Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


15. †Chapter 15†

Ayannas POV

I let justin hug me, cuz i could feel on him that i brought up a bad topic. I dont know why i asked, i was just curious. "Jus, we need too go to class" i told him calmly, while i ran my fingers up n down his back, to calm him. "Yea i know baby" he said, and i could hear on his voice that he had calmed himself down a bit.

I pulled away, and looked up at him lovingly, making him smile. "Theres that smile i love" I said, carresing his cheek. "Cmon baby lets get to class" He said, leaning down pecking my lips, making me smile. He grabbed my hand and we went into the gym.

"Im goin this way baby, meet you in there" he said, goin to the mensroom, i nodded, pecking his cheek. I went into the girlsroom, and i felt all eyes on me, making me gulp. I went over to an empty place and put my bag down. "Hi im caroline, your new girl" a girl from my side said, making me smile, and nod. "Nice to meet you, im Ayanna" i said, reaching out my hand, that she shook.

"I saw you with The Justin Bieber, not a wise choice" she said, and start taking out some clothes from a locker she had, i decided to take the locker besides her. " well he's my mate so" i mumbled and start taking my clothes out aswell. "Omg, word got around saying he found his mate, but i didnt believe it" she said, gasping. I chuckled at her.

"Well hes mine soo" i said. I looked around and saw some girls walking out with booty shorts and sportsbra, that pushed the boobs up to the neck. "Dont mind those they are just sluts" i heard caroline say, making me snap my head towarfs her and smile. I took out my clothes for PE, and then start taking of my clothes, i put on my clothes, adn then turned to caroline who wasn't all done(pic on the side. She wears it with a sportsbra,, that is the same color as the bottom of the shoes, and the nike logo)

"Holy crap, you look hot" She said, making me chuckled at her, and blush a little. "Thanks, you too" I said, and started putting my hair into a ponytale. We walked out, and i saw, almost all the guys didnt wear shirts, makng me bite my lip. "Yeah i know, shirtless guys" Caroline said, by my side, i laughed at her, and searched for Justin. I looked over at a group that was playing some basketball, and i spotted him in the crowd of boys.

"Caroline, im going over to Justin wanna come, or" I said, looking at her. We were about the same height, which i was glad for. "Im meeting with my friends, but you can join us afterwoards" She said, throwing me a smile, I smiled back, and then went over to the group of hot shirtless guys playing basket.

Justin scored, and i smiled, at how good my mate was at it. Justin spotted me and start making his way towards me, making the boys frown, but once they saw me they smirked at their whipped friend. Once he reached me, he putted his hands around my waist, and pecked my lips. "Hey babygirl. You look hot" He said, winking at me, making me blush. Damn blush...

"Thanks, Im enjoying my view aswell" I said, looking at his 6pack, soon to be 8pack. I bitted my lip, cuz, damn he looked hot right now. "Mmm, is that so, huh" He said, smirking at me. "Defently" I said, without hesitaton, he leaned down and putted his soft kissable lips on mine. I heard his friends yell in the background, but i ignored it and enjoyed the kiss.

Short time after i pulled away. "Justin everyone is looking" I said, hidding my head in his chest. "Its just because i have a hot girl on my arm and they dont. Seriously, you could wear this like all the time" He said, bitting his lip. "Excuse me, can i steal Ayanna" I heard a voice ask, making me snap my head to where caroline now was standing. I smiled and nodded, i moved out of justin arms, pecking his cheek before i went. "Nice ass babe" I heard him yell, making me fdace palm myself. Caroline just laughed at me, making me scowl at her, but she just laughed more.

"Soo, i wan tyou to meet my friends" She said, while we were walking. We got to a group of girls, where i could see i was the shortest, making me pout. "Whats wrong" She said. "Im the shortest here" I said, making them all laugh. I laughed a bit too. "Soo, guys this is Ayanna. And Ayanna this is, sophie, clara, jackie, melanie and jennifer" She said, pointing at the girl, when the name was hers. "Nice to meet you guys" I said, making them all smile, and say it in return.

A whistle was heard, and i turned to see the teacher. The girls and i made our way over to the others. "Alright today we are playing soccer, girls against girls, and boys against boys. So the games are fair. Also if your fast we can maybe play a game, with mixed teams" He said. All the girls went over to one of the fields, and we start making teams that were fair. After that we started playing.

Im pretty good at it, since i have played since i was 5, so my team of course won. We were done with our game, and we were waiting for the boys to get done. They finished about 5 minutes after. I was standing with caroline talking, when i felt some arms areound my wasit, i looked down and saw some strong arms with tatoos making me smile, cuz it was Justin.

"Hey" He said, pecking my cheek, i looked up at him. "Hey" I siad. "Alright so wanna try playing mixed against mixed" He asked. I raised making him nod at me. "Why dont we try boys against girls, girls can be as good as boys, ya know" I said, smiling at him. "Alright, boys against girls" He said, laughing. "Oh babygirl, your done" Justin said, making me smirk. "I dont think so" I said, and turned around swinging my hps more than necesary. I heard him mumbled a 'damn', making me smirk.

"Alright girls, you ready to smash those boys out" I asked, making them all smirk, except for a group of 5 where one of them was a leader, and I could see it was her that used to be Justin bitches. "Except you five, we cant have you girls breaking a nail or anything, so why dont you just sit out here, being you slutty self, kay" I said, smiling sickening sweet at her. All the girls laughed at my comment, and she just stomped off like a littel girl. "You girls ready" Mkaing them yell, i smiled and turned around walkig out on the field like a boss..

Hey lovlies <3 Here is another chapter. I have alot of idea lately soo there might be another chapter soon :)) hope you guys like it. OH, and follow me please :D

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