Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


11. †Chapter 11†


~~Justin's POV

I layed in Ayannas bed with her ontop of me. I was running my hands up n down her back, making low purrs come from her mouth. "Your just a little kitten, huh" I cooed at her, pecking her neck. She was laying with her head hide in my neck.

She giggled at me, making me aww at her. Im osunding like lovesick puppy riht know, bur try se how many fucks i give. She sat up, so she was strandling me, making me gulp at the where she was sitting.

"Might be, but im your kittteenn" She purred sexual at me, making me a bit tight in the jeans. "So jaaayy, what should we do" She asked, tilting her head, and biting her lip, making me almost growl.

"This" I said, sitting up, grabbing her neck, and then kissing her. She of course kissed along, and snaked her hands around my neck. I slipped my tounge inside her mouth, batling for domination, which i soon got.

She pulled away, a beautiful smile on her face. "Better stop before we take it father" She said, winking at me. "Your right babygirl" i said. I think she knew i wanted too, but i think she wasent fully ready.

"Soo, what should we do" i asked, getting comfterble between her boobs. She giggled at my position. "I dont know. Watch a movie or something"  she said, running a hand in my hair, making me close my eyes in pure bliss.

"We can do that" I mumbled, snuggling more into her. "Jay you need too get up, so i can get my laptop" She said. "Fiiiinnneee" I whined, yeah i sound like a kid. Problem?

She giggled, and i moved away so she could get up. "so what do You wanna watch" she asked. " i dont know ur pick babygirl" i said, looking lovingly at her.

"hmm, what about magic mike" she said, giggling. "baby I would rather die than to watch that movie" I said. "fiiinnne" she said, pouting. We decided on just cuddling and watching some random TV-show.

"how was your life back where you lived before" I asked. "it was ok" she said, looking up at me smilling. "You had many friends"  i asked. "Meeh, i had some" She said.

"You know some day you'll come live with me" I said, looking down at her face. "I will" She asked, sitting up, looking at me. "Of course you will" i said, lookking at my gorgeous girl of a mate.

"When" She asked, and i couldnt really tell if she was sad or not. "I dont know, whenever your ready, adn your parents are alowing it" I said, shruggin slightly. If it was up too me, she would already be living with me.

"Well, i really wanna live with you" She said, sitting on top of me, and looking at me lovingly. I took mu hand up carresing her cheek, "I love you" I said, and i relly ment it.  "I love you too" She said, and hugged me


sorry that the chapter is soooo short, i just had alot of homework. <33

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