Societal Gripes

A short collection of poems (some previously published, some new) having to do with current issues in society. Specifically created for Salamasunny's competition.


3. Unachievable Expectations

We are caught up in expectations,

in a sea of right or wrong,

you’re either in or you’re out.


We are caught up in stereotypes,

in sorting right on sight,

You’re either are or you aren’t.


We are caught up in judgement,

based on rumors and lies,

You’re either good or you’re not.


These expectations drag us down,

just when we’ve reached or max.

These pressures turn us ‘round,

press a wall right to our backs.


These stereotypes stifle expression,

in the desire just to fit in.

These groups thrive on impression,

the type that never wins.


The judgements are taken to heart,

with far more weight than deserved,

Cutting so deeply, tearing apart, 

what originality you’ve preserved.


But only if you let them.

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