about 5 minutes, i found it, i knocked and went inside, where the teacher looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes" He said, and got up from his chair.

"Ehhrr, im new, a-and sorry i-im l-l-late" i said,and tried not showing how nervous i was, at the moment.

"Ohh yes, right. Ayanna desirrei everyone" He said, in a cheering voice, making it sound more intrestng than it was.

Silly teacher, always have too make a big deal out of everything.

Some looked up, othhers just kept small talking with the person they were seated with.

"Right, you can sit besides Chaz somers. Somers raise ur hand" he said, more like yelled. He went from all sweet and stuff, to a dictator-ish person.

A good looking guy raise his hand, without even looing at the teacher, or thinking why he needed 2 raise his hand. He just kept on talking with a couple of his friends.

I made my way down to my seat. First now he turned his head to look up, or more like look at me.

"Who the fuck do you think you are sitting there" he hissed at me, after using what felt like hours on checking me out.

"He told me 2 sit here" i said, and pointed at the teacher, while i tried not to shake all over.

"Whatever" he said, and turned his head, continuen his convorsation.

Noticing there were someone missing beside one of the guys he was talking to, i wondered who that was, but just shrugged it off, and payed attention.

All of the sudden the door burst open, and the most gorgeous boy i have ever seen in my life. He looked kinda familar, but i couldnt put my finger on who exactly, which annoyed me a bit.

"Mr Bieber why are you late. AGAIN" He asked. Gorgeous boy here was clearly a rebel. But that bieber did sound kinda familar.

"I had some business to take care of" he said, while smirking. OH.MY.GOD. I know who he is.

Its Justin flipping Bieber.

Hope you guys like it :))

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