You And I (Sequel to Summer Camp)

It's been a year since Ally met Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Emma, Lacey, Kat, and Aubree. It's also been a year since Ava was killed and Ansley and Zayn went to jail. It's the summer before everyone heads off to college, and Ally is looking forward to spending time with her friends before they all go their separate ways. But when an unexpected arrival changes everything, Ally realizes this summer could be even crazier than the last.


9. No Matter What Happens

"Ally, sweetheart, wake up," Niall whispers, gently shaking me awake. I groan and rub my eyes. "We're here," Niall adds. I sit up and glance out the window. "Yeah," I say. Despite what's going on, I can't help but feel happy about being here. I spent so many summers here when I was little. Even though there were plenty of rooms, Ansley and I insisted on sharing one. We would stay up insanely late talking and playing games. When I was 14, I had my first kiss here with the son of my parents' friends. The memories come flooding back, overwhelming me. "Are you okay?" Niall asks, unbuckling his seatbelt and looking over at me worriedly. "Yeah, I'm fine," I reply, smiling. I get out of the car and we begin to unload our things from the trunk. "You brought more than me," I say, hauling one of Niall's bags out. He laughs. "You didn't bring that much," he points out. "Yeah, sure," I tease. "That's why." Niall pouts at me and opens the front door to the cabin. "I haven't been here in forever," I say, looking around and seeing the familiar furniture and décor. "In forever?" Niall replies. "Really?" I set down the bags I was holding. "Shut up, you know what I mean," I say. "I'll unpack our stuff, you do something fun or relaxing. You look stressed," Niall tells me. "Are you sure?" I ask. "I can help you unpack, if you want." He shakes his head. "Ally, seriously, you look about ready to cry. Do something to take your mind off of everything." I nod and sigh. "I'll take a walk, I guess. I won't be gone long." Niall nods and hugs me. "Love you," he says, giving me a quick kiss. "Love you more," I reply. Niall grins at me before I turn and walk out the door. The fresh air makes me feel better the moment I step outside. I decide to walk in a quick loop around the perimeter of the property. As I set out, I start to think about how Zayn got out of jail. It kind of scares me. If Zayn can get out of jail, so can Ansley. And that's the last thing I want. I hear footsteps behind me and I start to turn around, thinking it's Niall coming to join me. A hand claps over my mouth, and I'm dragged backwards a few feet. "It doesn't matter where you run," a voice whispers in my ear. "We'll always find you." I'm shoved forward and I fall roughly to my knees. I quickly stand up and look around the trees, but I'm alone. My left knee has started to bleed, so I limp my way back to the cabin. "Back already?" Niall says when I walk into the bedroom where he's folding his clothes. "Jesus, Ally," he says when he sees my knee. "What happened?" I explain what my attacker told me. "Are you alright?" he asks when I'm done. I nod. Niall runs to the bathroom to get a bandage for my knee. I wince when I put it on, but it's not anything too serious. "Ally, whatever happens, just know that I'll always love you. Always," Niall tells me. I stand up and move closer to him, until our bodies are touching. "I'll love you forever," I reply before kissing him.

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