You And I (Sequel to Summer Camp)

It's been a year since Ally met Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, Emma, Lacey, Kat, and Aubree. It's also been a year since Ava was killed and Ansley and Zayn went to jail. It's the summer before everyone heads off to college, and Ally is looking forward to spending time with her friends before they all go their separate ways. But when an unexpected arrival changes everything, Ally realizes this summer could be even crazier than the last.


10. Betrayed

I thought I would feel safer once I was at the cabin the mountains, but instead I feel even more worried than before. How did Cameron, or whoever that was, find out we were coming up here and follow us immediately? Then I have a horrible thought: someone who I told would have had to have told Cameron. I gulp and sort through the possibilities. It could be Harry or another one of the guys, but it seems unlikely. Emma crosses my mind, but again I feel like Emma is trustworthy and would never betray me. Same with Aubree and Lacey. I wouldn't put it past Kat to do something like this, so I decide to FaceTime her and see what I can find out. Kat answers on the third ring. "Hey," she says, smiling when she sees me. "What's up?" I paste on a fake smile and ask how camp is. "Boring without you and Niall," Kat replies, winking at me. I laugh a little. "Hey, do you have any classes with Cameron?" I ask nonchalantly, waiting anxiously to see how Kat responds. "Nope, didn't even know someone named Cameron went here," Kat says. "Girl or boy?" She seems like she genuinely doesn't know, but I can't be too sure. "Girl," I say. "Cameron Evans." Kat considers this. "Doesn't ring a bell," she says finally. "Want me to track her down for you or something?" I shake my head. "No, but thanks anyway," I reply. Kat nods. "Who are you talking to?" I hear Emma ask in the background. "Ally," Kat says. I hear Emma squeal, and I can't help but laugh. "I'll talk to you later, Ally," Kat says, turning back to me. "I have photography now. I'm giving my phone to Emma so you guys can talk, though." I nod. "Okay, thanks Kat. See yah." Kat waves and hands her phone to Emma. "Charge it when you're done," Kat calls as she leaves. "Hey, I miss you already," Emma says to me. "I know," I tell her. "But before you know it, Niall and I will be back at camp and it'll be like we never left." Emma nods. "Where is Niall, anyway?" she says. "Cooking," I say, laughing. Emma laughs too. "That reminds me," she says. "When I was with Cameron earlier today, she said she knew you." My stomach clenches. "You were with Cameron?" I ask nervously. "Yeah, she's nice," Emma replies, suddenly seeming anxious. "I'd better go," Emma continues hurriedly. "I'll talk to you later, Ally." The call ends, and I stare at my phone questioningly. That was weird. When I asked about Cameron, Emma clammed up and got all weird. Maybe the unthinkable is true. Maybe Emma is the one who betrayed me.

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