I'm With You.

When Kalia Ryan moves to L.A. with her best friend and her boyfriend she feels free and that she might have a chance to be happy. She also feels just a bit closer to the one guy that stole her heart, Joey Graceffa.


1. New Home.


   I wake up around 1 am because today is the day that I move to L.A. I was so excited that I was going to a new place. A place where I can start fresh. My best friend, Bree, and have been saving up money so we could buy our own house. She's trying to get away from her family ( who don't like the choices she's made with her life ) and she wanted to be with her boyfriend, David, in peace. She was worried that if she left me alone, I would go back to my old ( depressed ) habits, so that's why I'm going along with her. She's like my older sister so she's super protective of me. I check the time again and its only 1:56. Well shit. What am I supposed to do now ? I decide to call Bree because she has to be just as excited as me.

* Le on the phone *

Bree: What do you want and why do you want it so early ? 

Me: I wanted to wake you up because I'm awake.

Bree: But why at two in the morning ?!

Me: Because we're leaving at six remember ?

Bree: Yeah .... but it's TWO in the MORNING. We have 4 more hours til we have to leave so I don't understand why so early.

Me: Bree, sweetie, I'm just super excited that I get to start a new life. One without pain and suffering. 

Bree: But it's tw--

Me: two in the morning and you're super tired. I know. But Bree !!! I have a feeling that we're going to be happier there. Everything's going to go our way. From now on our lives are going to change for the better. 

Bree: * Le snores * 

Me: Really? Fine okay. Love you too. Good morning. 

* Le hangs up *

   I walk to my closet and pick out something to wear. 2:15. I decided to take a nice long shower and wash my hair. Once I'm done I check the time. 2:58. * Le sigh * I decide to go on Youtube and just watch a bunch of videos until it's time. 

* Le time skip bc I'm lazy * 

   We made it to the airport with an hour to spare so I decides to take out my camera and record a bit for mine and Bree's channel.

" Hi there beautiful people of the world wide web. " I say to the camera " Today I'm happy to say that we're going on an adventure. We're moving to L.A. because we just absolutely love it there, right Bree. " I move the camera to show Bree. She's sleeping on Dee's ( my nickname for David ) shoulder. " Bree. " I say nudging her with my foot. 

" Huh ?! What ?! " She says waking up with a start. " Ugh Kalia. What do you want ? " She says after she sees me laughing.

" Tell our people how much we love L.A. " I say.

" From Infinity to Beyond. " She says with a sleepy smile.

" We're actually about to board the plane so it's time for you to wake up. " I tell her. 

   I turn off the camera so we could get on the plane. We find our seats and Bree takes the camera away from me just as I was about to turn it on. She starts talking about how I woke her up today and other stuff I did that I annoyed her with. I take out my ipod, put on my headphones and close my eyes. I guess I feel asleep because when I open my eyes again we've just landed. 

   We get a rental car and start drive towards our new home. Once we get there I run upstairs and go to my room. I sit in the middle of my room and just breath for a while. 

" Kalia time for dinner. " Bree yells at me from downstairs.

  I go downstairs and it turns out ... there was no food. * le sad face * She just wanted me downstairs. She said that tomorrow after we have everything in the house we could go meet our new neighbors. It's 7 am and for some reason I'm super tired so I go back up to my room and sleep on the floor because It's super comfortable. 

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