I won't have a abortion!

I had sex with Harry Styles,I'm glad I met Ashton irwin before I had a abortion,my name is Elise.

This is a book about how abortion affects the world.


3. bed rest.

After Ashton introduces himself and the rest of the guys I suddenly get these craps

"OWWW!"I bend over in pain grabbing onto my stomach andi feel some hands holding me up.

"Harry I think she needs to go to the hospital."Niall yells running out to the car,the biys car only had enough for them and Harry so we had to take two cars Ashton,Harry,Louis,and Niall ride to the hospital in Harrys car and the rest go in the other vehicle.


"Harry put her in the back seat me and Ashton will be with her in the back!"Louis Says as he leads me back there I'm in the middle seat and buckled while Louis and Ashton are  helping me in the back seat as Harry drives as I'm clutching my stomach I know it's to early for a child to be born,we arive and they Ashton and Niall and Louis help me to the emergency entrance, because my cramps are hurting me very badly,that I can barely walk,we get to the entrance and they tell the nurse I need to get checked out and she tells us we need to wait a few mins before we can get in we sit down.


"You gonna be alright."Louis says while patting my hand and smiling at me.


"Elise,is Elise here?" The nurse says out and I walk up there and say where do I go,and she leads me to the room.



                                       *****after the checkup*****



I walk out and thank the doctor.


"How was the apointment?"Harry asks as he stand up and walks to me.


"I'm on bed rest."I say as I lean on him because I'm tired of walking.


"Here lets get you to the car the guys left to go to the practice for pur new album and stuff."he says as he helps me out to the car and opens my door and helps me in and gets in on his side and we drive off.

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