You And I (Sequel to Summer Camp)

It's been a year since Ally met Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Emma, Lacey, Kat, and Aubree. It's also been a year since Ava was killed and Ansley and Zayn went to jail. It's the summer before everyone heads off to college, and Ally is looking forward to spending time with her friends before they all go their separate ways. But when an unexpected arrival changes everything, Ally realizes this summer could be even crazier than the last.


11. Surprise!

Later that night, I'm wearing a tank top and yoga pants relaxing with Niall on the couch. The TV's on, but we're not really watching. We're just talking. A knock on the door startles us both. "Stay here," Niall says, cautiously making his way to the window next to the front door. I don't listen to him and instead jump up and tiptoe after him. I peek out the window and yelp in surprise. "Open the door!" I tell Niall. He does so, and Emma, Lacey, Kat, and Aubree come into view. I see Liam, Harry, and Louis behind them, holding pizza and soda. "Ally! After talking to you earlier, we decided we had to come see you!" Emma exclaims excitedly. "Wow, guys," I say as everyone comes in and gathers in the living room. "Are you surprised?" Kat asks, smiling at me kindly. "Very," I reply, and Niall nods in agreement. "The trip here was killer, so let's eat!" Liam says, opening one of the pizza boxes. The aroma of pizza and breadsticks fills the room, and soon we're all chomping on slices of pizza and laughing. When everyone is done, Kat jumps up. "Let's play truth or dare!" she suggests, clapping her hands together like an excited child. I laugh and agree. "Good idea," I say. We gather in a circle and Louis says, "Who's going first?" I point to Kat "It was her idea," I say. "Yeah, Kat you go first," Liam replies. "Okay," Kat says, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Ally," she says, spotting me. "Truth or dare?" I sigh. "Truth," I decide. "Wimp!" Louis crows from next to me. "Shut up!" I say, slapping his arm. "Are you a virgin?" Kat asks bluntly. I hide my face in my hands. "Ask another question," I protest, my face turning pink. "No, you have to answer," Harry tells me. I look up and say, "No," before looking down again. Before I glance away, I see Liam, Louis, and Harry look at Niall. Louis smirks and punches me lightly. "Leave me alone, Tommo," I say. "It's not like you're a virgin either." He shrugs, and I see Harry blush slightly. We play for an hour, and we all end up having to do something either stupid or gross. Harry had to drink a cup of toilet water, the poor guy. "I'm not kissing you later," Louis had said, wrinkling his nose when Harry was done. Eventually, everyone begins to fall asleep. Emma and Aubree are sleeping on the couch, Louis and Harry are asleep next to each other on the floor, and Lacey is curled up in a beanbag. Only Kat, Liam, Niall, and I are awake. Kat pats her pockets frantically. "I left my phone in your car," she says to Liam. He tosses her the keys. "Thanks," she says. "Hey, Ally, do you mind coming with me? I don't like going places alone at night." I nod. "Sure," I tell her and follow her out to the car. "You and Niall seem like you're getting along better this summer," Kat comments, grabbing her phone from the dashboard. "Yeah, we got a lot closer this past year," I reply. She nods. "You guys are totally getting married." I laugh and shake my head. "Whatever, Kat," I say and we start to walk back to the cabin. Right before we go in, she pauses. "I know this might sound fake or whatever," she begins, "but I really am sorry for all I did to you last summer. It was wrong, and I acknowledge that. I made some bad decisions, and I paid for them. So I just want you to know that I'm very sorry." I sigh. "Oh, Kat," I say, and hug her. "I forgive you," I tell her. "I really do." She smiles and we walk back into the cabin. "What the hell?" Kat asks. Liam and Niall are gone. "Maybe they went upstairs or something," I say. "I'll go check." Kat sits down on a recliner. "You're probably right," she agrees and looks down at her phone. I make my way upstairs. "Niall?" I call. "Liam?" Neither of them respond. My heart starts to pound. It's okay, I tell myself over and over. I look in every room for them, but they're no where to be found. I go back downstairs quickly and tell Kat. She sits up. "Where are they then?" she whispers, careful to not awaken the others. I shrug helplessly. "I have no idea," I say. "What do we do?" Kat stands up and shoves her feet into flip-flops. "Let's look for them outside," she suggests. We scale the perimeter of the property, but see no one. "Maybe we should go back inside and wake the others," Kat says, nervously clutching my arm. When we get back, Aubree is awake. "Where were you?" she asks, rubbing her eyes. "Where are Niall and Liam?" Kat explains what's going on, and Aubree stands up, suddenly alert. We wake up everyone else, and start to discuss what we should do. Just then, the front door to the cabin flies open. "Niall?" I ask at the same time that Lacey says, "Liam?" A figure materializes in the doorway, and I realize it's not Niall or Liam. I also realize I might not have much more time to live.

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