Claimed by the worst (Justin bieber fiction)

The world is full of criminals, some are cruel and some bastard, but every criminal has his 'mate'.
She is 2 follow their mates wishes, and behave probably.
She id the one, that will always him, and always love him. They may not know that they love him, but deep down they do.
The criminals can and will do everything too get their mate.

The worst of them all is Justin Drew Bieber, and everybody know not to touch or hurt whatever that is his.

Find out how and who he claims as his Mate in 'Claimed by the worst'


1. †Chapter 1†


Ayanna's pov.

I woke up, getting blinded by the sun that was coming through the curtains.

Let my introduce myself before we get into the story.

My name is Ayanna Dessirie (pronunced desaray) I am 17 years old, and I have loong brown curled hair, and ocean blue eyes. And about 5'3, I know im short. I have no siblings, but 2 loving parents. I have yet 2 find my 'mate'.

Now you may think im a werewolf or vampire or some supernatural shit. But the world im in, we live with criminals, who claims their love of their lives, as their mate. Might sound really weird, but its not really. Some of the criminals go 2 school, it depends on how young they are.

But the one, everybody wants 2 be claimed as, was the on and only Justin Bieber, with his godess-like face, and his body, he could have any girl he wanted. He was also the baddest of all the criminals. One of my friends mate know him, but my friends she never meet him.

All my friends already found their mates, and I kinda envy that. Im younger than them, so that maybe had a saying in it. All my friends were 18, meaning a year older than me. Enough about me.

Taking me and my lazy body op from my, warm and comfy bed, I made my way towards the bathroom. I did what I had 2 do, and went out.

I went inside my walk-in-closet, 2 find the outfit of the day. Since it was summer i choose some tight black shorts, and a white croptop, with the word 'disobey' on. I choose some low red converse.

Putting the outfit on, I looked myself in the mirror, happy with the result.

I let my hair down in it natural curls, but found a white bow, and took some of my hair, and putted behind, so I had a bow in my hair.

I choose some natural make-up, which basically was mascara and some eyeshadow, and a little lipgloss.

You see, today was my first day at this new school, cuz my parents had 2 move here, and they didn't gave me a reason. It wasent very fare from where my friends lived, soo I didn't complain.

Taking my bag and my phone, I went downstairs, too get some breakfast.

"Morning" I sang, when I came into the kitchen.

"Morning hunny. There is breakfast 2 you in the plate" she said, and pointed at the plate infront of her.

"Thanks mom" I said, and started eating.

"Why are You so happy this morning" my dad asked, laying the news paper on the table.

"Well" I began, but swallowrd some food before going on. "The fact that my mate might be in this school, makes me happy. Since all my friends found their mate" I said.

"Ahhh, I hope you find yours soon hunny" my mom said, making my dad nod in agreement.

"See ya later" I said, and grabbed my keys and went out so I could come to school.

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