I won't have a abortion!

I had sex with Harry Styles,I'm glad I met Ashton irwin before I had a abortion,my name is Elise.

This is a book about how abortion affects the world.


1. the easy way out

I met Harry at a bar it was a small town,so I didn't think a big name band would be there we exchanged numbers at the end of our night,I just never knew how that could change my life,a few weeks after Harry and I hooked up I started getting sick every day for a few weeks,I finally went to Walgreens and got a pregnancy test,I called Harry, he didn't know who I was untill I mentioned that night and he asked about me and I told him,he said to go to his hotel,I met him there and three months later here I am right now.


"Elise you need to get a abortion."I here Harry say on the other side of my couch.


"I can't,I won't."I say with tears in my eyes running to the bathroom to vomit again,Harry follows me and holds my hair up for me,I've thought about it before,but I would be a murderer if I did,I would never forgive myself even though I'm only 18 and I have dreams of being a teacher I can do that with a child I hope. I finish vomiting and I brush my teeth so I get the taste out of my mouth.


"I can't be a father it might ruin my career,I can't take the chance I won't ever see it because how much I work."he says while pacing in my small bathroom,I know we need to get married but I can't I used to be a fan but after what he is acting about all of this ,I used to dream about  having a child with Harry but we would have a  giant house with a garden and a library but after I got pregnant by him I wish I never was a fan, but I was sober when I had sex I've never had a drink besides when my I was in highschool when my friends pressured me into having a drink at parties they invited me to that bar where I met Harry and now I regret even knowing him.


"Harry your being selfish your just thinking about your self it's not my fault you didn't have good condoms atleast you gave me your number so I could tell you!"I say walking down the stairs to my kitchen to get a chocolate bar out of my fridge and walk into the living room."All you ever do is work,okay work work WORK!"I yell pacing in my living room holding my semi big stomach.


"Elise,stop it,IT'S MY CHILD TO!"He yells,and punches the wall.


"IF IT WAS TRULY YOUR CHILD YOU WOULDN'T MAKE ME GET A FUCKING ABORTION!"I yell and go up the stairs and I grab a basket of my clothes in my room and start putting them away.


"I'M NOT MAKING YOU GET A FUCKING ABORTION I JUST THINK YOU SHOULD BECAUSE WERE NOT READY TO BE PARENT'S!"He says following me up stairs and is pacing in my room with his hands on his head,I see he got a text because he is fumbling with his phone."The guys are coming over they are picking me up,but they are a few mins early they don't know your pregnant."He says.


"Well then this is the perfect time for them to know,that you knocked a girl up."I yell and grab a soda to take down my sweet tooth,I sit down on the couch.






(Author note:abortion is not the answer and I love Harry but I was useing him for that roll okay and 5sos are in this because one direction are on tour with them please give them feed back)

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