Falling Apart

The Band of 1D go to a normal high school. Hoping to just have a normal life. The boys are not treated the same as everyone else, They only feel normal when they are around a girl named Hope Mason. But when Hope goes away for the summer everything starts to fall apart.


1. New Life

Harry's POV                         

I walked into my first day of school. I was quite nervous. I had never really thought that I Harry Styles would be in a normal school. I walked in trying to hide my face. Girls screaming, boys yell. Everyone knows me. Sometimes i wish not only was i not famous but that i was just normal. I hope i make friends and i know what your probably thinking. Harry you will your harry styles. But i don't want friends just because im Famous i want friends as if i wasn't.


Hope's POV

I step into the school and I walked in to my locker i have had for about 2 years. Then i hear screams. Yep 1D was here sometimes i don't even know why, I mean yes they are great singer and they aren't bad looking but they are just normal people. I shut my locker and head to 1st period. I stumble a little because of the crowd by all the boys lockers. Great i think to myself. Just great. I barely make it to class before im late and im seated next to the one and only Harry Styles. Great. I think to myself. I sit down and give him a smile. Seemed like the nice thing to do. But then again he probably thought i was one of those fan-girls. I start to take out my note book when he says. "Hiya..um Im Harry can i borrow a pencil?" I think to myself. Ugh just another pencil im never gonna get back. "Uh sure." I say and i had him my last pencil i had that was extra. "Thanks mate" he smiles. "No problem." I say. Without smiling. Class is half way over when my pencil tip breaks. "Really!" I say out loud. Harry laughs. I get up and I walk over to the pencil sharper and sharpen my tip then I sit back down only to see that my tip breaks. "Seriously." I sigh. "Here" Harry smile and hands me the pencil. "We can share it." He says. "Thank you." I say back. 


Harry's POV                                                                                         

When i walk into the class room i am seated next to a girl. I think her name is like Hope? I don't know. Shes sits down and I see that i have no pencil. Great. I ask her for one and she doesn't act like the typical fan girl. She was nice and it felt normal with her. The class goes by and she broke her pencil tip. I mean it was funny so i laughed not knowing that it would make everyone laugh. But she seemed cool about it. Once her tip broke again i knew she was frustrated. I told her we could share the pencil she gave me, after all she was nice enough to let me use it. The bell rings and Hope starts to get up and leave. "Wait!" I yell. "Yea?" she says. "Can i have your number?" I ask her. "Sure." she smiles and gives me her number. 1st normal friend check!


Hope's POV

The bells rings and i pack up my things and head up the door, when i hear harry calling after me. "Wait!" he yells. I stop and we talk. He wants my number! EKKK im super bumped, I made a new friend on the first day! Truth to be told i don't care that hes famous, hes just a regular guy to me. As i walk out of the class room i almost get attacked but the girls who are trying to get to Harry. Its weird i mean last year everything was normal, now everything not. Now i don't feel so normal.


Harry's POV

I sit down on my bed and I look at my phone.. Should i text her or wait till she texts me, is all i am thinking. "Ugh." "Whats wrong Mate." Louis walks in and sits on the chair. "Oh nothing Lou just a girl." "Oooo lala." Louis laughs. "Shes prob just another one of those fan girls Har." "No shes not, its weird but shes not like them, I can be normal with her." "Whatever you say man." "Can i have her number Mate?" "Uh sure." I give him the number and i text her this. FWD: Hey Hope its Harry, I was wondering if you might wanna have Lunch together in the court yard tomorrow. Away from all these crazy fan girls.


Hope's POV

I put my hair in a pony tail and then sit down on the desk doing home work, when my phone goes off. Its Harry. I reply with: FWD: That would be lovely. I smile and continue to do my homework."DINNERS READY!" My annoying brother Mick was screaming threw he halls, did i mentions hes 18. Yea hes not leaving the house anytime soon. I get up and I get dinner then go to sleep. Think about Just what I would wear to school tomorrow.  


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