Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


19. †Chapter 19†

(Contains, what i call, sexualscenes)

Ayannas POV

Me and Justin had now watched twilight, new moon and eclips, (the second and third one of the saga, for the dummies) and we have just started watching Breaking dawn. I popped another popcorn in my mouth and watched the tv. "Justin can you move your hands, i gotta pee" I said looking up at Him, he winked at me, and then let go. "Want me to pause it for ya" He asked, pecking my cheek, before i got up. "Na, i'll be back in a sec" I said smilling. I made my way out to the bathroom and did my buisness. After i washed my hands, i unzipped my jumpsuit, since it was pretty hot in there, and the jumpsuit was a winter version, which made it warm.

I had some short black spandex on with white tank crop top under the jumpsuit. I looked at myself in the mirror, and gasped when i saw the big hickey on my neck. I took the jumpsuit from the floor and went over to the door opening it. I put the jumpsuit at my bag, and the looked at justin who had taken of his shirt, and changed into a pair of sweats. "You gonna stand there and drowl over me baby or come over and cuddle with me" He said, smirking at me. I blushed and made my way over there. Justin saw what i was wearing, and i saw is eye darken, he paused the movie, and made a 'come here' motion with his finger. I crawled over to him, stradling him.

"What is it Jay" I asked, running my hand throught is hair, making him groan. He didnt answer, instead he put his soft lips on mine, making me sigh in content. He stuck his tounge in my mouth,and start exploring my mouth. I moaned into his mouth pulling in his hair, which made him groan again. He start kissing down my neck, finding my sweetspot seconds after. He start sucking and nipple at it, makin me moan. I start grinding my hips against his, making him grip my hips. "Mm baby" he moaned out, as he moved my hips harder against his. My breath start turning more heavy and chuby.

He start goin faster and harder, making me moan louder and more often."Justin" I moaned, and start leaning into him. I start kissing his neck, trying to find his sweetspot, which i found seconds later. "Mine" I growl, sucking on his sweetspot. "Mmm, all yours baby" Justin moaned out. I could feel myself tensing up. "Justin I-" I whimpered. "I know baby, me too" He said, moving my hips faster if that was possible. I felt myself reach my peek and came with a loud moan and whimperes. My bodybwas trembling and legs shaking from the pleasure. "That was good" I said, kissing my mark on him, that i made.

"I think imma go out and take a shower" I said, giving him a smile. "Can i join you baby" He asked. "Ehhr" I said, hesitating. I never been naked with a guy before so. "Please baby" He said, pouting, making me mentally aw at him."okay" I said, hopping of him, to see his jeans where wet at his crotch. I took some clean underwear and went out to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and then took of my shirt and spanx of. I heard a whislte making me look over at Justin that was standing in the door with a smirk on his face. "Damn didnt knew you had a tattoo" He said, biting his lips. He walked over to me, putting his hands on my hips, making me put my hands on his chest. "I know" I said, and winked at him. I turned around taking of my bra and my thong, and the went inside the shower, but before i turned to Justin. "Dont keep me waiting" I said, winking at him.

I went under the water, and i felt the water dribble down my back, until i felt a present behind me. I smiled when i felt him standing all close to me, his hands on my hips, and his head in the crook of my neck. "Did i keep you waiting babygirl" He said, pecking my neck, right where he had left a mark. "Nope defently not" I said, looking back at him. I grabbed some of his shampoo and gave it to him, indiating that i want hgim to put in my hair. He start masaging the shampoo into my hair, which felt amazing. Short time after we were done.

I stepped out of the shower, where justin was standing with a towel for me. "Thanks" I said, peckin his cheek. I put on my clean underwear, and then turned to Justin, who was only standing in his boxers. "Justing, do you have a shirt i can use to sleep in" I asked, looking at him. "Sure thing babe" He said, and went out. I followed him into his closet where i picked out the a plaid shirt he had weared. I button it up, and then went over to him, where he was standing with a clean tshirt. "I'll just wear this one" I said, smiling at him. "Okay. You look pretty hot right now princess" He said, making me blush a bit.

"Cmon babe lets go to bed" He said, chuckling at me. He grabbed my hand, and then went over to his bed, where the candy still was. "Here let me take some of it downstairs" I said, grabbing the tray and then put the most of the things on it. "Thanks princess" He said, kissing my forehead. I went over to the door and then went downstairs. I heard noices from the kitchen making me curse under my breath. Of course the guys was awake.. I went out to the kitchen, and as soon as i stepped in, the talking stopped. "You dont need to stop talking cuz i came in" I said, blushing. I put the tray on the counter, and then ran out and upstairs. I ran into Justins room, and then slammed the door shut.

"Whats wrong" Justin said worried. "The guys was down in the kitchen" I said, and then mentally slapped myself after i said that. His gang just saw me half naked. "THEY WERE WHAT" He yelled, stomping towards the door. I stopped him in time tho. "Justin, baby, calm down, im yours okay" I said, carresing his cheek, trying to calm him down, which seemed to work. He pulled me into his chest, adn burried his nose in teh crook of my neck. "Calm down Jay" I said, stroking his back.

He pulled away, pecking my lips a couple times, and then dragged me over to the bed. I let go of his hand and then jumped into the bed, i felt justin lay besides me, and then i felt his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Oh my possesive Justin. "Goodnight princess" Justin said, kissing my cheek. "Goodnight Jay" I siad, and then let sleep comsume me.

Hey lovelies. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! <3 <3 YAAAYY

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