You And I (Sequel to Summer Camp)

It's been a year since Ally met Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Emma, Lacey, Kat, and Aubree. It's also been a year since Ava was killed and Ansley and Zayn went to jail. It's the summer before everyone heads off to college, and Ally is looking forward to spending time with her friends before they all go their separate ways. But when an unexpected arrival changes everything, Ally realizes this summer could be even crazier than the last.


8. Leaving

Niall and I follow Louis towards the soccer fields. "What is it?" I ask when we reach the spot where Lacey and Kat are standing. "This note was on the ground," Kat says, handing it to me. I unfold the paper and gasp at the familiar handwriting. Do it in the next week and I'll pay you double the original amount, it reads. It's signed with Ansley's signature. I turn to Niall. "I'm starting to think Zayn is right," I whisper. He nods. "I agree," he replies. "Maybe we should leave," I suggest. "Yeah. Where will we go though?" It takes me a minute, but I think of my family's cabin in the mountains. I explain where it is to Niall, and he agrees. "Guys?" Lacey asks. "What's going on?" I sigh. "I think we should tell everyone at once," I say. When everybody is gathered around Niall and I a few moments later, I begin to tell the story. I tell them about meeting Zayn first at Niall's car and then at the lake, and I tell them what he told me. I explain about the note and what it said, and how Niall and I need to leave for a while to avoid Cameron at all costs. "It's important you don't tell anyone," I say when I'm done and everyone nods and agrees to keep it a secret. "What are we supposed to tell Cameron if she asks where you are?" Harry asks. "We should all agree on one answer," Aubree adds. "Tell her we went to the beach with some friends," I reply. "I can call my friends and tell them to cover for me." I think of Cassidee, Kate, and Taylor and grimace. Hopefully Cameron won't target them next. "When are you leaving?" Emma asks worriedly. "Today," Niall says. "We need to leave as soon as possible." Lacey begins to cry and I rush over to hug her. "It'll be okay," I tell her reassuringly. "We'll be back before you know it." She nods and wipes the tears off her cheeks. One by one, everyone says their goodbyes. Kat and Aubree help me pack my things while Louis and Harry help Niall pack his things. "Is that everything?" I ask, surveying the cabin one last time. "I think so," Kat replies. "Okay. Thanks for everything, you guys," I tell them. I feel tears coming on, but I hold them back. I need to be strong. Niall and I stow our things in the trunk of his car, and say goodbye once more before getting in the car. As we drive away from the camp, I watch the camp get smaller and smaller. "It'll be a few hours until we get there," Niall tells me gently. "You should try and get some sleep." I nod and smile weakly. "I'll try," I reply, but I'm so exhausted from the day's events that I fall asleep within a matter of minutes.

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